rs-met releases Func Shaper, Track Meter and Signal Analyzer

rs-met Func Shaper

rs-met (Robin Schmidt’s Music Engineering Tools) has released three freeware VST plug-ins: Func Shaper, Track Meter and Signal Analyzer.

  • Func Shaper is a waveshaping distortion plugin based on a mathematical expression evaluator. You can enter an expression to create the function which will be used as waveshaping transfer function.
  • Track Meter is a plugin to display the current level of a stereo input signal separately for the left, right, mid and side channels and also to display the cross-correlation between the two channels.
  • Signal Analyzer is a combined oscilloscope / spectrum-analyzer plugin for inspecting signals in realtime in the time- and frequency domain.

If the GUI’s on these plug-ins look familiar, you won’t be surprised to hear that Robin Schmidt is the guy behind the Braindoc plug-ins.

Visit rs-met for more information and links to download these free plug-ins.


Braindoc updates Amplitude Modulator to Multi-Modulator

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Braindoc Multi-Modulator beta

Braindoc has released a new beta of Multi-Modulator, a freeware VST effect plugin for Windows formerly known as Amplitude Modulator.

The new version features various modulation targets: amplitude (as before), panorama, filter-frequency, delay (this affects the pitch of the signal) and MIDI-controller.

Download Multi-Modulator beta here.


Braindoc releases Amplitude Modulator beta

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Braindoc Amplitude Modulator beta

Braindoc has released a public beta of Amplitude Modulator, a freeware amplitude modulation (envelope/LFO/gate) plug-in for Windows.

Amplitude Modulator requires MIDI-input:

  • On note-on, the modulation generator starts at time zero. When the note is being held, it will run into a loop, wich is determined by the two locators. This results in a generalized sustain in terms of the ADSR-model
  • On note-off, it leaves the loop and runs through the part behind the loop-end locator. This can be seen as generalized release
  • When it reaches its end-point, it will stay at this level until a new note-on comes in
  • Neither start- nor end-point are fixed at zero level, they can have any value – if you adjust them to unity level, the output amplitude will be unaffected, when no note is being played
  • When you have them at zero (as in the screenshot), output will be silent, when no note is being played

Comments and bugreports are welcome here. (click the Mail button in the left menu)

You can download the Amplitude Modulator beta here.


Braindoc updates Aggressor VSTi

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Braindoc Aggressor VSTi

Braindoc has updated Agressor VSTi, now available as freeware.

Aggressor is a monophonic synthesizer, specifically designed to produce aggressive bass- and lead sounds simular to the typical sound of the famous TB-303.

New in latest version

  • better oscillator quality (anti-aliasing)
  • random detuning for the unison-mode in osc1
  • allpass-filters (apf’s) for all the oscillators
  • adjustable DC-offset before the filter (makes sense only for the nonlinear moog- and 303-filters)
  • osc3 parameters are now available (they were formerly hidden as demo-restriction)

There are still some bugs: some menus do not update properly when loading a song and on the overview screen, sometimes the menus don’t work.

Visit for more information and a link to download Aggressor.