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zplane.development vielklang Instant Harmony V2 & LE released

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zplane vielklang V2

zplane.development has announced the release of its vielklang Instant Harmony V2 and vielklang Instant Harmony LE audio harmonization instruments.

vielklang Instant Harmony is an instrument for easy generation of harmonies from an audio or MIDI melody.

The utilization of voice leading and harmony progression models allows vielklang to create harmony parts in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors and makes it a versatile and creative tool for musicians, songwriters and producers.

vielklang utilizes zplane’s widely-used élastique SOLOIST engine for high quality pitch shifting and time stretching.

zplane vielklang Instant Harmony V2 - Piano roll
The piano roll tab in zplane’s vielklang Instant Harmony V2.

Changes in vielklang Instant Harmony V2

  • Advanced pitch editing with direct tool access.
  • New sleek interface.
  • Vibrato and tremolo generator.
  • Hybrid view for score-like harmony visualization.
  • MIDI harmonization.
  • Multiple file harmonization.

vielklang LE is a light version with a reduced feature set at a competitive price. For a direct feature comparison between the two versions see the product page.

vielklang Instant Harmony for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $149 USD/119 EUR. The upgrade from vielklang 1.x is $69 USD/49 EUR, with an introductory offer of $39 USD/29 EUR).

vielklang LE costs $99 USD/79 EUR. All existing users of vielklang 1.x are eligible to a free version of vielklang LE.

More information: zplane / vielklang Instant Harmony


VirSyn launches Harmony Voice for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

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VirSyn has announced Harmony Voice, a harmonizer app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

VirSyn Harmony Voice
VirSyn’s Harmony Voice app with real-time pitch display.

Transform your voice into a choir with up to four voices! Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction. A realtime visual intonation-display gives you feedback of the tunes you sing.

You can sing and Harmony voice will add up to four voices according to the chords you play with the piano keyboard. Instead of playing the chords yourself you can let Harmony Voice play the chords automatically to enrich the sound of your voice in a musically pleasant way.

The voice character can be adjusted in a way that you can turn a female voice into a male voice and the other way round.

Harmony Voice features

  • Four part realtime Harmonizer / Pitch corrector.
  • Different Harmonizer modes:
    • Manual harmonization by playing chords with up to four notes while singing.
    • Automatic harmonization ( Kraehenbuehl ).
    • Play base note and Harmony Voice adds appropriate chords.
    • Directly play the tunes for up to four voices with the keyboard.
  • Select key note and scale for harmonization and pitch correction.
  • Harmonies can be in just ( Barbershop ) or tempered tuning.
  • Mix your original voice with the harmonized parts.
  • Change the voice character.
  • Play background track from your iTunes library.
  • Hi-end reverb effect for room simulation.
  • Chorus and Delay effect.
  • Use a CoreMIDI compatible Interface* to control Harmony Voice with a MIDI Keyboard.
  • Audio recorder with Metronome.
  • Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
  • Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps.

The Harmony Voice app costs $5.99 USD.

More information: VirSyn / Harmony Voice


Convert images to sound with Skytopia SonicPhoto

Skytopia SonicPhoto

Skytopia has released SonicPhoto, an audio program to convert from pictures to sound.

Use your existing photo collection or draw your own in Photoshop (or any other paint editor) and with a click of a button, watch SonicPhoto create the sound before your eyes.

Inspired by the existing PhotoSounder program from Michel Rouzic, SonicPhoto loses the internal paint editor and sound importer, but gains automatic and convincing stereo, and a unique harmony filter to help create distinct and professional effects ranging from sparkling synths and rippling arpeggios, to roaring bass and metallic drones.

SonicPhoto features

  • Create an infinite variety of sounds ranging based on the patterns found in any picture.
  • Instrument and harmony quantization so you can create tonal sounds.
  • Dozens of in-built presets, so you can immediately try sounds out and experiment.
  • Convincing stereo is automatically added to all sounds.
  • Very easy to use GUI with everything you need at a click of a button.
  • Well thought out system for loading and save custom projects.
  • Instantly adjust the quality to suit your needs (low for preview, high for final result).
  • Unlimited upgrades to future versions, and hassle-free installation, without messing about with keys/passwords .

SonicPhoto for Windows is available to purchase starting at $39 USD. A free demo version is also available.

More information: SonicPhoto


zplane announces vielklang instant harmony 2 Public Beta

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zplane development

zplane.development has announced a public beta for its vielklang instant harmony 2 plugin for intelligent one-click harmony generation.

After beta testing for a while we decided to go public with the latest beta version of vielklang instant harmony 2.

Everybody who is interested in participating, please go to our forum, log in or create an account if do not have one, and follow the instructions in the corresponding sub-forum.

New in vielklang 2

  • Various 2/3/4-voiced harmonization styles.
  • Audio and MIDI harmonization.
  • Detailed editing of pitch and timing.
  • New vibrato/tremolo generator.
  • Three visualization options: piano roll, arranger, and pseudo-score.
  • Completely redesigned intuitive interface.

Until the release of vielklang 2, vielklang 1.5 is available to purchase for $99 USD/79 EUR. The upgrade to vielklang 2 will have an introductory price of $39 USD/29 EUR, and a free version of vielklang 2 LE will also be available to vielklang 1.x users.

More information: zplane.development


zplane.development announces vielklang Instant Harmony v2.0

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zplane.development has announced the upcoming release of version 2 of vielklang Instant Harmony, the plugin for intelligent one-click harmony generation.

vielklang Instant Harmony is the world’s only audio harmonization engine with built-in voice-leading and harmony progression rules; in combination with zplane’s élastique time-stretching and pitch shifting engine it allows the generation of arrangements in unprecedented quality.

zplane vielklang Instant Harmony
zplane.development vielklang Instant Harmony v2.0 Piano Roll

vielklang Instant Harmony features

  • Various 2/3/4-voiced harmonization styles.
  • Audio and MIDI harmonization.
  • Detailed editing of pitch and timing.
  • New vibrato/tremolo generator.
  • Three visualization options: piano roll, arranger, and pseudo-score.
  • Completely redesigned intuitive interface.

In addition to the full version of vielklang Instant Harmony, there will be a vielklang LE with restricted feature set; vielklang LE will offer a restricted set of harmonization modes, scales and will not allow detailed editing of pitch and timing.

vielklang Instant Harmony will be available for $149 USD / 119 EUR and vielklang LE will be $99 USD / 79 EUR. The upgrade for vielklang 1.x -> vielklang 2 will be available for the introductory price of $39 USD / 29 EUR (regular $69 USD / 49 EUR).

In addition, all existing users of vielklang 1.x are eligible for a free version of vielklang 2 LE. Until the release of vielklang 2, vielklang 1.5 will be available for $99 USD / 79 EUR.

More information: zplane / vielklang


ToneCarver releases Harmony Rotator v0.1

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ToneCarver Harmony Rotator

ToneCarver has released version 0.1 beta of Harmony Rotator, a MIDI note generator plug-in for Windows.

Harmony Rotator v0.1 generates up to 4 midi notes per midi note received.

Generated notes are offset from input note according to user defined intervals which, for the rotator voices, can vary for up to 4 different intervals.

Harmony Rotator for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

More information: ToneCarver


TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 and X1 vocal pedals now shipping

TC-Helicon has announced it is now shipping the VoiceLive H1, E1, and X1 vocal pedals.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 & X1

TC-Helicon offers its renowned vocal harmony to an even wider audience with VoiceTone H1 – a two-part vocal harmony processor combining NaturalPlay guitar control and key/scale operation to allow vocalists of any musical background to get lush sounding background vocals. VoiceTone H1 is the ultimate in simplicity and the NaturalPlay harmony algorithms come directly from TC-Helicon’s flagship vocal processor VoiceLive 2, so there is no compromise on sonic quality.

“There is something addictive and fun about using such a small pedal to instantly produce pro sounding background vocals,” shares TC-Helicon Product Manager Tom Lang.

Controlling VoiceTone H1 is truly simple. Singers select from eight voicing combinations, then set harmony mix and choose between guitar control using the guitar pass-thru input or selecting a key and scale.

VoiceTone E1 gives any vocalist simple access to delays and echos used in hit music production. Slapback, Echo, Tap Echo and FX styles can easily be selected and then tuned with the Feedback and Analog controls. Singers can tap song tempo and turn the effect on and off with the footswitch.

VoiceTone X1 borrows technology from TC-Helicon’s infamous Transducer block to emulate the sounds of telephones, distortions and amps to make vocals stand out in a mix, and each style can be tuned with dedicated Drive and Filter controls.

The VoiceLive pedals are available to purchase for $149 USD / €149 EUR (H1, E1) and $129 USD / €129 EUR (X1).

More information: TC-Helicon