u-he launches public beta of Presswerk dynamics processor

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u-he has launched a public beta of Presswerk, a dynamics effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

u-he Presswerk

After Satin, Presswerk is our second construction kit, this time for all sorts of classical compressors.

It’s got a large number of parameters and use cases. To make things easy – or less intimidating – Presswerk comes with a set of “vintage views” which limit its parameters to common use scenarios. With those you’ll feel at home immediately, and you can always go back to the full parameter set if you need more saturation or a less gentle knee. And of course, you can use Presswerk to create your own compressor that never was.

Most importantly, some vintage views allow for the display of sticker graphics to remind you which track you’re on!

The public beta is available to download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: u-he


Schaak Audio updates Transient Shaper plugin to v2.50

Schaak Audio has released version 2.50 of Transient Shaper, a transient processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Schaak Audio Transient Shaper

Transient Shaper allows shaping the dynamics with 2 knobs only, making it uniquely easy and fast to use – yet its sonic manipulation scape ranges from gate-like to compressor-like.

Changes in Transient Shaper v2.5

  • Seamlessly resizeable user interface.
  • VST3 support.
  • x64 support for all formats including VST.
  • Backwards-compatible to v2.04.

Transient Shaper for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 49 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Schaak Audio / Transient Shaper


Sound Radix intros Drum Leveler compressor/expander

Sound Radix has announced Drum Leveler, a new beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander.

Sound Radix Drum Leveler

By selectively applying gain to single drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target level for each beat, without affecting bleed noise or beats that are out of the user-defined processing range.

Unlike traditional envelope-followers that detect incoming levels and utilize VCA to apply gain changes, Drum Leveler runs an advanced new algorithm that takes full advantage of the digital domain – allowing unparalleled control over your drums’ dynamics.

Drum Leveler is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid driving grooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.

Drum Leveler features

  • Transparent, beat detection-based simultaneous upward & downward compressor/expander.
  • Applies gain to each beat individually to achieve set target level.
  • Gain change is applied right at the start of the beat, to avoid compressor artifacts within the beat.
  • Set a gain processing range to affect only specific beats within a track.
  • Easy to use and Intuitive user interface.

Drum Leveler is currently in beta and will be available in November 2014.

More information: Sound Radix


Avid releases Pro Multiband Dynamics & Pro Subharmonic plugins

Avid has announced the release of Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic, two new Avid Artist Suite series audio plug-ins that help audio professionals quickly and easily create optimized audio mixes that stand out from the crowd.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics

The new Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic audio plug-ins, part of the newly expanded Pro Series, deliver on Avid Everywhere™ by giving customers the efficient, flexible, and high-quality tools they need to quickly and easily create optimized audio mixes that stand out from the crowd.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic are designed for professionals who demand the highest-quality tools for audio post and music production. These new plug-ins build on the openness and flexibility that are key tenets of Avid Everywhere, featuring compatibility with AAX Native 64, AAX DSP 64, and AudioSuite 64 formats for Pro Tools® | HDX, Pro Tools | Native, and other systems running Pro Tools 11 and higher.

These new plug-ins join the existing Pro Compressor, Pro Expander, and Pro Limiter options to form a complete suite of audio processing tools that offer professionals a powerful, easy way to handle complex audio post sessions and low-latency monitoring during multi-track recording sessions. Additionally, Avid Pro Series plug-ins are capable of working with 7.1 surround sound formats, enabling users to efficiently create the high-quality, complex mixes that clients today demand.

“The world’s leading audio professionals use Pro Series plug-ins to create high-quality mixes in the most demanding music and audio post-production environments,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology at Avid. “The new Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic plug-ins help customers take on the most demanding projects with even greater power and flexibility, and deliver high-quality mixes faster and easier than ever.”

The plug-ins are available for purchase for MSRP $299 USD, 239 EUR excluding VAT. Rental pricing: 31-day rental $49 USD, 7-day rental $19 USD.

More information: Avid


Synthblitz Audio updates DNX-03 Multiband Compressor to v2.0

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Synthblitz Audio has released version 2.0 of DNX-03 Multiband Compressor, a three-band stereo compressor effect plug-in for Windows.

Synthblitz Audio DNX-03 Multiband Compressor

DNX-03 is now equipped with a new system of saturation that allows it to work in full VA mode.

Version 2.0 introduces new compressors for the frequency bands and new parameters for the attack times and the compression ratio. Changed also are the parameters of the frequency band which now starts from 33Hz up to 18,000Hz for full control from the subwoofer to the super high. The limiter is even faster and works also with the deepest bass.

Now there is a possibility to choose different combinations through functions of “tube” and “limiter”, and in fact are allowed 4 different ways to operate with DNX-03, for major details how to use the different modes consult the add-on manual.

Fine tuning and new shortcuts have been added to the control knobs.

VU meter has been rebuilt (full scale over 6du), increased the number of LEDs and changed the scale of values for the peak meter and the reduction meters, ​​which now start from -0.1 dB to allow a more accurate check up in mastering sessions.

DNX-03 for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for 19 EUR. The v2.0 update is free for registered DNX-03 users.

More information: Synthblitz Audio / DNX-03 Multiband Compressor


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