Short links for April 11th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on April 11th, 2008:

# Brockenspiel in action – Brock Craft's Brockenspiel reads the magnetic strip on credit cards and swipe access cards, zips them through an Arduino board and triggers solenoids which bash the chimes.

Left: working on the Arduino, right: the actual Brockenspiel

# pe lang + zimoun : untitled sound objects – The “Untitled Sound Objects” by Pe Lang and Zimoun creates acoustic architecture from organic objects and forms connected up to motors and gears. The duo began as laptop performers but were offput by the lack of physicality so they investigated how to create physical instruments that react to their immediate environment and each other.

# Black Flag Hair: A Timeline – Nice illustration of Black Flag's hairstyles from 1976 to 1986.

# little-scale: Arduino Beats – Sebastian Tomczak is working on a sample-based drum machine for the Arduino. At the moment, bars and patterns have to be programmed into the code manually, but he's looking to adding a small and simple physical interface for real-time pattern sequencing.

# Ten Thousand Cents – Behind the scenes of a mechanical turk project: 10,000 people drawing a small piece of a 100 dollar bill.


Oscilloscope Studios’ photos: Beastie Boys Flickr feed

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The Beastie Boys have a Flickr feed where they post pics from the road as they tour with their new album, The Mix-Up, a funky all-instumental disc.

Beastie Boys on stage - Adam (Adrock) and Mike D
Beastie Boys on stage – Adam (Adrock) and Mike D

Some great pics. Didn’t know Mike D went all stylish with his hair!

More info on The Mix-Up here.

Link via Boing Boing


The Money Maker: Interview with Ootje Oxenaar

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The CR Blog has published an interview with Robert Deodaat Emile (Ootje) Oxenaar, the designer of the Dutch banknotes I wish we still used in the Netherlands.

CR spoke to Ootje about his work, how he added personal elements to approved designs and how it feels to have your artwork seen and used by millions, everyday, for over 30 years. (An edited version of the interview appears in our current issue, guest-edited by ad agency Mother, alongside a DPS reproduction of his classic 10 guilder note).

Detail of a 1000 guilder note
Detail of a 1000 guilder note, featuring Oxenaar’s (hidden) fingerprint in the curl in the hair

I just love the way this guy secretly put some personal touches in his designs and nobody would find them until the notes were already being printed or in circulation.

This interview is a great read, especially if you’re Dutch.


Allergic to cats but still would like to have one?

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Hypoallergenic kittens (photo by Allerca)

BBC news has an article on hypoallergenic cats.

The world’s first specially-bred hypoallergenic cats have gone on sale in the United States.

These cats have a natural gene divergence within the cat DNA which keeps it from producing allergies coming from the glycoprotein Fel d1, contained in the cat’s saliva, fur and skin.

Since only one in 50,000 cats has this divergence the price of hypoallergic cats is currently quite high ($3,950) but already there is a waiting list to get one.

I would think that if only 1 in 50,000 cats is naturally hypoallergenic they actually should be allergenic to begin with.