Hollow Sun releases PolyMoog Vox Humana FreePack


Hollow Sun has released Vox Humana, a free pack of samples from the Moog PolyMoog.

In something of a PolyMoog fest, Joeri Peeters (who provided the PolyMoog Keyboard Strings I&II samples below) now offers his exquisite PolyMoog Keyboard ‘Vox Humana ‘ samples, arguably THE most distinctive and famous sound from this instrument which shot to fame when it was used as the signature sound in Gary Numan’s hit record ‘Cars’, so good they released it three times and STILL gets regular airplay today and STILL sounds as good as it did back in 1979 when it was first released.

Like the Strings I&II below, these come from a lovingly restored PolyMog Keyboard 280e owned by Leo Gelderland from Holland and we are grateful to him for allowing Joeri access to it to sample it in such detail. They are long samples with room to breathe and have been impeccably and seamlessly looped.

The PolyMoog Vox Humana FreePack is available in Akai S5/6000, Kontakt 3 and Alesis Fusion formats from Hollow Sun, and in additional formats from Joeri Peeters.

More information: Hollow Sun / Joeri Peeters


Hollow Sun releases PolyMoog Strings FreePack

Hollow Sun PolyMoog Strings Freepack

Hollow Sun has announced the release of the PolyMoog Strings FreePack, a set of samples of the Strings 1 and 2 presets taken from a genuine PolyMoog Keyboard by Joeri Peeters.

Joeri has managed to get access to a re-conditioned PolyMoog Keyboard owned by Leo Gelderland from Holland and is pictured left with Leo’s instrument.

This FreePack is very detailed with long samples every minor third across the keyboard range. Each one is impeccably looped and is as good a representation of this classic keyboard as you are likely to find anywhere.

The PolyMoog Keyboard was a preset-only version of the bigger PolyMoog. The PolyMoog was not a huge success in the market, partly because of its hefty price tage (around £5,000) but the fact that it wasn’t actually truly polyphonic with just one filter to service all voices much like the ARP Omni and Omni II. It was also extremely unreliable and many of them spent more time in service centres than they did in studios!

The PolyMoog Keyboard was a scaled down version of its bigger sibling featuring a mere 14 presets (6 more than the original PolyMoog!) and limited editability. The most notable presets were the fabled Vox Humana sound and the two string sounds on offer here. It was more reasonably priced at £2,000. Of course, the PolyMoog Keyboard shot to fame in the hands of Gary Numan who used one extensively in his music.

The PolyMoog Strings FreePack is available as a free download in Kontakt 3, Akai S5/6000 and Fusion formats.

More information: Hollow Sun