Wave Alchemy releases Revolution-606 SE

Wave Alchemy has launched Revolution-606 SE, a free ‘slimmed-down’ demo version of the Revolution-606 virtual drum machine for Kontakt 5.

Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 SE

Users of Kontakt 5 are able to demo a small amount of what is possible with our Revolution-606 instrument!

The iconic TR-606, recorded 10 times, through 10 unique, characterful signal chains… 5381 unique samples, seamlessly integrated within an intuitive, highly-programmable virtual drum machine.

Imagine a studio equipped with high-end outboard gear, vintage analogue tape machines, classic 12-bit samplers and filthy lo-fi sound shaping boxes. Now imagine taking a TR-606 and being able to process and shape each drum sound individually through unique, highly versatile signal chains – The tone shaping possibilities would be almost limitless…

Revolution-606 SE is a free download at Wave Alchemy.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Revolution-606 SE


99Sounds launches free Clap Machine plugin

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99Sounds has launched Clap Machine, a free instrument plugin for Windows and Mac, based on the natural hand clap samples from its free Hands Make Sounds sample library.

99Sounds Clap Machine

The purpose of Clap Machine is to provide a quick and easy way to add natural sounding claps to your music.

You can use it to easily create rhythmic sequences or some natural sounding group claps (aka “gang” claps) by playing multiple notes at the same time. The plugin features four full octaves of clap sounds which I’ve recorded in different location, with more or less natural reverb.

You can use the simple global AR volume envelope to control the softness and the tail of the claps. If you don’t want any natural reverb, use shorter release times and either add some of the built-in reverb, or use a third party reverb plugin to process the signal.

The plug-in is available to download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: 99Sounds / Clap Machine


Daniel Belik releases free Music Box for Kontakt

Daniel Belik has launched Music Box, a free microseries sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Daniel Belik Music Box

This music box has no crystal sound. In difference from other, sparkling by novelty, this has unpolished, native sound, saturated with quickly breaking up overtones.

It creates a fairytale sound, which perfectly well for adventure, game music!

Music Box features

  • 24 bit/48 kHz.
  • 2 mic positions: Close & Tree.
  • 2x true RR.
  • 2 sampled octaves: 28 notes, from C4 to D#6+ additional range.
  • Natural noise of the Music Box mechanism (controlled).
  • Absolutely dry sound.
  • 1 mysterious hall IR.
  • Smart script & nice UI.

The library is a free download for Kontakt 4.2.4 or later (full version).

More information: Daniel Belik


Goldbaby releases free MPC60 vs VolcaBeats pack

Goldbaby has launched MPC60 vs VolcaBeats, a free sample pack for Maschine, Geist and wav.

Goldbaby MPC60 vs VolcaBeats

I’d like to wish you all happy holidays! Thanks for the great year.

Here is a little Christmas gift for you all. A free sample pack called ‘MPC60 vs VolcaBeats’.

This pack contains 89 x 24 bit wav drums. Created using a Volca Beats sampled by the MPC60 12 bit sampler. Recorded through a 1073 pre and then a UBK-Fatso.

The pack is available for download in .wav, Maschine, and Geist formats.

More information: Goldbaby


satYatunes updates free Blue Theme skin for DUNE 2

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satYatunes has updated his free Blue Theme skin for the Dune 2 synthesizer instrument by Synapse Audio.

satYatunes Blue Theme for DUNE 2

Redesigned the entire skin, too many changes to list here

The skin pack is a free download at satYatunes.

More information: satYatunes / Blue Theme


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