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Magix releases Samplitude 10 DLV

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Magix Samplitude 10 Pro

Magix has released a download version of Samplitude 10, a limited version of Samplitude 10 that you can download and use right away.

Limitations of Samplitude 10 DLV

  • Independence LE not included.
  • Impulse responses for Offline Convolution Reverb not included.
  • Content for Auto Jam Session not included.
  • Demo content not included.
  • Printed manual not included.
  • DVD not included.

Samplitude 10 DLV is available now priced at €349 EUR. A personal serial number can be acquired online after up to 30 days of free use of all the functions.

Visit the Samplitude website for more information.


Magix releases Samplitude 10 Pro Demo

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Magix Samplitude 10 Pro

Magix has released a new demo (v10.01) of Samplitude Pro, the application for audio and MIDI recording, editing and mastering for PC.

The demo version of Samplitude is a working version with the following limitations:

  • Recording time limit: 1 minute.
  • CD / DVD burning is not possible (CD burning simulation only).
  • VIP length maximum: 3 minutes.
  • Destructive effect processing is not possible (real-time preview is allowed).
  • There’s no real-time room simulation except the real-time preview for offline processing.
  • Saving and exporting is not allowed.
  • Score printing is limited to one page.
  • Independence LE is not included.
  • am|munition and deesser have limited function: no saving of own settings, no automation, 44.1kHz only.
  • All included but limited real time effects of the Cleaning & Restoration Suite can be purchased as add-ons for Samplitude Pro (Denoiser, Declipper, Decrackler, Declicker, Brilliance Enhancer).

The plug-ins of the Analogue Modelling Suite, the Vintage Effects Suite Pro and the Variverb Pro are not included in the demo version but can be downloaded as VST version (full featured demo without presets and saving, limitations are the same as with am|munition and deesser).

Visit the Samplitude website for more information and a link to download the demo of Samplitude 10 Pro.


CME shipping M-Key mobile ultra-thin MIDI keyboard

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CME is now shipping the M-Key, a portable ultra-thin 49-key MIDI keyboard.

CME M-Key MIDI keyboard
CME M-Key ultra-thin MIDI keyboard

M-Key features

  • 49 notes ultra thin full action semi-weighted keyboard, velocity sensitive.
  • 1 x Programmable Joystick.
  • 1 x function button, 2 x data entry button, 1 x slider (assignable), 1 x power LED.
  • 1 x USB port, 1 x MIDI out, 2 x pedal connect.
  • USB MIDI, class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X.
  • Firmware upgraded via USB.
  • Universal pedal connector, full compatible with switch and expression pedal.
  • Note-key shortcut function.

The M-Key comes with the “CME MusicPack”, a free CD-rom which includes well-known professional audio software: Samplitude SE, Analog factory SE, Waldorf Edition LE, TruePianos demo, Keytosound Remedy VST and Musicator MW5 UF edition.

The M-Key is now shipping in the US for $99.

Visit CME for more information.


Magix releases Sequoia 10 and Samplitude 10

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Magix Sequoia 10

Magix has released version 10 of both Sequoia and Samplitude, two professional digital audio workstations for Windows PC.

Key new features in v10

  • Advanced track and object automation / master automation.
  • Advanced new mastering effects.
  • New Cleaning & Restoration Suite for Samplitude 10 Master.
  • Universal High Quality Timestretching & Pitchshifting.
  • Overview mode representing all objects of your project.
  • New range handling.
  • Analog Modelling Suite: am-munition.
  • Side chain routing.
  • Audio quantization with transient detection.
  • Sampler workstation “Independence LE”.
  • Video capturing (Sequoia).

Sequoia 10 retails for $3000 (USA) / 2900 EUR (international), while Samplitude 10 can be purchased for 499 USD/EUR (Pro version for 999 USD/EUR, and a Master version for 299 USD/EUR).

Visit the Samplitude site for more information.


Magix releases Samplitude & Sequoia v8.21

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Magix Samplitude v8.2

Magix has released version 8.21 of both Samplitude and Sequoia.

This update is for all V8 customers and features:

  • new DVD Audio interface
  • reworked Take Composer
  • enhanced track functions
  • Vintage Effects Suite Pro 1.1
  • improved MIDI /VSTi workflow
  • and much more.

Check Magix’s Samplitude site for more information.