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Benedict Roff-Marsh releases CSM-02

Benedict Roff-Marsh CSM-02

Benedict Roff-Marsh has released CSM-02, a new synth which is part of the SynthStudio Pack III – Virgo Constellation.

CSM-02 is based around a soundfont built by Dangerous Bear (DBU) and is great for creating textures, pads and some classic Moog style sounds.

CSM-02 features

  • Soundfont Oscillator and LFO.
  • Self-FM.
  • Resonant Analog Sounding Filter.
  • Dual-Pole Env ADSR.

A demo mp3 can be heard here. CSM-02 is free for existing SSP III owners. SSP III is available for $10 AUD.

Visit Benedict Roff-Marsh for more information.

  • David Skehan

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    I am trying to recover your phone number
    Please ring me on 34285811

  • ronnie

    I get this warning from Benedict’s site when opening in firefox:

    Reported Attack Site!

    This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Doesn’t sound good…

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