Bitmud releases free soundset for hamburg-audio Nuklear

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Hamburg-Audio Nuklear Bitmud Soundset

Bitmud has released a free soundset for Nuklear, a software synthesizer instrument by hamburg-audio.

Lex programmed 32 presets which can be used in different styles of electronic music though the bank started out as Dubstep bank. Check out the demo on SoundCloud.

If you live in germany you should get the current issue of the KEYS magazine which features a special version of Nuklear. The soundbank was done with it, so it will load fine.

Also, we got some new tracks up on our SoundCloud accounts, so if you like pay us a visit.

The soundset is available as a free download for registered users (registration is free).

More information: Bitmud


Bitmud releases quadraSID – Bitmud Unison Soundbank

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Bitmud quadraSID - Bitmud Unison Soundbank

Bitmud has released the quadraSID – Bitmud Unison Soundbank, a collection of patches for the quadraSID virtual synthesizer by reFX.

We just uploaded a new soundbank, this time it is for reFX’s quadraSID.

Lex dug in to programming this beast with some fresh sounds and this is what came out! Get it while it’s hot from the private area on our website.

quadraSID Bitmud Unison Soundbank Demo

The Bitmud Unison Soundbank includes 127 presets and is available as a free download from Bitmud (free registration required).

Bitmud has also added a complete Ableton Live Project and some VST skins to its private area for registered users.

More information: Bitmud


Bitmud releases free sound banks for Korg MS-20, Polysix, MonoPoly & Waldorf PPG Wave 2.0V

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Bitmud has announced the release of some free sound banks for virtual synthesizer instruments.

Free Bitmud sound banks

  • Korg MS-20: MS-20_Basses_Bitmud
  • Korg Polysix: Polysix_Bitmud_bank
  • Korg MonoPoly: MonoPoly_Bitmud_BlackNoise_Soundbank
  • Waldorf PPG Wave 2.0V: PPG Wave2V_Bitmud_Soundbank

You can listen to some audio demos of the sound banks below.

The Bitmud sound banks are available to download at no cost from the Bitmud website. Registration required (free). Registered users also have access to free Racks and Live Tools for use in Ableton Live.

More information: Bitmud