Image-Line updates Groove Machine to v1.0.1

Image-Line Groove Machine

Image-Line has updated Groove Machine, a virtual groove box instrument for Windows and Mac.

Groove Machine has proved to be hugely popular and with all the eager grooving and loooping this has shaken out a few bugs that are squashed with the latest version (see below).

Changes in Groove Machine v1.0.1

  • CPU optimizations for low-latency audio.
  • Fixed stutter crash that occurred in some cases.
  • Fixed stutter freezes that occurred in some cases.
  • Sample loading now remembers recent folder and opens from there.
  • AIFF format waves now load.
  • Graphical glitch when opening the note editor fixed.
  • Note: Ctrl button not being captured under OSX (fix scheduled soon for 1.0.2).

Groove Machine for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD until November 2, 2011 (regular price $149 USD).

New Image-Line customers can get an additional 10% off their first order at the Image-Line online shop here.

More information: Image-Line / Groove Machine


Image-Line launches Groove Machine beta

Image-Line has announced the release of a beta version of Groove Machine, a groove box instrument plug-in by Maxx Claster.

Groove Machine is a performance-oriented multichannel (drum)sampler, multitimbral hybrid synthesizer, sequencer and last but not least a ‘Groove Box’ inspired by hardware Groove Boxes. Special attention is paid to live performance via MIDI controllers.

Image-Line Groove Machine
Image-Line Groove Machine

Groove Machine features

  • Step sequencer with integrated Note Editor driving 8 sampler tracks, 5 synth tracks and 10 performance oriented effects for every track.
  • Synthesizer features a hybrid additive, FM & RM design.
  • Per step automation with automation graphs.
  • Pre-mapped to general MIDI keys.
  • Stutter, beat repeat effects module.
  • 2 envelopes, 2 LFO’s.
  • Multi-mode filter.

Groove Machine beta is currently available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows for registered Image-Line users.

More information: Image-Line


Image-Line Maxx Plugin Sale

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Image-Line has announced the Maxx Plugin Sale, a limited time offer on its plugins by developer Maxx Claster.

From Russia, with love, comes the Maxx $49 Plugin sale!

Image-Line Maxx Plugin Sale

Maxx plugins include

  • PoiZone (FL/VSTi/AU)
  • Sakura (FL/VST/AU)
  • Sawer (FL/VST/AU)
  • Toxic Biohazard (FL/VSTi/AU)
  • Drumaxx (FL/VST/AU)
  • Morphine (FL/VSTi/AU)

The Maxx plugin $49 USD offer ends Monday July 4, 2011. New Image-Line customers can get 10% additional discount on their first order* at the Image-Line online store here.

More information: Image-Line

* Valid for orders of $89 USD or more.


Image-Line launches Maxx Plugin Sale

Image-Line Maxx Plugin Sale

Image-Line has announced the Maxx Plugin Sale, a limited time offer on its instrument plug-ins by Maxx.

Sakura, Sawer, Morphine, Toxic Biohazard, Poizone, and Drumaxx are now just $49 each.

Maxx Plugin Sale

  • Sakura, a physical modeling string instrument designed to express the delicacy and beauty of stringed sounds.
  • Sawer, a vintage modeling synthesizer, that cuts through the mix to deliver precisely articulated and punchy sounds.
  • Morphine, a powerful additive synthesizer with a logical, flexible architecture that allows you to create any sound.
  • Toxic Biohazard, features a hybrid synthesis engine, combining the best of FM and subtractive synthesis.
  • Poizone, a subtractive software synthesizer designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity.
  • Drumaxx, can generate everything from bass drums to snares and hi-hats.

Image-Line has also announced that its Newtone and Pitcher plugins are still available to existing customers for a pay-what-you-like price for a limited time.

On June 1 Newtone will be $99 and Pitcher $49 but for now pay as little as $12 USD and get BOTH.

More information: Image-Line

New Image-Line customers can get an additional 10% discount on their order by using this link.


Image-Line updates Maxx’s Plugins, few days left on Yard Sale

Image-Line has released updated versions of various plug-ins by Maxx Claster.

Image-Line Maxx Claster plug-ins
Image-Line plugins by Maxx Claster

Changes in Maxx’s plug-ins

  • Morphine – Wrong preset name displaying, fixed.
  • Toxic Biohazard – Now allows drag-n-drop of .wav files to oscillators “Custom Waves”.
  • Hardcore – Hidden delay appearing from nowhere, fixed.
  • Toxic, Sawer and PoiZone – Sequencer/arp behaviour level jumps on note-release, in FL Studio format, fixed.
  • Morphine and Hardcore use a new AU wrapper, fixing the problem with user interface graphics.

The plug-ins are still available at $49 USD each in the Image-Line Yard Sale, until 31 August, 2010. New customers use this promo link to get an additional 10% discount on their eintire first order (valid for orders of $90 or more).

More information: Image-Line


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