One sequence (10 loops)

I’ve uploaded another free sample pack for your pleasure. One sequence contains 10 melodic loops, all from the same sequence.

FL Studio 7 patternThe one sequence pattern in FL Studio 7

The pattern is the same for all loops, but obviously the instruments and effects used vary so each loop sounds quite different.

All samples are 24bit stereo (zip archive is 26.7 MB)

Hope you enjoy!

one sequence Downloads: 7162 times

More free loops here.

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    Thanks for youre samples-uploads anonyme uploader…!

  • You’re welcome! I hope you find use for them.

  • Mykl

    Well the FL pattern was of more use for me =) thx anyway, that seq can be used very good with sytrus and nexus

  • drawlz

    Thank you so much! Much respect is due for keepn the vibe alive

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