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Homegrown Sounds releases Virus Kits + 50% Sale extended

Homegrown Sounds Virus Kits

Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of Virus Kits, a collection of 150 hand crafted 32-bit sounds created with a Virus TI.

The Virus TI has a unique and powerful synth engine with it’s own sound character and has been fully utilized to synthesize each sound from scratch, creating a unique collection of Bass Drums, Snares, Hi-hats, Toms, Percussion and lots of one shot FX such as growls, wooshes and blips. Additionally there is also 12 Drum Kits for Battery and Kontakt 4/5 using these samples as well as 56 Child kits utilizing the Battery/Kontakt engine for instant gratification.

The WAVs can also be used with any software/hardware which can read WAVs and for convenience there are 16-bit versions, as well as 16-bit mono versions for hardware which has limited polyphony such as MPCs.

The files are delivered as a RAR which can simply be extracted to your Battery library folder and is available permanently on your personal downloads page as soon as the Paypal payment has been received.

The sample pack costs $29.99 USD. It is currently available to purchase for $14.98 USD as part of the extended 50% off sale on all plugins and sample packs.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Virus Kits


Homegrown Sounds releases Ballistic Drum Kits + Mesh updated to v1.2

Homegrown Sounds Ballistic

Homegrown Sounds has introduced Ballistic Drum Kits, a large collection of mostly Bread and Butter Drum Kits all of which can be easily interchanged for quickly transforming a playing drum pattern.

They are quite heavy kits which are especially well suited to Hip Hop, Trip Hop & R n B, all the collection is diverse enough to be useful to any Sampletank user. There aren’t that many Electronic Drum Kits available for Sampletank, and so this Tank attempts to bridge the gap, at least another 2 complimentary collections will be released which will provide more drum kits, instrument kits designed for layering, and percussion kits.

Each Kit is made up of 24 samples and as well as the standard tuning, has a -5 Semitone version and a +1 Octave version within the same instrument. The layout also follows the General MIDI Layout for the 1st Octave, although the second octave can vary with the intention of swapping kits and getting a few nice surprises such as a chord or a bass note, which can suddenly transform a standard drum loop into an interesting Hip Hop Beat.

Ballistic Drum Kits features

  • 160+ Drum Kits for Sampletank.
  • Each Kit has 4 child presets: tight, Upfront, Delay and Verby.
  • Installed size: 350 MB.
  • Download Size(RAR): 180 MB.

The sound library is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

Homegrown Sounds has also updated its Mesh monophonic synthesizer instrument for Windows to version 1.2.

Changes in Mesh v1.2

  • New – Added a randomize to the LFO top bar for randomizing just the 1st 2 LFOs.
  • New – Global Randomizer which randomizes Oscillators, Filter ENV, ENV3, Filter and LFOs 1 & 2.
  • New – Individual Oscillator pitches + quantized versions, Main Quantized Pitch and Feedback added to ENV3 Destinations.
  • New – Added a Randomize button to the Envelope Header which randomizes just the Filter Envelope and Envelope 3.
  • New – 32 new Presets in the Presets folder (Mesh-Various.fxb).
  • Changes – Default preset improved and init fxb bank updated.
  • Fix – LFO Pitch could cause a crash with extreme LFO activity especially when randomising.
  • Fix – Non Quantized Pitch LFO destination has half resolution.
  • Fix – Pop-up Menu for patches now updates the display correctly when a bank is loaded via the internal Patch info display.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Ballistic Drum Kits


Homegrown Sounds updates Mesh to v1.1 incl. new Moog Style sound bank

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Homegrown Sounds Mesh

Homegrown Sounds has updated its Mesh virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows to version 1.1.

This update brings a new bank of 128 sounds of mainly traditional Analogue type Leads and Basses with minimal effects. There is also a dedicated version called Mesh Lead which allows loading this sound set into your host much more easily than loading an fxb.

There are also a few new features, such as Bass Cut, Assignable Destination for Envelope 3, and the option to send Oscillator 3 to the filter cutoff for some interesting modulation effects.

Changes in Mesh v1.1

  • New: Bank of 128 presets with a more traditional Analog Lead/Bass sound set.
  • New: Mesh Lead, a duplicate copy of Mesh with the new Lead sound set preloaded. Mesh Lead is identical, it just an easy way to select the alternative sound set from within the host, and presets are compatible across both versions.
  • New: Added OSC3->Filter – Enabling this disables sending to OSC1.
  • New: Added Bass Cut Button.
  • New: Noise Envelope is now Envelope 3 and has 3 possible destinations: Noise, Pitch, Resonance and OSC3->Pitch/Filter.
  • New: Default patch has been tweaked.
  • Fix: Fixed Filter Default not setting default correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed Clicks happening occasionally.
  • Fix: Sound could blow out on a patch change in some hosts, this is now fixed.
  • Fix: ARP Randomize could cause a crash in some hosts.
  • Fix: Internal Patch Selector didn’t work in FL.

Mesh for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $20 USD until July 31st, 2012 (regular $40 USD).

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Mesh


Homegrown Sounds releases Mesh – Minimoog inspired rhythm/mono synth plugin

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Homegrown Sounds has announced Mesh, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Homegrown Sounds Mesh
Homegrown Sounds Mesh was inspired by the simplicity of the Minimoog synthesizer.

The idea behind Mesh was to create a Virtual Analogue mono synth in the style of the Minimoog with the addition of 5 Tempo based LFOs for exploring rhythmic potential. In comparison to previous Homegrown Synths, Mesh is very simple using 3 Oscillators and a Sub Oscillator to shape the sound, a single oversampled Low Pass Moog style filter, and 3 Envelopes. The LFOs can modulate most parameters, and there are several quantized pitch destinations to enable complex one finger sequences to be constructed. Add to this a compact effects section comprising of a Modulator, a Delay and SoundScaper and Finally an Arpeggiator which all adds up to a simple lightweight sonic playground.

The Oscillators provide the usual suspect waveforms such as Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and Square, but also add a large selection of Digital Waveforms to expand it’s sonic capabilities. The filter can be oversampled up to 8 times which improves the quality of the sound as well as providing a different character for each of the modes.

Although Mesh is designed as a non velocity based Mono Synth, it can be used as a Polyphonic instrument, and velocity can also be enabled. There are also a set of modulation parameters for assigning Velocity, Aftertouch, Mod Wheel and Pitch to a wide selection of destinations.

Mesh for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $20 USD for a limited time (regular $40 USD).

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Mesh


Homegrown Sounds releases Vintage Synths for SampleTank

Homegrown Sounds Vintage Synths

Homegrown Sounds has announced Vintage Synths, a new sample library for the SampleTank sampler instrument by IK Multimedia.

Vintage Synths is a huge collection of analog instruments released exclusively for Sampletank brimming with Basses, Leads and Pads. The instruments were created with the often overlooked Akai SG01 Vintage Sound Module, and multi-sampled at 24bit 48khz for excellent sound quality.

Altogether there are 98 Parent Instruments which were then used to create a further 350+ child presets creating a huge collection of new analog based sounds for Sampletank.

Vintage Synths features

  • Each Instrument is multi-sampled using 9 Samples to capture the full range of the instrument.
  • Sampled at 24bit 48khz.
  • 98 Parent Instruments.
  • 350+ Child Presets.
  • Size: 790 MB, Download Size (RAR): 430 MB.

The Vintage Synths library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $29 USD until July 2nd, 2012 (regular $39 USD). Compatible with Sampletank Free.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Vintage Synths


Homegrown Sounds releases Multitimbral Control plugin

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Homegrown Sounds has announced Multitimbral Control, a MIDI processor plug-in for Windows.

Homegrown Sounds Multitimbral Control
Control up to 16 MIDI channels with Homeground Sounds’ Multitimbral Control plugin.

Multitimbral Control is a simple plugin which allows controlling up to 16 midi channels and so is ideal for a hardware multitimbral sound module.
It allows you to take control over Volume, Pan, Program Change (MSB, LSB and Program Number), plus 2 assignable midi Control Changes which are mapped to knobs for overriding a preset.

It’s useful in hosts which don’t have easy control over external devices and particularly when they don’t have MSB and LSB options. Many hosts simply have bank/program number which is not enough for some hardware which need MSB and LSB to select banks, such as Emu Proteus synths. The other benefit is that you can control the entire sound module from one place rather than on the midi channel which makes mixing and tweaking much more intuitive.

The Multitimbral Control for Windows (VST) is a free download.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Multitimbral Control


Homegrown Sounds intros Vortex Multitimbral Groove Machine

Homegrown Sounds has announced Vortex, a multi-timbral sequencer instrument for Windows.

Homegrown Sounds Vortex

Vortex is a ‘break through’ VSTi Multitimbral Sequencer, equally adept as performance player or studio composer. It contains dedicated synths for each of its 12 sequencers … or, if you prefer, you can output any sequencer’s generated midi to your software or hardware instrument of choice … all internal synths, all midi output to your synth or any combination of the two on a sequencer by sequencer basis … it’s up to you!

It is a performance instrument with an emphasis on quick and easy music creation and is ideal for creating a dance/RnB/electronic foundation, although it can be used to make almost any style of music. One of it’s most fun and useful features is the series of real-time triggers which allow manipulating the sequences with effects such as Stutter (and programmable stutter), Restart, Half tempo, double step, note ties and mute amongst others. An octave of your keyboard is reserved for the triggers allowing easy sequence transformations. When sync mode is enabled, once all triggers are released the sequence will revert to it’s former playing state.

Vortex is still in beta (stable) and can be purchased for $70 USD until the official release, scheduled for mid March. The regular price will be $140 USD.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Vortex


Homegrown Sounds launches VST Raid Deal + updates

Homegrown Sounds VST Raid Deal

Homegrown Sounds has announced a VST Raid Deal, a limited time promotion on a bundle of its plugins.

All 15 Commercial VST Plugins for just $70 during December, includes ARP, Ammonite, Black Magic, Pulse Control, Astralis Pack, Introjector, Homegrown Piano, Homegrown Sitar + more.

A number of Homegrown Sounds plug-ins has also been updated.

Homegrown Sounds updates

  • Ammonite v1.2 – Ammonite has been updated to include the ARP from the ARP VSTi plugin including Scale Remapper and Omnichorder.
  • Pulse Control v1.3 – Pulse Control, the VST Controller and Expander has been updated to v1.3, adding most features of ARP, and also Swing has now been localised and will work in all sequencers at all tempos.
  • ARP v1.61 – This update fixes a couple of issues introduced by 1.6 and adds some more CC controllers. The demo has also been updated.
  • Modulator v1.1 – Added a 2nd LFO for modulating either Feedback, Offset, Depth or Rate. Also added CC Controller Assignments for all controls, and added another 32 Presets.

More information: Homegrown Sounds