rekkerd sound recordings vol 1

I recently recorded some everyday sounds with a little pocket recorder.

For the recording I used the Zoom H2, a lovely compact digital recorder (review by Echo Voodoo here).

After editing the recording I ended up with 85 files, in 24-bit/44kHz, stereo .wav format. The samples include sounds of me tapping on various objects (glass, lamp, vase etc.), wiggling keys, playing with some bicycle parts and more.

Download the sample pack (19.1 MB) below.

rekkerd sound recordings vol 1 Downloads: 9498 times

Let me know if these are useful to you and I’ll go out again and record some more sounds.

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  • Tony

    bell-like sounds are nice. thanks. But I have a lot of home perc sounds, so they are useless for me.

  • Patrick

    Come in very handy, nice work!

  • Ronnie, thanx for sharing!

    Is the Zoom H2 your fave portable recorder? I’ve been looking at it and M-Audio’s Microtrack II.

    I like that the H2 uses standard AA batteries, instead of a proprietary pack that can’t easily be changed in the field.

  • Torley, the Zoom H2 is actually the only one I’ve tried so far. I’m using it mainly to record from a mixing desk but it also does pretty well as a field recorder. I think it’s a pretty decent recorder, especially considering its price.

  • Rich Whitfield

    Thanks very much for these – putting them into Alchemy produces some interesting sounds!

    Tony – Random comment about them being useless, I don’t suppose Ronnie recorded them just for you ey?

  • Rich Whitfield

    Ronnie – do you mind if I try and create a small bank of sounds for Alchemy (which I will give away free) with these samples? The samples would be included with the distribution.

  • Thanks Rich, I’m glad you’re getting some nice results with Alchemy.

    I would like to keep the distribution of my samples on Perhaps I could host the Alchemy bank for you? contact me if that sounds good to you.

    p.s. I thought it was nice of Tony to comment even though he had no use for the samples ^_^

  • Rich Whitfield

    Yeah that would be cool (hosting the presets here) – I am not sure when I will get them done, I enjoy messing with Alchemy so much I tend to do only that – mess – not create presets. I must work harder to create presets!

  • exi

    Hey, thanks very much for this! Much appreciated :-)

  • indigocat

    I don’t know yet if I’ll use them, but I am very happy to have them. I am going to get some things myself using a transducer. I want some bathtup bangs and some bedhead bangs.

  • James

    Thank you again, your samples are really great. I have made 3 remixes so far with your synth and drum samples and i love the sound out of them. kudos!
    -James from the U.S

  • Nekro

    Cheers Ronnie for these, i am sure i will find a use for these recordings somewhere/somehow (i usually do). Whilst im a quite a fan of M-Audio’s equipment in general, i think the little Zoom recorder is by far the best value for money pocket/field recorder if planning to use the built-in microphone’s on the recorder (granted you have to watch out for the auto-limiter that kicks in quite brutally at times but it is defeatable) for the money its an awesome piece of kit IMO. I would only go for something like the MicroTrack II if i were intending on using an external pair of microphones. Zoom Zoom :)


  • Alin

    thank you very much, i’m doing a Timbo influenced track right now.. haha =))

  • Very cool, downloading now. I can’t get enough field samples in my library :)

  • Jnr. Tunrstyle

    Thanks for going to the trouble of recording these. Great sounds indeed. Some of them are great for mallet hits (e.g. vase, lamp, mirror).
    I’ve whacked the plastic_knife samples into Recycle and have found the individual sounds of each serration can be great perc. noises. Cheers again Ronnie.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad you’re enjoying the sounds!

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