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Audiofile Engineering releases Quiztones iOS App

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Audiofile Engineering Quiztones iOS App

Audiofile Engineering has announced the release of Quiztones, an ear training App for better recording, mixing, and live sound.

Audiofile Engineering, creators of professional audio software for Mac OS X and iOS, have recently acquired Quiztones (, an ear training application for audio professionals and musicians, and released it as an App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Quiztones founder Dan Comerchero joins Audiofile Engineering as a Product Manager.

Quiztones is designed to train the ears to instantly and intuitively recognize frequencies. This is useful for tasks like mixing, adjusting EQ settings, and identifying and eliminating feedback.

“As musicians and audio professionals, we spend a great deal of time analyzing frequencies, whether we’re adjusting them for a good mix in the studio, for immediate release or trying to get rid of feedback on stage,” said Comerchero. “Ear training with Quiztones can make this a lot faster and easier by eliminating trial and error methods of frequency identification such as sweeping.”

Quiztones cleverly uses various quizzes to engage users in training exercises from simple frequency tones and pink noise to real-world sounds like frequency-altered drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and vocals.

Quiztones iOS App features

  • Sharpen frequency recognition skills.
  • Improve mixing and EQ skills.
  • Prevent noise buildup in mixes and recordings.
  • Identify and eliminate feedback on stage.
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming frequency sweeping.

Quiztones for iOS 4.0 or later is available to purchase for $2.99 USD.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Quiztones


Audiofile Engineering releases FiRe 2 field recording app for iOS

Audiofile Engineering FiRe 2

Audiofile Engineering has announced the release of FiRe 2, a new version of their popular field recording App that has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up with a host of new features for the latest iOS devices.

“Although already recognized by audio professionals as a best-in-class field recorder,” said Matthew Foust, founding partner of Audiofile Engineering, “we decided to rewrite FiRe from the ground up and create a next generation product incorporating many of the features our users have requested since FiRe’s initial release.”

FiRe was the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the downloading of files in multiple file formats. for immediate release FiRe was the first application on any platform to offer native SoundCloud integration.

Changes in FiRe 2

  • Advanced editing suite with SmartEdits, Bezier fades, change gain, normalize, looping playback, regions and more.
  • Improved Transport screen with faster and smoother drawing and larger waveform view.
  • EQ and Dynamics effects developed by Audiofile Engineering.
  • iTunes file transfer.
  • Enhanced input processing powered by iZotope™.
  • Record in background.
  • Dropbox integration.

FiRe 2 for iPhone 3GS/4, 3rd/4th gen iPod touch, iPad, or iPad 2 (requires iOS 4.2) is available to purchase for $5.99 USD. FiRe 1.5 is still available for older iOS devices.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / FiRe 2


Audiofile Engineering Fidelia, desktop music player for Mac

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Audiofile Engineering has announced the release of Fidelia, a new desktop audio player which delivers hi-res playback and a clutter-free interface.

Mac users with a passion for music and an appreciation for high-quality audio have an extraordinary new way to savor the sounds they love.

Audiofile Engineering has launched Fidelia, a premium desktop music player created exclusively for Mac OS X and designed to offer rich high-fidelity playback for music lovers of any taste or technical background. With support for numerous high-resolution file formats and an attractive, intuitive interface that honors the classic stereo amplifiers of decades past, Fidelia lets discerning listeners optimize and enjoy their music with maximum control and no proprietary clutter.

Priced at US$19.99, it’s also a remarkably accessible software alternative that integrates seamlessly with users’ existing iTunes libraries.

Audiofile Engineering Fidelia

Fidelia features

  • Elegant design
    • Sleek Intuitive controls that contemporary Mac users demand
    • Classically styled volume dial buffered by single-click Mute and Dim functions
    • Individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms displayed in crisp, eye pleasing fashion with no superfluous trimmings
  • Powered by iZotope
    • iZotope’s industry-best sample rate conversion to achieve optimum sonic fidelity.
    • Discerning listeners can select real-time audio dithering via iZotope’s MBIT+ª technology.
  • Maximum formats
    • Supports AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC formats
    • Supports sample rates up to 192kHz and bit depths up to 32 bit floating point
  • Effects
    • Audio Units and VST support
    • Customize with up to three effects
  • Library
    • Access your iTunes library
    • Reformat and reorganize files from iTunes library
    • Fidelia library
  • Remote
    • Beautiful Fidelia remote available in the iOS App Store

Fidelia for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Fidelia


Audiofile Engineering releases Backline MIDI, utility app for iOS

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Audiofile Engineering Backline MIDI

Audiofile Engineering has released Backline MIDI, a unique utility for MIDI users, especially anyone looking to monitor/send MIDI info in a live-performance environment.

Backline MIDI is a utility designed for fast, accurate MIDI troubleshooting in any setting.

Created by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, it’s an ideal tool for traveling techs and live engineers who need a convenient way to monitor or send MIDI information on the go.

Create a master clock for tempo and time-sync functions, monitor incoming MIDI messages across channels with detailed info, and much more, all with an intuitive, easy-to-read interface.

Backline MIDI features

  • Monitors
    • Status Board for monitoring MIDI messages including: Note On, Note Off, Aftertouch, Controller, Program Change, Pitch Wheel, Channel Pressure, Clock, Start, Timecode, Continue, Tick, Stop, Song Position, System Exclusive, Song Select, Active Sensing, Tune Request.
    • List (see message details such as channel and velocity).
    • Clock display.
    • Timecode display.
  • Generators
    • Click (send specified note on assigned channel at a given tempo).
    • Transport (send start/stop/continue messages).
    • Clock (send tempo).
    • Timecode (send timecode).

Backline MIDI for iOS 3.1 or later is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

Note: Full use of Backline MIDI requires the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer accessory with the latest firmware. Download the latest firmware with the newest version of MIDI Memo Recorder.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Backline MIDI


Audiofile Engineering releases Spectre 1.5 real-time multi-analyzer

Audiofile Engineering Spectre

Audiofile Engineering has released version 1.5 of Spectre, a real-time multi-analyzer for Mac OS X.

First-time users and existing fans alike have plenty to discover in the newest version of Spectre, the real-time multi-analyzer from Audiofile Engineering.

Developed exclusively for Mac OS X, Spectre 1.5 not only offers versatile and precise tools for examining live audio, but also makes those tools simpler and more approachable than ever before.

New features include an Inspector window that reduces desktop clutter, additional metering and filtering options, and a specially priced Spectre Starter licensing option designed for beginners and students.

Changes in Spectre v1.5

  • Design Improvements – Spectre 1.5 features beautifully redesigned meter windows, facilitating a quick and powerful workflow.
  • Performance Improvements – Numerous improvements to the meters, performance and stability upgrades, a greatly improved manual activation process for computers that aren’t online, updated Support window and many more.
  • Inspector – Designed to streamline your workflow, the new Inspector window allows you to manage the Trace and Settings properties of all your meters in one window.
  • Redesigned Player – Not only did we give the Player a fresh new look, it now natively supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files!
  • Leq Meter – Requested, and here at last! The Leq meter measures the energy of a section of audio, often referred to as the “loudness.” It’s unlike the level meters that show you the volume of your audio at that very moment. Instead, it takes an average over time so you can get an idea of how much “energy” is implied during a range of time.
  • And That’s Not All… – New features in Spectre 1.5 also include A/B/C-weighted filters, Leq filters, calibration for VU and BBC Meters, Form Factor and Crest Factor measurements in the Numerical Meter, gain control for individual traces, the ability to activate/deactivate individual traces, autozoom in the Lissajous Meter and more.

Spectre for Mac OS X is available to purchase for $99 USD. The Spectre Starter version is available for $49 USD.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Spectre


Planet Waves Guitar Tools, free (limited time) App for guitar players

Planet Waves Guitar Tools App

Planet Waves has released Guitar Tools, a suite of guitar tools developed by Audiofile Engineering.

Guitar Tools is the ultimate hand-held utility kit for guitar players of any style or skill level, brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D’Addario company’s family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands.

Enjoy the full functionality of the Chordmaster and Scale Wizard apps, the core features of ProTune and ProTempo, plus reference tools that make it easy to find the nearest music store or instructor wherever you may roam.

Developed exclusively for iOS by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, Guitar Tools packs a wealth of easy-to-use, professional-grade guitar utilities into one elegant application for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Guitar Tools features

  • CHORDS — Explore a library of more than 7,000 guitar chords by simply tapping and strumming the touch screen. View chords in every position up and down the guitar neck and hear each one played back in pristine audio. There’s even a “lefty” mode for the oft-neglected southpaw.
  • CHORD FINDER — You know how to play it, but what do you call it? Select frets and finger positions to discover the proper name for your chord.
  • SCALES — Improve your technique by choosing from thousands of scales, modes and arpeggios to practice. Try multiple positions and alternate tunings to boost your versatility. Use “big stretches” for unique, challenging fingerings.
  • TUNER — Keep your instrument in tune with a professional-grade digital tuner, powered by Audiofile Engineering’s precise AETune™ pitch detection technology. Choose between strobe or needle interface and access dozens of presets.
  • METRONOME — Keep in time with a hyper-accurate and visually stunning digital metronome. Set tempos numerically or by tapping the touch screen. Choose from multiple sounds and time signatures.
  • TEACHERS NEAR ME — Looking for lessons? Access an international list of music instructors and find the ones nearest you. Powered by The Lesson Room, D’Addario’s online hub for music education, resources and valuable content (
  • STORES NEAR ME — Broke your last string? Need some picks? Find a nearby music store in seconds, whether you’re out on tour or close to home.

The Guitar Tools App is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store through 17 July, 2010. It will then be available to purchase for iPhone and iPod touch for $8.99 USD. Android and iPad versions coming soon.

More information: Planet Waves / Guitar Tools App


Audiofile Engineering updates Spectre to v1.5

Audio Engineering Spectre

Audiofile Engineering has released version 1.5 of Spectre, a multi-instrument real-time audio analyzer for Mac OS X.

Spectre focuses squarely on live audio analysis by offering 17 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters. Each meter can have any number of traces or indicators, and each trace can have it’s own number of input channels, gain, mixing, filtering, ballistics and color (including transparency). You can have as many meters (or copies of meters) as your screen will allow! Spectre also gives you very precise control over color gradients.

Changes in Spectre v1.5

  • Inspector
  • A/B/C-weighted filters
  • VU and BBC Meters: calibration
  • VU Meter: Peak LED light (is a trace type)
  • Oscilloscope: trigger sync
  • Numerical Meter > Measurement: Crest Factor (ratio of the peak to the RMS)
  • Numerical Meter > Measurement: Form Factor (ratio of the peak to the average)
  • Lissajous meter: autozoom switch
  • Gain control for individual traces
  • Individual traces can be active/inactive
  • Individual traces hidden/visible
  • “Duplicate Meter” in Edit menu
  • Ability to show/hide grid in relevant meters
  • Redesigned Player featuring Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support

Spectre for Mac is available to purchase for $79 USD.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Spectre