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Les Productions Zvon turns IYTTIW donationware

Les Productions Zvon

Les Productions Zvon has announced the IYTTIW sample library is now available as donationware.

IYTTIW stands for “If You Think This Is Weird”. It is a very unique set based on original trumpet samples. Its diminutive size packs a big sound. Perfect on its own or for doubling other sounds. 551 samples for a small size of 15.7 MB.

I played and recorded some trumpet and made samples from the performance. Then I processed the samples to alter their timbral and spectral quality. In some of them you can still hear the trumpet and in others you could not guess their origin.

What really makes these sounds unique is the fact that even when they do sound synthesized, they retain the pitch modulations of the original trumpet performance which would be impossible to reproduce with a standard synthesizer.

The IYTTIW sample library is now available as donationware in the following formats: wav, sfz (41 instruments), Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 or higher, Wusikstation 5.8 or higher (sfz + 90 presets).

More information: Les Productions Zvon / IYTTIW

Design a Sound releases Commercial Electronica for Z3TA+ 2

Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2

Design a Sound has announced the release of Commercial Electronica, a collection of patches for the Z3TA+ 2 software synthesizer instrument by Cakewalk.

There are 155 presets available – 46 bass sounds and rest is filled with synth/lead sounds.

Presets are suited for modern Electronic Dance Music genres such as Modern Pop Music, House, Synthpop, Trance, Dubstep.

Commercial Electronica for Z3TA+ 2 is available for a minimum donation of $13 USD.

More information: Design a Sound / Commercial Electronica

Daniel Gooding releases Sonic Beatbox sample library

Daniel Gooding Sonic Beatbox

Daniel Gooding has released the Sonic Beatbox sfx/sample library.

“Human language is unique in comparison to other forms of communication, such as those used by other animals, because it allows humans to produce an infinite set of utterances from a finite set of elements.”

The Sonic Beatbox library takes the abilities of the human voice box, and uses it as an effective tool for sound design.

Sonic Beatbox features

  • Almost 300 recordings of different vocally produced sounds. Great for working with abstract sound design, or layering with other sounds for a human element.
  • Over 100 designed sounds, produced entirely from the vocal recordings, and show many of the possibilities.
  • For musicians, there are over 50 individual samples, of vocally produced drum sounds, just put them in your favorite sampler, and start playing instantly. Also included are some simple beatbox loops, that you can throw right into a mix, if you want a quick beatbox sound in your track.
  • Each File is recorded in 24-bit 96kHz.
  • All sounds were recorded with a Rode NTK Condenser mic, with an Apogee One Pre-amp.

Sonic Beatbox is available for a “pay what you can” price. All proceeds above $5 USD are donated to AutismSpeaks.

More information: Daniel Gooding / Sonic Beatbox

Design a Sound releases Space Station for Gladiator 2

Tone2 Gladiator 2

Design a Sound has announced the release of Space Station, a soundset for the Gladiator 2 software synthesizer by Tone2.

The soundset contains 88 patches – Synth & Pad sounds.

The main theme is: “Long Release sounds” so there are a lot of warm, calm, long sounds as well as icy, cold, shimmering, “big room”, space like flavours.

You can use these sounds in background, during breakdowns.

The Space Station soundset for Tone2 Gladiator 2 (version 2.3.0 or higher, no additional expansions required) is available as donationware with a minimum donation amount of $13 USD.

More information: Design a Sound / Space Station

BooTweak Designs releases The Machine, 233 BooTweak Kits from 214 Vintage Drum Machines & Keyboards

BooTweak for Kontakt

BooTweak Designs has released The Machine, a collection of 233 BooTweak kits from 214 vintage drum machines and keyboards.

All kits are now finished. They are all drum kits with the exception of 6 or 7 kits.

The 5 Oberheim Matrix 1000 kits have single synth samples mapped across the keyboard for each of the 8 BooTweak groups, so you can solo the groups you want to layer in a patch. All of the tonal sounds have been tuned together for instant blending pleasure.

The Machine BooTweak kits are available as a free download. BooTweak, a donationware Kontakt script template for working with samples (especially drums) is included with the kits.

More information: BooTweak / The Machine for BooTweak

Design a Sound releases Popular Leads for Toxic Biohazard

Design a Sound Popular Leads for Toxic Biohazard

Design a Sound has announced the release of Popular Leads, a soundbank for Toxic Biohazard by Image-Line.

The soundset contains 97 patches – all are lead / synth sounds.

“Popular Leads” presets are suited for all kind of dancefloor killer tunes – Pop / Dance, Progressive House, Trance, Indie Dance and overall electronic dance music.

Popular Leads for Toxic Biohazard is available as donationware (minimum donation $12 USD).

More information: Design a Sound

Soft Dodo Voice To Instrument (VTI), control SoundFonts using incoming audio

Soft Dodo Voice To Instrument (VTI)

Soft Dodo has announced the release of Voice To Instrument (VTI), a SoundFont utility plug-in by Oded Streigold.

VTI is a VST plugin designed to control Sound Font samples using incoming audio. The audio source could be voice, flute, whistling or any other monophonic instrument.

Voice To Instrument features

  • Low latency, could be used for live performances.
  • Precise pitch detection including slides.

Voice To Instrument for Windows (VST) is available to download as donationware. The free download is fully functional and non-expiring, but it will display a nag-screen.

More information: Voice To Instrument

BooTweak, custom performance view & sound library for Kontakt now donationware

BooTweak Designs has announced that its custom programmed Kontakt library BooTweak is now available as donationware.

With BooTweak, you can quickly find, edit and perform with your samples from one performance view. Think of it as the uber-template you wished you had every time you drag a group of samples into Kontakt where they huddle, naked and afraid, with only a lone volume envelope to comfort them.

BooTweak for Kontakt
BooTweak for Kontakt 4

BooTweak is available for Kontakt 4.11 or higer. All of the BooTweak samples, kits and 3rd party sample kit files are now free for download. Donations are much appreciated.

More information: BooTweak