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MrTheBigMan intros Multiples Pro—Celebrates with 4 free sample packs

Jason Beggs aka MrTheBigMan has announced Multiples Pro, the new brand for commercial Multiples sample packs.

Multiples Pro is the evolution of all of the work I have been doing via the Multiples brand.

Multiples is a one stop shop for sounds and multisamples across drums, bass, leads and sound design that can be used in your productions for free.

With this new website release I am giving away 4 brand new samplepacks as follows:

  • E|Drums : Kit Arsenal – 3611 drum sounds
  • A|Bass XL – 1250 samp-les across 50 kits
  • Secret Sauce : 50 weird and wonderful Massive patches
  • One Shot Killbot : 200 one shot samples covering bass and leads.

All are available for free download.

More information: Multiples Pro

Multiples releases Dust sample pack

Multiples Dust

Multiples has announced the release of the Dust sample library.

For my first ever commercial pack I am giving you some of the best sounds I have ever created using the Arturia Minimoog synth.

I have created 50 seperate sounds and multi-sampled them to provide 50 full kits ranging from c1-c3.

Due to the analog character of this synth, each sample is unique in its sound yet fully tuned to the right frequency giving you a multi-sampled synth that has a mind of its own.

Dust features

  • 1346 samples in 50 different sound kits.
  • Samples have arranged for chromatical mapping across the keyboard in your sampler.
  • Processed with Softube Tube Tech Compressor and SSL Bus Comp.
  • Available in Wav and ReFill formats.

The sample pack is available from Sampleism, priced at £3 GBP.

More information: Multiples

Multiples Rexarama free REX sample packs at MrTheBigMan

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Multiples Rexarama

MrTheBigMan has introduced Rexarama, a collection of Multiples sample packs featuring a free REX loops.

In the continuing build up to the full release of Multiples 2.0 I have been exploring a number of additional sample formats.

First out of the blocks is the .rex format created by Propellerheads.

So I have taken the loops from Padded Cell Rebirth, EDrums Mini vol2, EDrums 3 and ELoops XL and converted them to this format for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t forget to join the Multiples 2.0 mailing list to be kept up to date with the release of Multiples 2.0 and of course the 4 samplepacks that will be available then also.

More information: MrTheBigMan / Rexarama

MrTheBigMan intros Multiples Padded Cell: Rebirth free sample pack

Multiples Padded Cell: Rebirth

MrTheBigMan has released Padded Cell : Rebirth, a free 1.5 GB collection of rhythmic pads, one shot samples and performance loops.

Padded Cell has allowed me to release some of the most avante garde of sounds since its inception late last year and as one of the most downloaded products in the range, I wanted to take a look at it again and freshen it up a little.

The premise is simple, releasing top quality rhythmical pads that can be used in a variety of music but that can also be called ‘weird’.

Rebirth is the culmination of all of the hard work I have been putting into all of the sample-packs I have released over the last year and see’s a shift in not only the quality but how they can be easily used as beds for the best of tracks.

In this installment, I have not only included rhythmical loops for your use but also one shot samples taken from those loops and additional loops made from those one shot samples.

Padded Cell: Rebirth features

  • 100 Rhythmical Loops
  • 120 One Shot samples
  • 50 One Shot loops

The sample pack is available as a free download.

More information: MrTheBigMan

MrTheBigMan releases E|Loops XL01

MrTheBigMan E|Loops XL01

MrTheBigMan has released E|Loops XL01, a collection of free loops.

After wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.

I received quite a lot of things over the Christmas period that quite frankly, can be beaten with a stick.

E|Loops XL01 features

  • Full Mix Loops – 86 loops recorded at 120bpm – 219.5mb.
  • Kick & Snare – 144 loops recorded at 120bpm – 196.6mb.
  • Hats & Toms – 137 loops recorded at 120bpm – 213.3mb.
  • Tom FX & Found Sounds – 90 loops recorded at 120bpm – 158.1mb.
  • Total – 457 loops @ 787.5mb.

E|Loops XL01 is a free download from MrTheBigMan.

More information: MrTheBigMan

Multiples releases A|Bass Mini sample pack

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Multiples A|Bass Mini

Multiples has released A|Bass Mini, a free sample pack.

A|Bass Mini was created completely from scratch using the Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor synths in Reason which were then routed through the new effects on offer in Reason 6 including the Line 6 effects and the Pulveriser.

A|Bass Mini features

  • 5 separate sounds fully multisampled for the .wav users @81mb.
  • Full Reason 6 Refill including all created patches for each of the effects and synths.
  • Includes the samples mapped to NNXT and NN-19.

A|Bass Mini is available to download from MrTheBigMan at no cost.

More information: Multiples A|Bass Mini

Multiples releases E|Drums Mini Vol2 – The Loops

Multiples E|Drums Mini Vol 2 The Loops

Multiples has released E|Drums Mini Vol2 – The Loops, a collection of free drum loops.

So what do we do with single one shot sounds?

I make them into loops. I have taken all of the samples in E|Drums Mini Vol1 and loaded them into the Massive Drum Machine in Reaktor to create some of the most out there loops I have heard in a while.

E|Drums Mini Vol2 includes 30 loops at 120bpm and is available as a free download.

More information: Multiples

Multiples E|Drums Mini Vol1

Multiples E|Drums Mini Vol 1

Multiples has released E|Drums Mini Vol1, a free drum sample pack.

Recently, I have been pulling together resources to create E|Drums XL which will be the culmination of the E|Drums series so far.

In doing so, I came across a plugin called the Dirty Panda Drumbox (pictured below) by CFA Sound which was given away free by Computer Music Magazine.

This is one of the first plugin’s of its type that I have used to create authentic Analogue drum machine sound and found it to be a real joy to use. Therefore, I thought I would wet your appetite for the E|Drums XL release by releasing a sampler of the sounds achievable by using this plugin.

E|Drums Mini Vol1 features

  • 70 seperate sound in total covering Kick Drums, Lo and Hi Toms with FM percussion
  • Formats: .Wav, Battery, Reason ReFill.
  • ReFill includes 2 Kong patches and 3 NNXT patches, plus a a Combinator that links a ReDrum sequencer to Kong allowing you to write sequenced drum patches.
  • Battery version includes 2 patches (Raw & EMU SP1200 emulation).

E|Drums Mini Vol1 is a free download from Multiples.

More information: Multiples