OddGrooves releases The Shredder Pack – Metal Drum Loops

OddGrooves Shredder Pack

OddGrooves has released the Shredder Pack, a collection of metal drum loops.

The Shredder Pack was produced with the intention of bringing professionally recorded heavy drum loops to all shredders in need of a great drummer.

There’s no need to mike the kit up, no messing with acoustics and above all no need to hire a session drummer – simply load your favorite drum sampler in your DAW, preview the loop and drag it into your arrangement. Done in 30 seconds!

The Shredder Pack features

  • 282 metal drum loops recorded live by professional session drummer Magnus Brandell.
  • 4, 8 and 16 bar grooves with additional shorter fills.
  • It probably goes without saying, but none of the grooves have been quantized. They are natural, raw, breathing, live drum performances that fit right into the pocket without ever sounding stiff.
  • MIDI format arranged for Toontrack EZdrummer/Superior Drummer, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI.
  • Tomtom grooves, over-the-bar fills, backbeats, hihat and ride variations, half tempo grooves.
  • 11 full songs recorded at different tempos and in different styles.
  • Mostly 4/4 but there are also some odd meter grooves.
  • Lots of double bass drum action.

The Shredder Pack is available to purchase for $27 USD (plus VAT for EU citizens). A collection of free Shredder Pack loops is available here.

More information: OddGrooves / Shredder Pack


OddGrooves releases Free Shredder Grooves, metal drum loops sample pack

OddGrooves Free Shredder Grooves

OddGrooves has released Free Shredder Grooves, a collection of metal drum loops.

A lot of people have been asking whether there will be any freebies associated with the Shredder Pack launch, and the answer to that is…

Of course there will be freebies!

Hey, this is OddGrooves, and we ALWAYS give away a bunch of high quality free drum loops when we launch a new product.

Free Shredder Grooves includes mappings for EZ/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-MAP, Steven Slate Drums and General MIDI, and the loops are different variations with hihat, ride or fills in five different tempos.

More information: OddGrooves / Free Shredder Grooves


OddGrooves releases Polyrhythmic Fills – FIVES

OddGrooves Polyrhythmic Fills - FIVES

OddGrooves has released Polyrhythmic Fills – FIVES, a collection of MIDI drum fills.

OddGrooves FIVES is all about polyrhythms related to the number 5 with fills you definitely won’t find everywhere. Containing 90 advanced fills recorded in three different tempos, the FIVE pack showcases quintuplets, five against two and five against four. No matter which genre your music is in, these fills are sure to add some spice and character to your songs.

Polyrhythmic Fill – FIVES features

  • 90 advanced drum fills recorded in three different tempos by Magnus Brandell.
  • All fills are in 4/4 and 2 bars in length.
  • Available in the following formats:
    • Toontrack EZdrummer/Superior Drummer
    • XLN Audio Addictive Drums
    • Steven Slate Drums
    • Sonic Reality I-MAP
    • General MIDI

Polyrhythmic Fills – FIVES is available to purchase for $17 USD (excl. VAT for EU residents).

More information: OddGrooves / Polyrhythmic Fills – FIVES


OddGrooves releases Westcoast Drumming

OddGrooves Westcoast Drumming

OddGrooves has released Westcoast Drumming, a collection of drum grooves played by Magnus Brandell.

OddGrooves Westcoast Drumming is our homage to a golden era of groove, when the charts were dominated by session drummers such as Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd and Bernard Purdie – playing on albums by artists like Bill Champlin, Pages, Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan.

A time before drum machines, quantization and stiff programming. A time of golden groove, when REAL musicians played REAL instruments. THAT’S what the Westcoast Pack is all about.

Westcoast Drumming features

  • A total of 937 grooves, all played live by Magnus Brandell.
  • 7 full songs with several variations of choruses, verses, intros etc.
  • 13 different tempos ranging from 59 to 140 BPM.
  • A whole section of 8th and 16th-note Westcoast Shuffle grooves inspired by drummers such as Jeff Porcaro and Bernard Purdie.
  • Shorter groove variations and fills help you put together your own song sections.
  • MIDI format – mapped for EZdrummer/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate, I-MAP and General MIDI.

Westcoast Drumming is available to purchase for $27 USD (plus VAT for EU citizens).

More information: OddGrooves / Westcoast Drumming


OddGrooves releases FourFour Drumming

OddGrooves FourFour Drumming

OddGrooves has released FourFour Drumming, a MIDI drum library featuring over 1600 grooves in 4/4 time.

4/4 you ask? What’s odd with that? Well, of course there are some odd elements in there, like polyrhythms and odd meters that add up to 4/4 after a couple of bars, but the main focus here is simply advanced well-played grooves in 4/4, suitable for progressive rock, hard rock, classic rock, jazz rock and… uh… other types of rock. You get the picture.

All the regular playing styles are there (ride, bell, hihat, fills, intros etc) in different tempos and variations. And as usual, Magnus Brandell is the one handling the drum sticks. Arranged for EZdrummer/Superior 2.0 and General MIDI.

FourFour Drumming is available now for $29.95 USD.

You can listen to some OddGrooves FourFour Drumming demo tracks here.

Visit OddGrooves for more information.


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