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Native Instruments releases MOLEKULAR – a modular multi-effects system

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Native Instruments has released Molekular, a modular multi-effects system for the flagship synthesis studio REAKTOR 5 or the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER.

Native Instruments Molekular
MOLEKULAR features 35 exclusive creative effects for advanced, creative sound manipulation. MOLEKULAR’s modular design allows for an unprecedented level of routing freedom and its Morphing Field provides inspiring performance possibilities for producers.

MOLEKULAR features slots for up to four effect modules and near-limitless routing options for unique effect arrangements. Modules include a pitch and resonator section for transforming percussive sounds into melodic arpeggios. Delay, stutter, and glitch modules allow users to create new rhythmic structures or turn any incoming signal into washed-out soundscapes. Eight modulation effects offer incredible sonic versatility for augmenting tone – from classic modulation effects like flanger and chorus to yet-unheard effects such as a purposefully broken pitch shifter to create unusual new textures. Six dynamic and distortion effects include a 16-stage wave folder and a DSP that tracks a signal’s pitch to control a variable waveform oscillator. MOLEKULAR also comes with essential ‘bread and butter’ effects for additional sonic adjustments and finetuning.

MOLEKULAR features 16 modulation sources, which can be routed to any parameter within the effects system. Modulators include four customizable LFOs and four step sequencers for emphasizing any part of the meter with rhythms from simple eighth notes to odd metric subdivisions. What’s more, MOLEKULAR includes analog modular-inspired trigger sequencers – each with a dedicated envelope and an envelope follower to set accents or add bursts of effects to any production. A logic module adds an irregular, organic feel to the structure of sound sources with any degree of precision or chaos. Frequency-based parameters can be quantized to custom scales and it’s even possible to route one modulator into another producing unusual, constantly evolving modulation structures.

By using the Morphing Field, it is possible to drastically twist the results via the interactive display. Producers can assign a starting point, define four master mutations and easily morph between them in real time – a new and near-limitless approach to performing with effects. The morpher can also be controlled by any of the modulation sources. Though highly advanced technology works under the hood, MOLEKULAR is straightforward to use, and also comes with a multitude of presets of highly inventive effects ready to use as creative starting points.

Molekular is available for $149 USD / 149 EUR / £129 GBP.

More information: Native Instruments / Molekular

apeSoft releases iVCS3 synth app for iPad

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apeSoft has announced the release of iVCS3, an official emulation of the EMS VCS3 modular synthesizer, now available for iPad.

apeSoft iVCS3
VCS3 portable semi-modular analog synthesizer now available for iPad.

The VCS3 has three oscillators (in reality, the first 2 oscillators are normal oscillators and the 3rd an LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator), a noise generator, two input amplifiers, a ring modulator, a 18dB/octave (pre-1974) or 24dB/octave (after 1974) voltage controlled low pass filter (VCF), a trapezoid envelope generator, joy-stick controller, voltage controlled spring reverb unit and 2 stereo output amplifiers.

Unlike most modular synthesizer systems which use cables to link components together, the VCS3 uses a distinctive patch board matrix into which pins are inserted in order to connect its components together.

The iVCS3 is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.
To celebrate the launch of iVCS3, the iDensity, iPulsaret, and Stria apps are on sale for $4.99 USD for 2 weeks.

More information: apeSoft

Image-Line releases Minihost Modular Beta 2

Image-Line has announced a second beta of Minihost Modular, a free modular plugin host for Windows and Mac.

This beta includes improvements and fixes based on user feedback so far. We thank the beta-testers for their enthusiastic response to Minihost Modular.

Minihost Modular is a modular environment for hosting/interconnecting VST/AU plugins based on a custom modular engine especially developed for this purpose. As a standalone, Minihost Modular can be used as an advanced VST or AU host with modular routing with some sequencing recording/playback capabilities. As a VST or AU plugin, Minihost Modular can be used to extend the capabilities of your existing DAW software with its powerful modular, recallable, environment. Minihost Modular bares some similarities to FL Studio’s Patcher but has an extended capability as a self contained host.

The new beta installers for Windows & OS X are available to download for registered Image-Line users (registration is free).

More information: Image-Line / Minihost Modular Beta 2

MuTools updates MuLab & MUX Vst to v5.5.1

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MuTools MuLab

MuTools has released version 5.5.1 of the MuLab and MUX Vst music production software.

MuLab is a rich and rock solid sound and music production tool for Mac OSX and Windows, designed to create, record, edit and finalize Your Music!

MUX is a great sounding and super flexible modular synth and effect engine and the sonic heart of MuLab. MUX is also available as VST plugin.

The seamless integration of a modular sound engine into a great DAW is what makes MuLab unique.

Changes in MuLab/MUX Vst v5.5.1

  • New “Note Mapper” module. Can be used to map single notes to chords, apply a key scale, …
  • New “Audio Pos/Neg Splitter” module.
  • MUX Vst: Now 100% compatible with Steinberg’s Cubase and WaveLab.
  • Improved editing in the Composer, Note Editor and Multi-Sample Editors.
  • MuLab OSX: Fixed a problem with certain VST editors turning white.
  • More details in the changelog.

MuLab is available to purchase for 29 EUR (XT) / 69 EUR (UL), MUX Vst costs 49 EUR. A bundle of both is 99 EUR.

More information: MuTools

Precisionsound releases Analog Performer SFX

Precisionsound Analog Performer SFX

Precisionsound has introduced Analog Performer SFX, a suite of electronic sound effects ranging from glitchy blips to screaming rips, noise strikes to harmonic ripples, laughing androids to alien birdcalls, all created with analog hardware.

The library was crafted from exclusive performances by Phil Thornton on his vintage Moog Source synthesiser, complemented by his Korg MS-20/MS-50 modular system and Korg SQ-10 analog sequencer. A bonus suite of remixed effects pushes into further sonic terrain, including sweeps, risers, and hybrid textures.

Precisionsound founder, Lars Westin, said: “Analog Performer SFX will add colour and chaos to your productions. The combination of synth programming and live improvisation gives this library an unmistakable character – hovering between vintage sci-fi and futuristic electronica – that can’t be matched by software synths or computer-based sequencing.”

Phil Thornton is a best-selling ambient artist whose production and performance credits include Sinéad O’Connor, Arthur Brown, Hossam Ramzy, and Expandis.

Analog Performer SFX features

  • 385 raw synth sounds (709MB total).
  • 155 hybrid remixed sounds (586MB total).
  • 1.26GB uncompressed size.
  • Individual sounds from 300ms to 1m25sec in duration.
  • 44.1kHz 24-bit stereo WAV throughout.

Analog Performer SFX is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Analog Performer SFX

Spektro Audio updates CV Toolkit (Standalone) to v1.1

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Spektro Audio CV Toolkit Standalone Version

Spektro Audio has announced the release of a version 1.1 update for CV Toolkit – Standalone Version, an application that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s module.

The update includes two new virtual modules (MIDI to CV and CV Quantizer), native Smux support (Mac only), and many different improvements to the “Scangraph”, “Envelope” and “Step Sequencer” virtual modules.

Changes in CV Toolkit v1.1

  • New “MIDI to CV” module with auto-calibration and transpose. Calibrate your VCOs and play them in tune!
  • New “CV Quantizer” module – Quantize signals coming from other virtual modules to a specific Scale (Chromatic, Major, Minor, Minor Harmonic or Blues) and note range.
  • ScanGraph improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph.
    • Snap breakpoints to the grid by holding down the “S” key.
    • Use these two new features together in order to generate random graphs with all breakpoints snapped to the grid.
  • Envelope improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph
  • Step Sequencer improvements:
    • Velocity Layer – The velocity layer can be used to control the gain of the AD envelopes for each of the steps. You can also turn a step off by setting it’s velocity to zero.
    • Shift the sequence by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    • “Rand”, “Clear”, and shifting operations can be applied to the Velocity layer by holding down the “V” key.
    • Adjustable number of steps (Min: 4 / Max: 16).
    • New option for changing the output signal from Bi-Polar to Positive-only (available on the Options window).
    • New option for disabling triggers generated by the Sequencer (available on the Options window).
  • Native SMUX support (Mac only) – You can now use CV Toolkit together with an Expert Sleepers ES–3 module at higher sample rates (above 48kHz).
  • The GATE outlet was removed from the Routing Matrix for a better user experience. You can still output gates through the Mix module. We’ve also added an option for swapping the TRIGGER outlet on the Routing Matrix for a GATE outlet.
  • New option for disabling the transmission of LEDs to the Lemur for a smoother integration (available on the Options window).
  • The Trim dial is now called “Output Trim” and it has been moved to the Options window. It’s value will now be stored as a global settings and will be automatically recalled every time you open the program.
  • You can now hold down the “G” key to activate guidelines on the Routing Matrix.
  • Lemur template updated.
  • Many misc / minor bug fixes.

The application is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit – Standalone Version

Madrona Labs updates Aalto synth plugin to v1.5

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Madrona Labs Aalto

Madrona Labs has updated its Aalto synthesizer for Windows and Mac to version 1.5.

Aalto is a semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality.

Changes in Aalto v1.5

  • Fixed an issue that was slowing down Aalto dramatically on some Windows systems.
  • Fixed an issue requiring a runtime support pack on some Windows systems.
  • Improved latency through the patcher when running at large host buffer sizes.
  • Aalto now draws at full resolution on Macintosh Retina Display, in compatible hosts.
  • Aalto is now compatible with Soundplane version 1.0 and higher.
  • Fix mousewheel direction on Mac OS 10.7 and higher.
  • Accelerated drawing to the screen on Mac OS with OpenGL.
  • Optimized drawing scheduling to avoid glitches, especially in Logic.
  • User and factory presets now share the same location.
  • Improved ergonomics of patcher with larger handles and smoother graphics.
  • Fixed a drawing problem with bipolar dials.
  • Improved drag ergonomics for dials.

Aalto for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Madrona Labs / Aalto

Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v2.4.0

Expert Sleepers has released version 2.4.0 of its Silent Way suite of plug-ins designed for use with analogue synthesisers, and especially as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system.

Silent Way Step LFO
Silent Way Step LFO 2.4.0 now includes manual DAC.

The plug-ins produce no sound themselves, nor do they process sound – rather, they generate signals to be used as control voltages (CVs), which can be patched into the control inputs of oscillators, filters, VCAs etc. of an analogue system.

Also, with the addition of the CV Input plug-in, it is possible to bring CVs from the synth into the computer, for recording or processing.

Changes in Silent Way v2.4.0

  • Added new Run modes and a periodic reset feature to Silent Way Sync.
  • Added virtual MIDI input ports to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and ES-5 Controller.
  • Added ‘Manual DAC’ feature to Silent Way Step LFO.
  • The Audio Unit version now implements Apple’s newer Audio Component API, allowing usage in modern (post-OS X 10.6) hosts that do not support the older Component Manager API.
  • Updated Silent Way Soundplane’s OSC support for the new t3d format in the Soundplane Client v1.0 and above.

Silent Way for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $59 (USD, plus VAT if applicable).

More information: Expert Sleepers / Silent Way