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GVST launches Kickstarter project to fund Mac ports

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GVST on the Mac

Graham at GVST has announced the launch of the GVST on the Mac Kickstarter project, a chance to help fund Mac ports and enhancements.

I’ve had many requests over the years to offer Mac versions of the GVST plug-ins, and recently I’ve had more interest than ever.

I happen to be unemployed at the moment, which means that I have the opportunity to take this project on. However, I don’t own a Mac, and I have a few bills that I ought to keep paying, which is where you come in.

I’ve set a funding target of £3,500, which will buy me a basic MacBook and tide me over long enough to get the GVST plug-ins working on the Mac platform.

It’s important to note that GVST is a freeware enterprise and the resulting Mac plug-ins will be available as freeware for everybody to use. As a backer you can help to make this happen, but I’m not offering exclusive access to the software. I will of course keep all backers up-to-date with my progress. I don’t know if that’s a palatable proposition, but I suppose that’s what I’m here to find out.

The project is aiming to raise £3,500 GBP by March 9th, 2014.

More information: GVST / GVST on the Mac


GVST Suite updated with 64-bit support

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Graham Yeadon has announced the release of updated version of the GVST Suite, a collection of free effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.

GVST GSinth2
The GVST GSinth2 monophonic 3 oscillator synthesizer instrument.

The GVST plug-ins have recently been updated. 64-bit versions of all of the plug-ins are now available from the download pages. Whereas there used to be a choice of user interfaces, all plug-ins now have a single, new user interface, based on the popular Grymmjack designs.

Let me know if you have any problems with the latest versions of the plug-ins.

The GVST effects and instruments are now available to download as freeware 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugins for Windows.

More information: GVST plugins


g200kg KeroVee, auto-tune type effect updated to v1.26

g200kg KeroVee

g200kg has released version 1.26 of KeroVee, a Pitch Corrector/Autotune effect plug-in for Windows.

KeroVee is focused to so-called ‘Autotune effect’ or ‘T-Pain effect’, that is robotic but different from the vocoder. KeroVee can mix two independent transposed outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output.

Changes in KeroVee v1.26

  • SSE CPU check code is added. message will be displayed if cannot work.
  • Improved tolerability for input level-over.
  • Retune algo is improved, more natural correction.
  • ‘Chord mode’ is added that will specify the multiple allowable note.

KeroVee is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: g200kg


GVST updates GVST plug-in suite

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GVST GMulti (GrymmJack Skin)

GVST has updated the GVST plug-in suite, an excellent collection of freeware effects and instruments for Windows.


  • All plug-ins now perform all processing at 64-bit (previously only more sensitive operations, such as IIR filters, used 64-bit)
  • No dependency on gdiplus.dll anymore, removing some compatibility issues
  • Versions with Grymmjack‘s excellent skins built-in are available

In case these newer version don’t work in your setup, you can still get the previous versions as well.

Visit GVST for more information and a link to download the GVST plug-in suite.


GVST releases GLoop Beta

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GVST GLoop Beta

GVST has released a public beta of GLoop, a triggered sample recorder/looper.

GLoop is like a typical record/loop/overdub pedal in VST format. GLoop is triggered by MIDI and can be synced to the host tempo.

Visit GVST’s beta plug-in page to download it.


GVST suite gets a new skin

GVST plug-ins with new skin

The plug-ins from GVST now can be skinned with a new gorgeous design.

GVST’s plug-ins (by Graham Yeadon) are designed by to be simple, light-weight and efficient, although some are more ambitious and some more experimental and include amongst others a Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Gate and several Filter effects.

The new skins are done by Rick Christy from Designer Monkey, who also did the original design for the GVST plug-in suite, and recently designed FreeAmp2‘s skin.

Check the GVST website for more information and links to download these excellent skins for the GVST effects and instruments. You can download all plug-ins in one package as well.


GVST releases GStereo beta

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GVST GStereo beta

GStereo is the M/S processor used in GMulti

From the GMulti page:

The stereo enhancement works by amplifying or diminishing the stereo information in each band. If you set a Width parameter to 0% then the associated band is collapsed to mono, which is often desirable for the bass band.

Visit GVST‘s beta page to download GStereo.