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This page lists a collection of promotions for audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), sample libraries & virtual instruments, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

The latest added deals are listed first, and you can sort by clicking the headers.
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Promotion Type Ends
Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Save up to 99% off on audio plugins and virtual instruments from iZotope, Arturia, Softube, Eventide, Toontrack, AIR Music, Sonivox, Heavyocity, D16 Group, Rob Papen and many more.Plugins12/31/2017
Pro Samples – Save 10% off sample packs at Pro Samples with coupon BETTER2017 at checkout.Soundware02/28/2017
The Loop Loft – Get a free copy of Funk Guitars feat. Charlie Hunter ($49 USD value) with any purchase. Plus, 7 top libraries are up to 90% off for the next 48 hours.Soundware01/23/2017
Big Fish Audio – Save 20% off on all orders at Big Fish Audio. Use coupon NAMM17 at checkout.Soundware01/25/2017
Output – Buy Exhale, Movement, Signal, or REV and get 2 FREE Expansion Packs of your choice.Soundware02/17/2017
Leap Into The Void – Pre-order Leap Into The Void's upcoming soundset Synth Explosion for u-he Bazille and save 50% off.Soundware01/31/2017
Boz Digital – Save an introductory 50% off Boz Digital's new drum manipulation plugin, Transgressor.Plugins02/04/2017
8Dio Productions – Save $100 off the Liberis Angelic Choir 2.0 for Kontakt (intro price $399 USD).Soundware02/01/2017
The Loop Loft – Save 35% off the new Reuben Rogers - Nothing But The Blues sample library.Soundware01/23/2017
UVI – Save 40% off the UVI Engery instrument featuring the sounds of the rare 80’s Digital Keyboards Synergy synthesizer.Soundware01/23/2017
AudioThing – Save 25% off Outer Verb, a spring reverb plugin emulation based on the reverb tank of a famous vintage tape echo made in the early seventies.Plugins02/01/2017
iZotope – Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle features the Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, and Vintage Compressor plug-ins from Ozone 7 Advanced. Only available until 28th February.Plugins02/28/2017
New LoopsFuture Bass and Chords Massive Presets for only £5.99 GBP, Elektro Synth Spire Presets for only £7.49 GBP. Soundware01/31/2017
VST Buzz – Save 55% off the F II Guitar, a Fender Stratocaster 50’s Custom Guitar instrument plugin by Ample Sound.Plugins02/01/2017
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save up to 68% off Applied Acoustics Systems plugins and sound banks at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/22/2017
Prime Loops – Save 50% off Deep & Chill House, Vinylistic Soul, Future Bass Vol. 2, Twerk & Bass, Deep UK House, and the Future Bass Bundle Deal.Soundware01/23/2017
Bela D Media – Purchase Giovani Revive and get a free copy of V Alto Choir or Phantom Voice. Soundware01/23/2017
Cerberus Audio – To celebrate the NAMM Show Cerberus Audio are offering a 35% off their precise mastering tools for a limited time only.Plugins01/31/2017
FXpansion – Breathe fresh life into your BFD & Geist drum sounds and save 50% off this inspiring expansion collection for a limited time only.Soundware01/31/2017
blortblort – 30% off the new Boards of Carrollton soundset for Synplant with coupon GMO at checkout.Soundware01/31/2017
Positive Grid – Save on Positive Grids awesome amp and fx collection at Plugin Boutique for a limited time only.Plugins01/31/2017
Meldaproduction – Save 50% off on MMultiBandDynamics, MMultiBandSaturator, MDynamicEq, and MMultiBandDistortion.Plugins01/23/2017
discoDSP – Save 50% off Bliss, Corona, Discovery Pro and more this January.Plugins01/31/2017
Metric Halo – 58% off Metric Halo plugins and the Production Bundle at Plugin Boutique.Plugins03/31/2017
iZotope – 70% off Trash 2 + Expansion Packs and free DDLY delay plugin at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
iZotope – Save 40% off the time limited bundle Mix & Master Bundle featuring iZotope's Neutron and Ozone 7.Plugins01/31/2017
iZotope – Save 64% off the Vocal Bundle featuring Nectar 2 Production Suite and VocalSynth.Plugins01/31/2017
Loops de la Crème – The new Gypsy Zither for Kontakt is available at 50% off (intro price 8 EUR + VAT in EU).Soundware02/14/2017
Plugin Boutique – Save 25% off the new Drum & Bass Kicks V3 BigKick Expansion by MachineCode.Soundware01/26/2017
Lucid Samples – Save 40% off on the Classic Hip-Hop Bundle, 5 sample packs for £39.50 GBP.Soundware02/09/2017
Zenhiser – Save 30% off all Zenhiser sample packs and synth presets through January.Soundware01/31/2017
Audio Plugin Deals – Exclusive Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection, 5 bass guitar libraries for Kontakt for just $99.99 USD.Soundware01/25/2017
W. A. Production – Buy the Pumper compressor, saturator & stereo width tool and get a FREE exclusive W.A Production sample pack.Plugins02/13/2017
AIR Music Technology – Upgrade from any AIR instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off on AIEP3 Complete.Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – Save 60% off the Anatomy Kontakt instrument, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Soundware01/31/2017
VST Buzz – 90% off the Kontakt Total Bundle by Audiority (over 500 instruments), now just 9.99 EUR.Soundware01/24/2017
Bolder Sounds – New ROCK Music Kontakt library is available for intro price of $39 USD (regular $59 USD).Soundware01/31/2017
Vienna Symphonic Library – One-month limited time offer with up to 25% discounts on Vienna Special Editions. Additionally, Special Edition Volume 4 users may download a special version of the company's Clarinet (Bb) 2 for free through January 31, 2017.Plugins01/31/2017
Flux – Save up-to 64% off Flux's high end audio processing plugin Bundles in Plugin Boutique's January sale.Plugins01/31/2017
Waves Audio – Save up to 80% off on the Waves Gold and Platinum plugin bundles.Plugins01/31/2017
Producers Choice – Save 25% off on all sample packs and bundles with coupon RXX25 at checkout, limited time only!Soundware01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Upgrade from Any Air Instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off the upgrade path.Plugins02/01/2017
SoundPackFlyer – Save 25% off all sound packs and tutorials with coupon CLOSING25 at checkout.Soundware01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 83% off The Riser + Free Flux Transitions, Transfuser 2, DB-33 Tonewheel Organ, Creative FX Plus, Creative Collection, Keyboard Collection, Ignite, Mini Grand, and Synth Bundle.Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – Save 89% off on the Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 virtual instrument, exclusively at Plugin Boutique (extended).Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – Save 84% off on the Wobble spectral morphing synth at exclusive sale at Plugin Boutique (extended).Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 99% of the AIR Music Xpand!2 workstation instrument, exclusively at Plugin Boutique for £1 GBP. Upgrade to the AIEP3 Complete bundle at 50% off.Plugins01/31/2017
Sturm Sounds Electro – Save 50% off the TURNER MK2 instant loop machine, sample slicer, beat machine, and remix tool for Native Instrument Kontakt.Soundware01/31/2017
Sonivox – Save 99% off on Orchestral Companion - Strings, just £1 GBP exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – Save over 60% off on the Sonivox Premier Collection Upgrade from any Sonivox product.Plugins01/31/2017
Vengeance Sound – Save 20% off Vengeance Sound plugins and sound expansions at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
XLN Audio – Save up to 33% off Addictive Drums 2 and bundles at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 70% off the Creative Collection and Keyboard Collection bundles.Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 60% off the AIR Creative FX Collection Plus, a collection of twenty classic AIR FX plugins.Plugins01/31/2017
Toontrack – Save up to 50% off on EZkeys, EZdrummer 2, EZmix 2, and Superior Drummer 2 plugins and expansion packs.Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 60% off the exclusive AIR Music Synth Bundle featuring Loom (modular additive synth), Vacuum Pro + Fresh Air Expansion (polyphonic analog synth), and Hybrid 3.0 (analog & wavetable synthesizer).Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 50% off on the upgrade to the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 COMPLETE at Plugin Boutique.Plugins02/01/2017
Sonivox – Save 83% off on the Twist synthesizer, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
Air Music Technology – 50% off The Riser instrument + Free Flux Transitions Expansion Pack, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – 90% off on the Vocalizer Pro sound-sculpting plugin, in an exclusive sale at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
Sonivox – 83% off on the Tony Coleman Drums virtual instrument, now just £15 exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – 70% off the DB-33 virtual organ instrument in an exclusive sale at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 83% off on the Transfuser 2 dynamic audio/MIDI environment for manipulating, slicing, and remixing your loops and sounds.Plugins01/31/2017
iZotope – Save 70% off Nectar Elements at Plugin Boutique ($34.95 USD). A bundle with Producertech Producer's Guide to Vocals is also on sale for just $59 USD.Plugins02/28/2017
Producers Choice – Get 5 sample packs for just $1 USD. Bundle includes the Survival Drum Library, Ultimate 808 Samples, Twisted Loops, Boom Bap Legends Drum Kit, and Ultimate Production Toolbox ($187 USD value).Soundware01/31/2017
Neoduction – Save 33% off the unique audio processing tools from Neoduction at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/31/2017
Loops.Directory – 50% off when buying 2 or more sample packs. Use coupon REKKERDLOOPS at checkout.Soundware03/15/2017

If you’d like to see what you’ve (just) missed, you can still see the past deals in this archive.

99% off Orchestral Companion Strings
  • roguechicken

    Thanks again, Ronnie!

    d16 Silverline Group Buy now past 500. 4 effects for the price of 1. Super stuff.

  • 365breaks

    For a limited time only, all Abbey Road Studios plugins will have 50% slashed off the price.

    • Do you happen to know when this deals end? The website says “For a limited time only”

      • 365breaks

        no idea. deadline is not mentioned .

  • 365breaks

    any chance for sonnox discount aor group buy (50% off) like it was before ?

  • 365breaks

    alpha TDM out NOW and 25% off on all elyisa plugins

    • Looks like the 25% off is a newsletter only personal coupon code type thing, or do you also have these: 49ZO0J1FMY14PGZ6TMGPOYEZ and KXHREO369TZG583B75WH5JWK

  • Raven

    PRESONUS studio one discount 50% off right now!

    • Do you have a link? Can’t find the info at PreSonus.

  • sauli

    Kirk Hunter is having a group buy which is currently at 50%

  • Thanks, added it to the list!

  • Soilworker

    Recabinet is running a Cyber Monday sale, 50% off.

  • roguechicken

    50% off CamelPhat and CamelSpace until December 25.

    • Thanks, already posted the news but forgot to add here.

    • brettm


  • Ronnie, thanks so much for this fantastic compilation! Two of my fave things: synths + deals!

    Sorting by company column (handy!), I see some deals that appear to be duplicated: “Camel Audio”, “No Dough Music”, and “Sinevibes”.

    • Thanks Torley! The Camel Audio and Sinevibes ones are duplicates indeed so I’ll remove them.

      The No Dough Music one was exclusive to rekkerd (and might be extended) and then they added a regular Christmas deal.

  • Tastencloen

    Very good and useful area. I am here nearly every day. My Number one of
    information sites! There is a soniccouture ad banner still going around…
    Seems not to be valid anymore :-)
    But thanks a lot for your great site!

  • Easyread

    please put date for example
    2012 Apr 5 thanks

  • Wayne

    It would be great if you could include the date you post the deal as I can never remember which ones I’ve seen :0(

    • I’ve included the start date (or date I added the deal in case I don’t know when it actually started) and changed the format to use the month name to avoid confusion with regional day-month / month-day notation.

      Hope it’s useful!

      • Wayne

        Tha’s great! Thanks for taking it on board :0)

  • Twerplified

    Stutteredit from izotope is on sale until the 10th

    • That’s right, forgot to add that one. Thanks!

      • Erick McNerney

        Tried the demo. Not a fan at all.

  • Lotuzia

    Xils-Lab Oxium still on sale ( intro price 69€) until August 15th 2012

  • Alex

    Use the coupon code “scarysounds” to get a 20% discount on all Virtuasonic’s products until November 3rd.


  • Twerplified

    Trash 2 on sale at izotope until December 6th

  • Misterx

    40% off on all v-plugs plugins until Nov. 25th

  • Hi there , can anyone recommend some good daily deals sites for software. I found Hello Music recently and wondered if there were more .. Cheers

  • Jason

    Hi Ronnie! What happened to the ADSR Reaktor course promotion? The coupon does not work and you’ve removed the entry here. Thanks

    • Hi Jason. Unfortunately that deal expired yesterday. When the date listed in the “Ends” column in the list above passes, the entry is automatically removed from the list.

      • Jason

        Hi Ronnie, thanks for that. Yes, but the description also said ‘until Monday’ or something to this effect. Cheers

  • ojczeo

    50% off all + 3 free free VST, 9 days left!

    • Thanks, missed that one. Added it to the list.

  • Bijo

    Ableton 25% discount on all products till 5th sep 2013

    • Thanks, added to the list.

  • Tonalli Sandra

    Hi guys, does anyone know if Native instruments is having a special o deal for what is left of this year?

    • I would be surprised if they wouldn’t have any more special deals this year. Last year’s Thanksgiving sale was 50% off Komplete instruments & effects, Maschine Expansions and Traktor Pro 2. The last Komplete deal was from January 2013, so the next one may not be until 2014.

  • kitt
    • Thanks, added the deal. Any idea if it’s just today?

      • kitt

        No idea, sorry. And it’s only for Virtual Buss Compressors, Virtual Tape Machines and Virtual Mastering Processor.

  • Oliver Schmitt

    Ronnie, what a great list! Thank you so much – makes it much easier to find what i need…

    Olli / Sounds of Revolution

  • Twerplified

    East West – education deals, and 1 week buy Ghostwriter get Stormdrum 3 free

    • Thanks, did you see an end date for the sale? Not sure when it started.

      • Twerplified

        As far as I can tell it started on Friday, hope that helps

  • Oleg T.

    Sonokinetic VIVACE – €80 only until tomorrow (retail price is €200)

  • Oleg T.

    IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 – 50% OFF till Sept. 1

  • borker

    This site is great. Keep it up.

  • Oleg T.

    Precisionsound 50% discount for all purchases
    Discount is auto-applied at the check-out

    • Thanks, will add this one as it’s good until Sept. 30th.

  • Oleg T.

    Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundle – $49 only (for 45 plugins).
    5000 copies only. Over 4000 copies are sold already.

  • Oleg T.

    Rob Papen All Products 35% discount (inc. Bundles and upgrades)
    50th birthday of Rob Papen.
    Discount available from 8th to 10th October only

  • Oleg T.

    PSPAudioware All Products 40% discount (including bundles)

    Until 27th October only !!!

    use “octoPSPfest” coupon code during checkout

  • Oleg T.

    Sonokinetic Halloween Custom Pumpkin Packs Sale until 2nd November
    >50% discounts

  • seanpko

    Any word yet on Black Friday sales for any sample libraries? I’m hoping they’ll be equal or greater to last years.

    • Nothing yet, but I’ll be sure to add them to the list!

  • seanpko

    Black Friday deal for Cinematic Strings. 20% off Nov 25 – Dec 3. Not the best sale really. But it’s something.

    • Thanks, added it to the list.

  • Toby Emerson

    Up to 50% off all Black Octopus Sample packs for Black Friday until November 2nd:

  • Frucht Blaeser

    wow, what a list :D …thx

  • la6
  • Robbie Hobson

    Wow, there’s so many! Thanks!

  • Tina Pie

    To celebrate the upcoming Christmas Day, Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player is holding a giveaway promotion during 1st- 5th, 8th – 12th, 15th -19th in December 2014. You can get Free iPhone Data Recovery. It can retrieve the lost Photos, Call History, deleted Messages, Contacts through Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 / Mavericks 10.9 / Yosemite 10.10 with clear interface. No matter caused by system crash, smash, upgrade, jailbreak or even breakage, it can get lost data back completely.

  • Oleg T.

    Korg Legacy Collection 50% OFF

  • Oleg T.

    Sonokinetic – more two days of christmas sale

  • brettm

    How come I don’t see the Plugin Alliance March Mastering sale?

  • Sgmfranko

    Izotope Iris2 promo not working : (

    • I guess that was a one time offer only as I got that per email. You can still get it at 35% off until June 18th, for $199 instead of $299… I’ll change the link.

      • Sgmfranko

        Got it, thanks.

  • Mock

    The Summer Sale that Prime Loops holds every year is seriously amazing, would highly recommend checking that out!

  • Deniz Gencosman

    To take your chance on winning the “Mercury” bundle by Waves, follow this link:

  • Michael MS

    According to their website the after sale price of Ample metal eclipse is $119.00

    “Price: $119. An introductory price of $99 is available until October 12th, 2015”

  • Michael MS

    Shreddage 2 IBZ is available at the introductory price of $99 for Shreddage 2 owners. It operates using the Shreddage 2 license, and so it DOES work in the free Kontakt Player!

    If you don’t own Shreddage 2, you can purchase IBZ for $119 – this too will work in the free Kontakt player. But hurry – intro pricing ends October 10th!

  • Ludbek

    I need the Fxpansion Dcam Dynamics, it is expects some promo?


  • Harm Brands

    price of Loop loft is not correct real price must be 166$

    • That’s the regular discounted price. The flash sale price was $82.50, but it expired this morning. I’ve removed it, sorry for the confusion!

  • SoundFuse

    SoundFuse sound fx libraries 35% off until nov 30th

    • Thanks, added the deal.

  • Milosz

    Are you looking for the best guitar sound for your home studio? Reamping Online is the first service in the world that allows you to process your guitar tracks through Kemper Profiler. For this weekend only with 42% discount!

  • Black Friday” offer on Perception this week – You can get it for 33% off, saving $50

    LCast loudness meter from Meterplugs is also on sale – more info here

    • Thanks, added the deal.

  • SoundBits | Sound Effects: up to 60% OFF from Friday 27th till Monday 30th.
    ++ a special offer for all newsletter subscribers

  • Olalora

    To thank you for using OSToto products and giving support all the time, OSToto software will send gifts to you during the Thanksgiving activity. All of you
    will have a chance to get a gift. We will display all the lucky winners
    in the lottery on Dec. 1st, 2015.

    Search OSToto official site on the Intenet!

  • Frank Neumann

    -50% off on Particular-Sound…

  • Arthur Wright

    I think the Melda 5 per week at 50% off is over in favor of an Xmas sale of 30% off all plugins until 12/31.

    • That’s right! I’ll chance the list, thanks.

  • Tai Youell

    Minimal System Group has 75% off everything until Feb 15th 2016.

  • RWDJ

    WAVES IR-1 Convolution Reverb – Today only for € 29,90

  • Arthur Wright

    Kirk Hunter libraries are 50% off right now.

    • Yes, I got the email about the new website and sale, but couldn’t find when it ends. I need an end date to add the deal to the list…

  • Blortblort

    ‘goldenbrown’ 40% discount code extended until 8/31/2016 for ‘tempus aquis’ set for Phonec2:

    • Thanks, I’ll update it in the list!

  • Peter

    50% OFF All Loop Libraries by “In Session Audio” until 13rd November 2016!

  • Markus Leucht

    Sugar Bytes: all plugins down to $69. Sugar Bundle $333. Up to 50% off on all iPad apps! Starts this afternoon, ends Monday.

  • Yan

    Tsugi BlackFriday 50% off until 11/30!

    Alto, AudioBot, QuickAudio, DSP Anime & DSP Retro… all the most productive gameaudio tools are now 50% OFF until 11/30!

  • yk056

    Don’t miss Relab LX480 reverb plugin discount at Plugin Discount ($399⇒$239! ), also available at ($249)

    • Yes, thanks! Will add shortly.

  • Stephanie

    slick! so many cool deals. got the korg deal. the only thing left now is to get ivacy’s 2 year premium vpn deal. was in two minds but since they’ve extended the duration till 4th dec, i’m like why not!

Driven Machine Drums 3 + MD Bundle