Facets of Sounds releases LOVELY-drumkit for Kontakt

Facets of Sounds

Facets of Sounds has announced LOVELY-drumkit, a drum library with a natural vintage sound for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Well, this drumkit sounds so lovely. That’s the reason why I called this drumlibrary “LOVELY-drumkit”.

This drumkit has got 20x RR (alternative samples) on each velocitylayer on basedrum, snare, high hat (close/ open) and on three toms; 12x RR on two crashes and two rides. I recorded a Sonor-kit in our music hall.

It’s not a smasher! The “LOVELY-drumkit” sounds so natural, vintage-like, subtle, imperfect and it got a humanized touch that I missed in a lot of (expensive) drumlibraries out there.

The drum library is available as donationware.

More information: LOVELY-drumkit


Sound Percussion Labs debuts with Unity & Velocity drum kits

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Unity D4522

Sound Percussion Labs, the evolution of the Sound Percussion brand, has launched with a new look, a hip new logo, and a bold new line of high-quality drum kits, percussion, and hardware designed to meet the needs of beginners, students, and experienced professionals alike.

SPL’s new Unity Series represents a fresh generation of pro quality drum kits that combine sleek, modern design and rugged construction to create a range of all-in-one kits that offer everything you need, right out of the box. Unity kits are an ideal choice for students and intermediate drummers, as well as experienced players who want a practice or additional gigging kit.

From subtle and laid back to slamming power punch, SPL Unity Series drums deliver superb tone with more than enough resonance, volume, and power. Unity kits feature a sleek, streamlined look, with head-turning hardware and a choice of three popular finishes. And every Unity kit is built tough, with rugged, multi-ply, all-poplar shells, precision cut 45-degree bearing edges, and low-mass lugs for maximum resonance.

Unity D4420

The Unity D4522 is a professional 5-piece kit that delivers a complete playing experience, right out of the box. The kit includes a 22″ x 16″ kick drum, 10″ x 8″ and 12″ x 9″ mounted toms with adjustable mounts, 16″ x 14″ floor tom, and a matching 14″ x 5″ wood snare. Also included is a pair of 14″ hi-hats and an 18″ Crash/Ride cymbal. The D4522 features cool black coat hardware and rugged, double braced cymbal, snare, and hi-hat stands, along with a single-chain direct drive kick pedal, and even a pro drum throne.

The Unity D4420 kit is a 4-pice kit that includes a 22″ x 16″ kick drum, 12″ x 8″ mounted tom, 14″ x 12″ floor tom, and matching 13″ x 5″ wood snare. The kit also includes rugged double-braced cymbal, snare, and hi-hat stands and a single-chain direct drive kick pedal. Customize your kit by adding your choice of cymbals and throne. The D4420 is a great choice for drummers looking for a great sounding, solidly built solution that’s compact and easy to setup and tear down.

Velocity S5418

The first offering from the brand new Velocity Series is the S5418 Street Bop kit. This high-quality but ultra compact 4-piece kit is a perfect fit for a wide range of gigs. The kit’s classic birch and basswood construction delivers crisp highs and well defined lows, making it a great choice for both studio and stage. The kit includes an 18″ x 16″ kick drum with matching wood hoops, a 10″ x 7″ mounted tom, 13″ x 13″ floor tom, and a matching 13″ x 5″ wood snare. With polished chrome hardware on a silver metallic glitter finish, the Velocity Street Bop kit is a fresh new take on a compact, go-anywhere gigging kit.

SPL Product Manager Gerry Helfrich remarked, “Sound Percussion Labs is truly a new generation of drums for a new generation of drummers, and both the Unity Series and the Velocity Series will ensure that drummers can have many options, even on a budget. Whether you’re an aspiring drummer looking for a kit to hone your chops on, or a seasoned professional looking for a second kit for rehearsal or gigging, there’s an SPL kit for you.”

The Unity and Velocity series are available at all Guitar Center stores and Musician’s Friend. The Unity D4522 has a street price of$399.99 USD; the Unity D4420 is $279.99 USD, and the Velocity S5418 Street Bop kit costs $299.99 USD.

More information: Sound Percussion Labs


FXpansion releases BFD Oblivion expansion

FXpansion has launched BFD Oblivion, an expansion pack for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 designed to provide ready-to-use heavy rock and metal drum sounds.

FXpansion BFD Oblivion

Inspired by genres like post-metal, sludge and prog-metal, BFD Oblivion’s sounds have the punch to slice through the densest walls of guitars.

Included are mix-treated versions of a Mapex Orion kit, Mapex brass snare, Brady jarrah snare and a selection of cymbals from Bosphorus, Zildjian and Paiste. Crafted by an in-house team obsessed with metal, BFD Oblivion is processed heavily so you don’t have to – just add your hardest guitars and basses to create an authentic foundation for all kinds of rock and metal music.

BFD Oblivion features

  • Heavy rock & metal expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2.
  • Mix-processed drums, ready to drop into your productions.
  • Mapex Orion drumkit: 22″ kick with 10″, 12″, and 14″ toms.
  • Mapex Brass Master snare and Brady jarrah wood snare.
  • Cymbals and hihat from Bosphorus, Zildjian and Paiste.
  • Kick with felt and plastic beaters.

BFD Oblivion is available for purchase for $99 USD/79 EUR/£69 GBP inc VAT.

More information: FXpansion / BFD Oblivion


Tru-Urban releases The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit Vol.1

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Tru-Urban has announced the release of The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit, a new drum sample library tailored for today’s Hip-Hop/R&B, Soul, and Urban-Pop style music production.

Tru-Urban The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit

The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit features an exclusive selection of professionally crafted drum samples that are reminiscent of today’s most popular urban styles such as 808/Trap, Boom-Bap and the hard hitting bodacious sounds of today’s Urban-Pop.

The Modern Arsenal kit provides urban music producers and beat makers with high quality drum sounds that have been proven to cut through a mix and add character and punch to nearly any composition.

Over 180 high quality drum samples from kicks to snares to percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, shakers, tambourines and triangles make finding the right drum samples quick and easy. Plus, producers gain the confidence that comes with having drum samples from today’s top urban hits.

The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit is available for purchase for $25 USD.

More information: Tru-Urban / The Modern Arsenal Drum Kit


Frau Blücher Audio releases The Heavy Hitter’s Kit for Kontakt

Frau Blücher Audio has announced the release of The Heavy Hitter’s Kit, its second drum sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Frau Blücher Audio The Heavy Hitter's Kit

Even though the name of this kit puts it in a certain spot, “The Heavy Hitter’s Kit” suits a wide range of music, from pop to the heaviest metal.

Frau Blücher Audio The Heavy Hitter’s Kit features

  • The kit: Kick drum, 2 different snares, 4 toms (10″, 12″, 14″, 16″), 4 crash cymbals, 2 china crashes, 2 ride cymbals, 15″ hihat.
  • Round-robins.
  • Up to 16 velocity layers.
  • Mixer with EQ and Transient Master on every channel.
  • Tape Saturator and an SSL-style Bus Compressor on the master bus.
  • Recorded at Studio Skeppsbron in Malmö, Sweden. All samples were recorded in 24-bit at 44.1kHz.

The library is available for purchase for 16 EUR. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.

More information: Frau Blücher Audio / The Heavy Hitter’s Kit


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