Zynewave Podium

Zynewave has released version 2.36 of Podium, a professional music production software solution for Windows PC.

The overall UI button size and roundness can be adjusted. Mixer strip widths can be zoomed from 20% to 300%. Bounce enabling a track will add a bounce option button to the effect chain.

Changes in Podium v2.36

  • Added an “Appearance” page to the preferences dialog. It includes new settings for default button size, button and and slider knob roundness, and various other options. The Podium default is updated to use a button roundness setting of 50%.
  • Added a shortcut for setting the default button size directly in the Podium UI: Place the mouse cursor over the project window menu bar, hold the Ctrl key down, and use the mouse wheel to adjust the overall button size. The entire UI will scale in realtime.
  • Removed the slider knob style options from the Colors dialog. These settings are replaced by the new Appearance page in the Preferences dialog.
  • The mixer horizontal zoom can now extend down to 20% of the normal strip size. When zooming below 100%, the various mixer controls will change position and size to accomodate for the narrow mixer strips. Double-click or Ctrl+click the zoom slider to set zoom to default. Double-click again to restore previous zoom setting. Dragging the mixer zoom slider will lock the zoom on the focus track.
  • The arrangement editor zoom and slide tools can be used on the mixer strips. To zoom in/out on a specific strip, hold Ctrl+Alt and use click+drag or the mouse wheel over the strip. To slide the strips, hold Shift+Alt and click+drag, or hold Alt and use the mouse wheel.
  • Redesigned various graphical details of the track inspector, track headers and mixer strips.
  • Optimized the code for realtime UI animation. The animation of the play cursor, meters and other indicators will continue when for example scrolling the mixer strips, dragging windows, opening menus in plugins, etc.
  • Simplified some UI features of the timeline ruler region. The previous separate menus for cursor, segment, punch and loop ranges are combined into one menu. The timeline edit mode is removed.
  • Bounce enabling a track will create a dedicated bounce track in the effect chain, instead of enabling bounce mode on an existing effect track. The bounce track will show up with a “Bounce” button in the chain, which can be clicked to open the bounce menu. The bounce extraction point can be set by dragging the bounce track up or down in the chain.
  • Changed the mouse wheel horizontal scroll shortcut from Shift to Alt, to match the Ctrl+Alt shortcut for horizontal zoom.
  • The track automatic solo can be toggled with Alt+click instead of Shift+Alt+click.
  • Added “show frame around focus track” option to the mixer region dialog.
  • Removed the outdated “use name of device assigned to track” option from the effect track properties dialog.
  • MIDI channel reset messages are only sent to MIDI interface channels that have previously been used. This reduces the total number of reset messages sent on playback start.
  • Fix: Dropping a device object onto a partially hidden effect chain panel on a track header could cause a crash.
  • Fix: Resizing the channel header panel in the sound editor did not update the wave display area.
  • Updated the “Tracks”, “Track Inspector” and “Mixing” chapters in the Podium guide.

Podium Free was updated to 2.34, featuring updates to the Podium guide and minor UI improvements.

Podium is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at $50 USD.

More information: Zynewave