Kirk Hunter Studios releases Spotlight Strings for Kontakt + Group Buy launched

Kirk Hunter Spotlight Strings

Kirk Hunter Studios has launched Spotlight Strings, a virtual solo string library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This year Kirk Hunter Studios, a leading developer of high quality string, brass and orchestral sample libraries, is introducing its most advanced string sample library to date, Spotlight Strings, a solo strings library representing a breakthrough in realism and playability for string sample libraries.

Spotlight Strings is a SOLO STRING library comprised of 4 soloists per section and an optional “Ripieno” backup section. So it’s 4 solo string libraries in 1, and THEN some!

Spotlight Strings features

  • 4 solo violins.
  • 4 solo violas.
  • 4 solo cellos.
  • 2 solo basses.
  • Ripieno (Italian for stuffing or padding – refers to the bulk of instrumental parts of a musical ensemble who do not play as soloists, especially in Baroque music. These are the players who would play in sections marked tutti, as opposed to soloist sections. It is most commonly used in reference to instrumental music).
  • 5 GB content.

The library is available to purchase for $249 USD.

Kirk Hunter has also launched a Group Buy, offering up to 50% off every major Kirk Hunter Studios sample library.

Once you sign up, you can purchase now, get a free trial now, or at the end of the Group Buy, which ends Feb 1, 2014. If you purchase now, you will be given a refund of the difference between the price you paid and the Group Buy ending price. That way, you can enjoy the library(s) now.

More information: Kirk Hunter Studios


Sample Logic announces Morphestra Generations for Kontakt

Sample Logic Morphestra Generations

Sample Logic has announced Morphestra Generations, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player.

Weighing in at over 16GBs, MORPHESTRA™ GENERATIONS is a collection of 1600+ morphed Instruments & Multis derived entirely from true orchestral recordings.

Created in association with Kirk Hunter Studios, MORPHESTRA™ GENERATIONS brings the original MORPHESTRA™ into a whole new generation of sound, creating a modern day virtual instrument that transcends ANY morphed orchestral/effectual sample library ever created.

Geared for film, TV, and game composers, MORPHESTRA™ GENERATIONS includes amazing ready-to-play psycho-acoustic sampled symphonic winds, strings, and percussive instruments and morphs them into a world where music and sound design collide.

If you already own the original MORPHESTRA™, you can easily upgrade to MORPHESTRA™ GENERATIONS, which also includes all the original instruments and multis from MORPHESTRA™ 1.0.

Morphestra Generations features

  • Over 1600 Instruments and Multis delivered at 44.1k/24-bit..
  • Just over 16GB sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression.
  • Native 64-bit support.
  • Requires Kontakt 5.2 Player free from Native Instruments.

The Morphestra Generations library will be released on October 14th, 2013. Until then, the library is available to pre-order for $449.99 USD (regular $599.99 USD), an upgrade for Morphestra customers is $49.99 USD (regular $99.99 USD).

More information: Sample Logic / Morphestra Generations


Kirk Hunter Black Friday Group Buy – up to 75% off sample libraries

Kirk Hunter Studios

Kirk Hunter Studios has launched a Black Friday Group Buy, offering up to 75% off its sample libraries.

Get Kirk Hunter Sample Libraries at up to 75% OFF list price (see the chart below)!!! If you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer, you’ll get an additional 10% off the final Group Buy price (Our standard upgrade pricing is not available with this deep discounts)!

Imagine getting Pop / Rock Strings, including the KONTAKT Player, for as little as $74.70 USD — or even less if you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer!

Kirk Hunter Group Buy products

  • Pop / Rock Strings including KONTAKT Player ($249 USD list price; approx. 8 GB) – A beautiful collection of 3 string ensembles and solo strings (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions) based on our Concert Strings II library. Pop / Rock strings is perfect for rock/pop/R&B/hip hop and other contemporary genres. Includes KONTAKT Player and also works with the full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater. Features TVEC 3.
  • Concert Strings II ($799 USD list price; approx. 25 GB) – Four string libraries in one (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions). You can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood film sound” to an intimate string quartet to anything in between. Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2® as one of its features, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Strings II Whole Divisions ($249 USD list price; approx. 5 GB) – Only the whole divisions from Concert Strings II. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Solo Strings II ($249 USD list price; approx. 6 GB) – Solo 1st and 2nd Violin, 1st and 2nd Viola, 1st and 2nd Cello, Bass, Combinations. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 3 programming, you will not find a more flexible and playable solo string library! One very nice feature is the way TVEC 3 handles the slides for Solo Strings 2. When you play a note, followed by another note you want to slide into (up or down), TVEC 3 knows whether to slide a lot or just a nudge. Also, the vibrato of the slide is now variable. The same solo strings featured in Concert Strings II, but available separately for those who ONLY want the solo strings. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Brass II ($399 USD list price; approx. 45 GB) – A gorgeous collection of concert brass featuring whole divisions (8 F HORNS, 8 TRUMPETS, 8 TROMBONES), half divisions (4 F HORNS, 4 TRUMPETS, 4 TROMBONES), quarter divisions (2 F HORNS, 2 TRUMPETS, 2 TROMBONES) and solo divisions (SOLO F HORN, SOLO TRUMPET, SOLO TROMBONE). Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2®, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Concert Brass II lets you can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood” film sound to an intimate brass chorale, solo or anything in between. You’ll be able to get big bombastic fanfares, easy to control crescendos or “spooky” and dark backgrounds. The range of programming variety is limitless. All sections were sampled in a space large enough to get the “sweet spot” for brass, yet not so ambient that you’re stuck with a mushy sound. This allows you to choose your own style of ambience without conflicts. BONUS created for this GB: We’re adding the solo tuba from Diamond to Concert Brass II at no extra charge, in order to create a more “full” brass compliment. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Diamond ($549 USD list price; approx. 65+ GB) – At over 65GB, Diamond is a very large full-orchestral package. It combines Ruby with Emerald, so it is like getting 2 complete orchestras in one package. For the price, we’re confident that you will not find a better orchestral sample library anywhere. Features TVEC 3. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.

The Group Buy ends November 28th, 2011.

More information: Kirk Hunter Studios