Native Instruments updates Polyplex to v1.1

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Native Instruments has released version 1.1 of Polyplex, a drum sampler instrument for Reaktor 5 and Reaktor 5 Player.

Native Instruments Polyplex

Native Instruments have released POLYPLEX 1.1 by Twisted Tools – an eight-part drum sampler with extraordinary randomizing, layering, and design capabilities, now with enhanced workflow features and five dedicated single ‘unit’ ensembles. If you already own POLYPLEX, the free update to v1.1 is now available via the Native Instruments Service Center. If you don’t, now is the time to dive deeper into rhythm.

To celebrate the arrival of POLYPLEX 1.1, Twisted Tools has created a free Polyplex Expansion pack called BLAST OFF, featuring 30 bonus kits & 128 samples.

Changes in Polyplex v1.1

  • Five new single unit ensembles with transposition.
  • New sample maps and factory snapshots.
  • Enhanced workflow.
  • Improved Maschine integration.
  • Automation labels for FX.
  • Various improvements and fixes.

Polyplex is available for purchase for 69 EUR / $69 USD. The Blast Off expansion is available as a free download exclusively at Twisted Tools.

More information: Native Instruments / Polyplex


Native Instruments releases Neon Drive for Maschine

Native Instruments has announced the release of Neon Drive, a new Maschine expansion pack providing a collection of tailored 80s-inspired sounds for producers working in contemporary pop, electronic, and R&B styles.

Native Instruments Neon Drive

NEON DRIVE features a library of sounds drawing heavily on production techniques, instrumentation, and melodic construction native to 80s synth pop. This MASCHINE Expansion includes lush chord and pad sounds, emotive melodies and retro-inspired drums. Exclusive new presets for NI’s wildly popular MASSIVE synth, the organic REAKTOR PRISM, and the MASCHINE 2 Drum Synths are also included for deep sound design. With a broad range of sounds for all synth-pop-inspired music, NEON DRIVE allows producers to focus on creating the strong, catchy melodies with the sound of NI’s acclaimed synthesis expertise.

A compact version of NEON DRIVE is also available as an iMASCHINE Expansion, for creating beats on the go. Tracks can be exported to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO for completion.

Neon Drive for Maschine 2 is available for purchase for $49 USD/49 EUR/£44 GBP. The iMaschine expansion costs $0.99 USD/0.89 EUR/£0.69 GBP.

More information: Native Instruments / Neon Drive


Native Instruments releases KOMPLETE x MASCHINE Video

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Native Instruments has announced the release of a KOMPLETE x MASCHINE video aimed at demonstrating the combined power and flexibility producers experience when using the two devices together.

The new video features artist, producer, composer, pianist, performer, and worldwide educator Mark De Clive-Lowe creating a one-take live performance on KOMPLETE and MASCHINE.

KOMPLETE and MASCHINE combine to form a new performance system, exponentially increasing creative music production potential. Both product libraries instantly sync across devices for a unified, tag-based browsing experience. Native Map™ allows producers to dive into sound design or automation in real time on both devices. Everything done on the keyboard syncs tightly with MASCHINE – notes, chords, and arpeggios can be recorded in MASCHINE’s pattern editor for further refinement.
Furthermore, extended Smart Play™ features mirror the activity of a MASCHINE controller on a KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard and vice versa for unmatched visual feedback.

In a new video, Mark De Clive-Lowe demonstrates the KOMPLETE x MASCHINE duo in a captivating one-take live performance. Mark records beats on MASCHINE hardware and plays KOMPLETE Instruments on an S-Series keyboard, records arpeggios, tweaks effects, and much more. Throughout the performance, Light Guide™ and MASCHINE’s high-sensitivity RGB pads stay in sync, providing instant visual feedback.

More information: Native Instruments / KOMPLETE x MASCHINE


Native Instruments releases Emotive Strings for Kontakt

Native Instruments has announced the release of Emotive Strings. a new Kontakt instrument featuring live-recorded legato string phrases targeted at score composers of all skill levels, as well as producers writing for popular styles.

Native Instruments Emotive Strings

EMOTIVE STRINGS comprises 28 GB of orchestral legato string lines and arpeggios. Each phrase was carefully created based on a detailed analysis of the most successful major motion picture scores. The essence of what makes these scores so popular was distilled to form a selection of compelling string phrases with universal appeal. To ensure the highest realism possible, all phrases in EMOTIVE STRINGS were recorded live by the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra. Composers can creatively arrange these phrases into fully-realized string scores of their own.

EMOTIVE STRINGS features a user interface designed for fast scoring in any key. The time-tested interface allows composers to trigger the fully-playable phrases with the left hand, while choosing the musical key with the right hand. Velocity determines major or minor tonality, allowing producers to modulate quickly with only the pressure of their fingers. Furthermore, crescendos and decrescendos can be controlled in real time from the mod wheel for flowing, fluid dynamics.

EMOTIVE STRINGS is the third KONTAKT Instrument created in cooperation with the acclaimed team at Dynamedion to be the perfect complement to the dramatic orchestral string instrument ACTION STRINGS. Together with ACTION STRIKES, they form a library of playable orchestral phrases suitable for dynamic scores in any style.

The Emotive Strings library is available for purchase for $299 USD/299 EUR/£249 GBP. The library runs in KONTAKT 5 or the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.

More information: Native Instruments / Emotive Strings


Native Instruments announces exclusive Point Blank Masterclasses at Dancefair 2015


Native Instruments has announced an exclusive series of seminars in collaboration with the award-winning Point Blank Music School at this year’s edition of Dancefair exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The complete program will feature discussions and hands-on workshops with acclaimed artists Joris Voorn, The Viper, Jordy Dazz, and legendary Detroit techno pioneers Kevin Saunderson and Mike Huckaby. Native Instruments’ very own TRAKTOR Product Specialist Eric Goldstein will also present the latest workflow tips in TRAKTOR PRO
2 and provide insight into the flagship DJ controller TRAKTOR KONTROL S8.

In just three years, Dancefair has successfully grown into the largest educational trade and consumer exhibition for electronic music in the Netherlands. Over two days, aspiring DJs, producers, and promoters are exposed to workshops, lectures, and product showcases where renowned artists and industry professionals share their valuable knowledge and experiences.

Having recently opened a second branch in Los Angeles, the acclaimed Point Blank Music School is one of the most reputable educational institutes for electronic music in the industry. Many of the workshops presented by Point Blank and Native Instruments will focus on DJing and production techniques, demonstrated by the artists’ expertise with particular NI products. The workshops will take place in a dedicated masterclass space fitted with NI demo stations.

Entry is free for Dancefair passholders. Dancefair 2015 takes place on February 21 and 22, 2015 at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Netherlands.

More information: Native Instruments / Dancefair


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