MR 9999 – Brick Game 9999 in 1 samples

MR 9999 - Brick Game 9999 in 1

MR 9999 is a Brick Game handheld. You know, those boring Tetris type games with the terrible blippy sounds which drive everyone who’s not playing the game mad.

I recorded some of the sounds (all sounds it’s capable of perhaps) so you now can use them to annoy others.

The download (2MB) contains 16 samples, in 16-bit, 44Khz mono PCM wav format.

MR 9999 - Brick Game 9999 in 1 Downloads: 8216 times

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  • Jüri

    i love those “blippy” sounds while playing!
    and the game is good.

  • Anonymous

    where can you buy it?

  • Buy it? If you’re talking about getting a MR 9999 brick game check ebay. Plenty of brick games there.

  • Jüri

    If you dont want to boy one from net you can always look to the stores around you

  • kellie mccreery


  • JÜRI

    Check my last comment…..

  • kellie mccreery

    Ive tried stores around me but no,luck if anyone knows a site where i can get one . I wud luv u forever!!!

  • JÜRI
  • I ll send you mine.
    Give me the adress.

  • JÜRI

    Send to who?
    kellie mccreery?
    There are tons of these things on ebay, but i wouldnt trust that site.

  • Marion Michiels

    where can I buy this game in the Netherlands??

  • Hi Marion, I got it as a present from my wife a few years ago. I presume she bought it at a local toy shop (e.g. Intertoys). This model is probably no longer available but I would expect newer models to be readily available from toy shops.

    You could also check NL 2nd hand sites like Marktplaats. I see a few for sale right now:

  • jazza

    i know it sounds silly but hardwear shops sometimes have them also carboots and pound shops

  • helga-norbert

    wo kann ich dieses gerär noch erwerben?

  • @helga-norbert, eBay still has some every now and then. I see there’s one here

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