Xhip effects R2 released, free VST effect plug-ins

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Aciddose has released Xhip effect V2, an update to its bundle of free effect plug-ins for Windows.

These effect plugins were originally created for use with Xhip.

Originally Xhip was to have embedded effects. It was later decided that external plugins would be more versatile and easier to manage when used for other tasks.

Xhip effects (limiter)
Xhip effects (limiter)

Changes in Xhip effects R2

  • mDelay parameters are smoothed.
  • Limiter has activity/clipping LEDs added.
  • Small graphical changes, bg color adjusted, shaded slider.
  • Several small bugs fixed.

Xhip effects R2 for Windows (VST) are available as a free download.

More information: Xhip effects


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