IK Multimedia releases Miroslav Philharmonik Mobile Edition for SampleTank

Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia has announced the release of Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition, a downloadable, pro-quality orchestral and choir sound collection featuring sounds from the popular Miroslav Philharmonik virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

The Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition for SampleTank mobile is available as an in-app purchase. These famous orchestral instrument sounds and textures have been heard in hundreds of Hollywood movie scores, and in compositions from some of the top performing pros. Miroslav Philharmonik features instruments that were beautifully recorded at the Dvorák Symphony Hall in Prague by Miroslav Vitous with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and these sounds have a texture, warmth, and beauty that is considered “the standard” and unrivalled in the virtual instrument world.

The Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition for SampleTank includes 100 orchestral sounds and textures with multiple instrument performance styles, including 5 orchestral ensembles, 39 string instrument sounds (violin, viola, contrabass, cello and harp), 15 brass instrument sounds (trumpet, trombone, French horn and tuba), 12 woodwind instrument sounds (flute, bass flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe and bassoon), 4 vocal choir ensembles, 1 cathedral organ instrument sound, 1 celesta sound set, 10 orchestral synth pads, and 13 orchestral percussion sounds.

The Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition is the first downloadable collection for SampleTank, but it won’t be the last. The ability to download data into SampleTank opens up a whole new area of expandability, and more collections will be available in the future. The download process is easy: open SampleTank app, open the Menu, choose Store, choose Sound Collections, and then purchase and download the collection. Get the Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition and elevate your iOS music production to a whole new level.

SampleTank 1.6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available now as a free update on the App Store. The Miroslav Philharmonik Collection is available as an in-app purchase for $19.99 USD / 17.99 EUR. Additional instrument collections will also be available soon via in-app purchase.

More information: IK Multimedia


Try-Sound updated with new instruments


Try-Sound has announced some improvements to its online Test Station, a service by Best Service and SoundsOnDemand providing the ability to test virtual instruments over the internet from the comfort of your living room or studio.

This outstanding and absolutely free service has made a giant step forward. Beside an all new, clearly arranged and elegant web design, Try-Sound is now not only available for Windows users, but also for Apple Mac OS users. The new user interface was enhanced with extended search and filter functions by labels and instruments.

More than 20.000 registered users gave us hundreds of enthusiastic comments and most of their wishes and suggestions have been implemented into the new website.

At this time there are around 50 instruments available. Please expect, many more to come within the next weeks.

Recently added to Try-Sound:

  • Cinematique Instruments, Best Service
  • Electri6ity, Vir2 by Big Fish
  • String Ensembles, Miroslav Vitous

More information: Try-Sound


IK Multimedia and Notion Music release NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia/Notion Music NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia has announced the release of NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik, a special version of the award-winning NOTION3 scoring software by Notion Music that is customized for use with the awardwinning Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral library by IK Multimedia.

NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik features instrumentation and articulation presets that automatically handle all articulation changes in the background, allowing for very realistic playback directly out of the score. Artists and composers no longer need to spend hours programming presets, templates and articulation changes — they can now simply focus on creating compositions.

As you write and articulate your score, NOTION SLE will follow your instructions and automatically change to the appropriate Miroslav Philharmonik articulation patch during playback to accurately and realistically perform your score. Additionally, you can take full advantage of NOTION’s live performance features and conduct the full orchestra with an unmatched level of control.

Also included is a 32 stereo channel. Virtual, full mixing console that facilitates mixdown of the score, eliminating the need for an additional DAW. Full export controls are included for producing MusicXML, audio and MIDI.

Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik is available to purchase for $89 USD / 69 EUR (excl. taxes).

Note: The IK Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestral sound workstation is sold separately. To use Notion SLE, you must have Miroslav Philharmonik installed on your computer.

More information: IK Multimedia / NOTION SLE


Time+Space announces Miroslav Vitous String Ensembles: Composer’s Dream

Best Service String Ensembles: Composers Dream

Time+Space has announced the release of String Ensembles: Composer’s Dream, a sample library featuring string ensembles from Miroslav Vitous.

Versatility, elegance, and immediacy: from the legendary artist, composer and string virtuoso Miroslav Vitous comes the breakthrough String Ensembles virtual instrument. This collection, “a composer´s dream,” brings a stunning level of elegance and expressiveness to the world of orchestral strings.

String Ensembles: Composer’s Dream features

  • Two different ensembles are included:
    • Large Orchestra (24 violins, 14 violas, 12 celli, and 9 basses)
    • Chamber Ensemble (14 violins, 8 violas, 5 celli, and 4 basses)
  • Individual control of each instrument section.
  • Multiple articulations are included, such as long sustained notes, detaches, legatos, staccato, tremolo, sforzando, sul pont, and more.
  • Extensive custom programming yields unique results that distinguishes Miroslav’s String Ensembles from any other string library.
  • Sections respond musically and flexibly according to the performance of the player, automatically alternating samples and providing an unprecedented degree of realism and vitality.
  • The library is designed to be extremely easy to use; simply load up the desired patch and begin creating beautiful string arrangements.
  • Includes Best Service Engine sample player.

String Ensembles: Composer’s Dream for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for £899 GBP / €999 EUR.

More information: Time+Space / String Ensembles: Composer’s Dream