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Cluster Sound releases Tribe Percussor

Cluster Sound Tribe Percussor

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Tribe Percussor, an ultra flexible loop-based tool based on real percussions and designed for Minimal, Tech and House music productions.

The library consists 715 Mb of punchy and fat construction loops, congas, djembe, metals, bongos, shakers, exotic low percussions and much more. Tribe Percussor contains 660 hi-definition WAV & REX but also 3300 Live Drum Racks & Devices and 330 Kontakt Instruments that drastically increase its sound potential and that allow to turn the real percussions into electro ones. The Kontakt Instruments use the KSP engine and thanks to their intuitive and useful user interfaces you can directly control the Multi-Filter, the ADSR and the Multi-Effect sections. The Live Drum Racks come with 5 special built-in racks (Grain Verb – Oil Tank – Verb Room – Rezo Synth – Moduloid) with dedicated FX and parameters. All these instruments are based on “slicing” technique so you can restructure the loops as much as you like or to play the single percussive shots simply by using one of the 280 included MIDI loops.

Tribe Percussor features

  • 715 MB content.
  • 330 WAV Loops, 330 REX Loops, 330 Kontakt KSP Instruments.
  • 1650 Live Drum Racks, 1650 Live Devices.
  • 280 MIDI Loops.
  • All the included material is 24bit native WAV format.
  • Recorded and processed with the best analog and DSP machines and meticulously edited in order to obtain extreme flexibility and longevity.

Tribe Percussor is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Tribe Percussor

Splurgo Audio releases Arabic Framedrum and Bongo Loops

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Splurgo Audio has released Arabic Framedrum and Bongo Loops, two new downloadable sample packs.

Splurgo Audio Arabic Framedrum
Splurgo Audio Bongo Loops

New Splurgo Audio sample packs

  • Arabic Framedrum – These framedrum loops are played with brushes and without bells and contain many popular middle eastern rhythms like maqsuum, sombati, waahida and sayyidii. The loops are designed to be combined with the Arabic flute and Darbuka packs. The pack contains 23 loops at 90 and 110 bpm. This pack is available in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF for $3.95 USD. The bundle including Arabic flute and Darbuka loops is available for $16.88 USD.
  • Bongo Loops – These bongo loops sound perfect with any percussion related music but are also great as a backup in your house track. The pack contains 39 loops at 130 bpm.
    This pack is available in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF for $5.95 USD.

More information: Splurgo Audio / Arabic Framedrum / Bongo Loops

Bluezone releases Afro Tribal Drum Loops and Xbase Drums

Bluezone has released two new sample libraries: Afro Tribal Drum Loops and Xbase Drums.

Bluezone Afro Tribal Drum Loops

Afro Tribal Drum Loops is a collection of 150 samples in Wav and AIFF format (300 samples total).

Brand new from Bluezone: a down and dirty rhythm injection of rich, warm, organic African and ethnic tribal percussion loops aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Afro Tribal Drum Loops features

  • 96 4-bar percussive loops (two bars plus two bars variant).
  • These loops are broken into pre-mixed loops (containing a mix of hats, vox shouts, minimal electrix, and multiple percussive elements) and stripped ‘just percussion’ loops, featuring a range of bongos, congas, djembe, darbuka and more.
  • 50+ one-shot percussive sounds for buliding your own beats.
  • All loops are presented as Wavs and AIFFs, and are all tempo-labeled at 136bpm.

Afro Tribal Drum Loops is available to purchase for 16.95 EUR.

Bluezone Xbase Drums

Xbase Drums features one-shot samples from the JoMoX XBase 999.

Treat your drum library to 279 pristine samples from the classic analogue beat-beast, the Jomox Xbase 999.

Designed with the beatmaker in mind, these one-shots – perfectly captured using high-end circuitry to preserve their classic analogue warmth – will find fans among producers of techno, minimal, tech-house, electro, deep house, prog house, breaks and more.

Xbase Drums features

  • 279 one-shot Wavs.
  • Folders include: Kick, snare, rimshot, ride, hat (open and closed), perc, clap, glitch and misc – with everything from deep, biting kicks to tight snares and raucous electro squeals included.
  • Most sounds offer variants as well, to make subtle programming a breeze.

Xbase Drums is available to purchase for 10.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone Corporation @ Sounds To Sample

Cinematique Instruments launches library of rare and special instruments

Cinematic Instruments has recently launched a new library of rare and special instruments.

Our goal is to create expressive and powerful tools for people who are writing music. No matter what kind of music…

Cinematique Instruments
Cinematique Instruments – some of the sampled instruments/objects

Cinematique Instruments libraries

  • String-Instruments
    • Autoharp – This is a stringed instrument with a series of chord bars. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp – it’s a chorded zither – and it’s the perfect instrument to give subtle highlights to all kinds of music. (6 patches)
    • Muted Baritone Ukulele – This is the largest size of ukulele and is tuned differently to the others (D-G-B-E, the same as the last four strings of a standard guitar, as opposed to G-C-E-A). We’ve concentrated on the muted played notes which can add beautiful light and subtle elements to your music. (3 patches)
    • Kantele – This a traditional plucked string instrument of the zither family native to Finland and Estonia with a distinctive bell-like sound and a diatonic tuning. We’ve made a Kontakt patch to play it in a chromatic tuning. (3 patches)
  • Key-Instruments
    • Magnus Harmonica Organ – This little organs use an electric fan to blow air across reeds, like a giant harmonica with keys. (3 patches)
    • Super Sound EK-470 – This is the processed e-piano sound of a low-cost, garbage keyboard for just €25. The sound is warm and crunchy. (3 patches)
    • Zeitter & Winkelmann Piano – This is our rehearsal piano, located in one of our control rooms. It’s got a warm and organic charm. (3 patches).
  • Mallets / Percussion (Tuned)
    • Glass – A collection of glasses and vases in different sizes. We scrubbed, rubbed, tapped and hit all the glass and made some very nice instruments out of it. (3 patches)
    • Metallic Objects/Lids – A collection of lid sounds. We struck the lids with fingers and recorded various sounds. It allows you to make up your own lid-mallet sound.
  • Percussion
    • Metallic Objects/Kitchen, Handrail – This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes and bangs made with our studio fixture and fittings: our iron KITCHEN and our staircase with its huge HANDRAIL. The result is astonishing: experimental percussion, strange and remarkable mallets.
    • Percussion – All percussion sounds are easy to play in a lively, realistic and organic way (no loops). Available as a multi set or single instruments of: Bongos, Chimes, Guiro, Ocean Drum, Shaker, Spring Drum and Tambourine. Just in the multi are: Toms, Cymbals and Wood.

Cinematique Instruments libraries are available in .nki-format for Native-Instruments Kontakt 3 or 3.5. All samples are in 44.1 kHz/ 16Bit mono/stereo .wav-Format. Prices start at 7 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments

Tonehammer releases Cajongo

Tonehammer Cajongo

Tonehammer has released Cajongo, a detailed ensemble and solo Cajon and Bongo sample library for Kontakt.

The history behind the Tonehammer Cajongo (combination of Cajon and Bongo) is actually one of darkness and despair.

The Slaves of West and Central African origin are considered to be the origin of the Cajon drum, which is essentially a wooden box with a thin sheet of wood nailed on as the sixth side acting as the striking surface. The Cajon is a highly featured instrument in Cuban music, which also traditionally contains the bongo. The Bongo was also brought from Africa to Cuba by the slaves and both are often featured in salsa, rumba, changui and other traditional styles. The modern adaptation of the Cajon is often found in Spanish flamenco music, however this is a relatively new introduction. The Cajon was introduced by the flamenco master, Paco De Lucia during the 1970s and is now a common instrument in Spanish guitar music.

Cajongo features

  • Core instruments/articulations:
    • Cajon and Bongo combined ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Muted, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
    • Cajon Ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
    • Bongo Ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
    • Bongo set 1 (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
    • Bongo set 2 (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
    • Bongo set 3 (Brushed, sticks) (dry)
    • Bongo set 4 – Studio (Fingers, Brushed) (wet)
    • Cajon set 1 without snare (Hands, Brushed, Sticks, Mallets) (dry)
    • Cajon set 2 without snare – Studio (Hands) (wet)
    • Cajon set 3 with snare (Hands, Brushed, Sticks, Mallets) (dry)
    • Cajon set 4 with snare – Studio (Hands) (wet)
    • Bonus: Clap ensemble, snap ensemble, stick ensemble (dry)
  • Extensive read me (.pdf) install, patch and hint documentation.
  • Listen exclusive interview w/ Mike and the crew.
  • +7500 samples, 1.26 GB installed, 0.7 GB .rar download.
  • 34 Kontakt patches (.nki).
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format.
  • Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav.
  • Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 full stand-alone retail versions required.

Cajongo is available for purchase for the introductory price of $59 until September 7, 2009 (regular price $79 USD).

More information: Tonehammer