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Zynaptiq updates Unveil and Pitchmap plugins for Mac

Zynaptiq has announced it has updated its Unveil and Pitchmap plug-ins for Mac.

UNVEIL is a real-time, de-mixing based plug-in that allows removing or isolating reverb from a mixed signal of any channel count including mono, and is now at version 1.0.7.

Zynaptiq Unveil
Need to remove or add reverb? Unveil’s de-reverberation and signal focusing to the rescue.

Changes since Unveil v1.0.4:

  • Added parameter smoothing to eliminate zipper noise during automation.
  • Changed mode of main controls to relative (absolute mode still available by holding ALT).
  • Increased time/frequency transform accuracy for less artifacts at extreme settings.
  • Added output gain slider.
  • Alone app can now record to a new audio file.
  • Stand-Alone app now uses sample rate of source file instead of system sample rate.
  • Various small fixes & enhancements.

PITCHMAP is a real-time, de-mixing based plug-in that allows changing melodies and harmonies within any polyphonic/mixed musical recording on the fly, by playing new ones on a MIDI keyboard or setting freely defined target scales in the GUI, and is now at version 1.1.4.

Zynaptiq Pitchmap
Process the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time with Pitchmap.

Changes since Pitchmap v1.1.2:

  • Changed mode of main controls to relative (absolute mode still available by holding ALT).
  • Stand-Alone app can now record to a new audio file.
  • Stand-Alone app now uses sample rate of source file instead of system sample rate.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with MotU MIDI interfaces.
  • Various small fixes & enhancements.

Unveil and Pitchmap are available to purchase for Mac (AU), priced at $399 USD/399 EUR each (incl. VAT). The free trial versions of the plug-ins have also been updated.

More information: Zynaptiq

Propellerhead Polar: Old school harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect Rack Extension for Reason

Propellerhead has announced Polar, a new Rack Extension audio effect to be available at the launch of the next versions of Reason and Reason Essentials later this month.

Propellerhead Polar
Reason gets a dual pitch shifter with Propellerhead’s new Rack Extension Polar.

Polar is an old school harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect with a host of modern tricks up its sleeves. Designed for classic harmonizing, stereo widening, and real-time pitch shifting, Polar also invites users to experiment with buffer looping and audio freezing to create otherworldly effects.

Consisting of selectable dual pitch-shifters with classic, smooth and looping algorithms, Polar is created for singers, producers, guitarists and remixers looking for transparent pitch-shifting as well as creative ways of turning bland recordings into wide, evolving soundscapes. The built-in LFOs, auto-panning, envelope and buffer lock provide further sound sculpting possibilities, while delay and feedback turns single-note recordings into arpeggios.

Polar will be released simultaneously with version 6.5 of Reason and version 1.5 of Reason Essentials Q2 2012, at a price of $69 USD / 55 EUR.

More information: Propellerhead Software / Polar

DMG Audio releases PitchFunk multi fx plugin

DMG Audio has announced the release of PitchFunk, a modulation multi fx plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This all started as a toy project – I was ill, so doing some research. I’ve always been interested in the history of pitch shifters and was researching into what it was that made the classic units so special. I built a little toy which sounded great. And then, because it seemed necessary, we added feedback. And things got a little more weird. So we added a delay, and it got weirder still. And then a filter, and then variable topologies, a massive modulation section, the moveable gainstage, MS and LR independent processing, and a host of other little things that will entertain and amuse. Suddenly the toy had grown into something monstrous. It was making sounds we couldn’t describe any more. So we’re doing the obvious, and offering it to the world. What’s the worst that can happen?

DMG Audio PitchFunk
Don’t let the crafted UI fool you, PitchFunk makes the filthiest noises you’ve never heard.

PitchFunk features

  • Overview
    • Pitch Shifter feeds delay and filter with feedback to create unheard-of madness.
    • Lots of modulation, to keep everything moving while it’s feeding back.
    • Makes mad, mad noises, previously unheard of, potentially frightening to children, pets and the infirm.
    • A barrel full of insane presets.
    • Windows VST,VST3 as 32+64bit, 32bit RTAS.
    • Mac VST, VST3 and AU as 32+64bit, 32bit RTAS.
  • Sound
    • 10 pitch-shifting algorithms, based on classic hardware, optimised for modern CPUs, and extended for quality.
    • 3 delay-line algorithms, covering vintage and modern delay lines.
    • Configurable topology, for control over effect routing, to get exactly the right madness.
    • Movable modulated gain-stage for pan/gain effects, to get things pumping and moving.
    • Stereo, M&S independent and L&R independent modes.
  • Modulation
    • 3 bezier-drawable LFOs, with swing and tempo synch.
    • Sidechain-able enveloper follower, with extensive control.
    • Full mod-matrix to route any source to any control.
    • MIDI playable/pitch-bend for Pitch.

PitchFunk is available to purchase for the introductory price of £64.99 GBP for the first month. DMG Audio product owners get further discounts of up to 25% off.

More information: DMG Audio / PitchFunk

VirSyn releases KLON 2.0 – The Vocal Designer + Spring Offer

VirSyn has updated its KLON “Vocal Designer” pitch shift effect plugin for Windows and Mac to version 2.0.

KLON is a ultralow latency Pitch-shifting and correction Tool ideally suited for Choir generation, Harmonizing.

Realtime manipulation of vocal sounds with the KLON harmonic pitch shifter.

Changes in KLON v2.0

  • Totally revised pitch shifting engine for maximum sound fidelity.
  • Ultralow latency for realtime operation.
  • Separate handling for transients and consonants.
  • Improved choir algorithm.
  • CPU load reduction.
  • Fixed – VST3: MIDI Pitchbend working now.

The upgrade to KLON 2.0 is free of charge for users of KLON.

VirSyn has also announced a Spring Offer, offering a number of deals until May 31st, 2012.

  • PRISM and MATRIX for 129 EUR each.
  • The following FX plugins for 99 EUR each:
    • BARK – The Multiband Filter.
    • FDELAY – The Voice Coder.
    • KLON – The Vocal Designer.
    • REFLECT – The Algorithmic Reverb.
    • TDESIGN – The Transient Former.
    • VTAPE – The Analog Tape Suite.
  • POSEIDON – The Ocean of Sound – for 99 EUR.

More information: VirSyn / KLON

Zynaptiq releases Pitchmap pitch-mapping & pitch-correction plug-in

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Zynaptiq Pitchmap

Zynaptiq has announced the release of Pitchmap, a real-time polyphonic pitch-mapping and pitch-correction plug-in for Windows and Mac.

PITCHMAP is a demixing-based plug-in that allows changing melodies and harmonies of any mixed musical recording in real-time, either by transforming them to new ones played on a MIDI keyboard, or by setting freely defined target scales. Based on Zynaptiq’s proprietary MAP artificial intelligence technology, PITCHMAP can be applied to a wide variety of tasks, including original music production, remix work, correction of tuning issues and creative manipulation of existing recordings. In addition, PITCHMAP provides functions to remove or extract individual sounds from a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations.

“We’re really excited to release PITCHMAP. ” Zynaptiq CEO Denis H. Goekdag said. “The intuitive real-time interaction with a mixed recording’s compositional aspects via live MIDI makes PITCHMAP an inspiring musical instrument, in addition to being a precision corrective tool. It quite literally lets you shape music with your hands, which we believe makes it an essential tool for composers, producers, remixers, mash-up artists, engineers and sound-designers.”

Pitchmap features

  • Pitch Mapping: Change harmonies and melodies within mixed signals on the fly.
  • Pitch Mapping via live MIDI-input or GUI-created source/destination Pitch Maps.
  • Automatic correction of pitch inaccuracies in polyphonic/mixed signals.
  • Perceptive modeling based Natural mode for voice-adapted processing.
  • Content-aware Mute-Filters for removing sounds, including their harmonics, transients and noise components, from a mix.
  • Transform macro-controls for near-instant creation of harmony- and key-changes
  • Snapshot functionality for fast workflow and easy automation.
  • Continuously variable Electrify and Purify parameters for applying advanced synthesizerlike sound manipulation.
  • Continuously variable Glide parameter for adding polyphonic portamento/glide effects.

Pitchmap is currently available to purchase for Mac (AU) for the introductory price of 269 USD/EUR until April 1st, 2012 (regular price 399 USD/EUR). Prices in EUR inclusive of 19% VAT. VST and AAX support for both Mac and Windows platforms is planned for later in 2012.

A free trial version is available to download from Zynaptiq.

More information: Zynaptiq / Pitchmap

iZotope partners with Akai Professional to provide loop slicing and time stretching technology for next generation MPCs

iZotope Radius

iZotope has announced a new partnership with Akai Professional to provide iZotope’s acclaimed Radius time-stretching algorithm and Loop Slicing Engine for future products in the MPC line, including the new MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Combining MPC hardware with new MPC software, these are the first MPCs designed to harness the processing power of a user’s Mac or PC.

“The MPC is a giant in music production history.” says Alex Westner, iZotope’s Director of Business Development, “iZotope is very excited that our technology can make the MPC a more powerful and flexible hybrid of hardware and software.”

“Top-notch audio is essential when updating a beloved product line like the MPC Series,” adds Dan Gill, Akai Professional Product Manager. “iZotope’s loop-slicing and time-stretching technology were critical to making the new MPC products sound great.”

iZotope’s Loop Slicing Engine
The Loop Slicing Engine provides an extended suite of slicing tools, compatible with both Chop Shop and REX file formats. The engine’s unique algorithm maintains high quality audio throughout real-time loop manipulation while remaining lightweight in terms of processing power.

The MPC line takes advantage of additional features such as:

  • Manual and automatic loop slicing.
  • Slicing and stretching with per-slice stretching options.
  • Triggering of individual slices or the entire loop from beginning to end.
  • Transient detection.
  • Pitch shifting via cents or semitones.

Akai Professional will unveil MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio at booth #6400 at the 2012 NAMM Show from January 19—22 in Anaheim, California. Both will be available for purchase in Q3 2012. iZotope’s Loop Slicing Engine, Radius, and a host of other audio technologies are currently available for third-party licensing.

More information: iZotope

Zynaptiq announces PITCHMAP: Real-Time Polyphonic Pitch-Correction and Pitch-Mapping

Zynaptiq has announced the imminent release of PITCHMAP, the worldʼs first and only audio plug-in capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time.

PITCHMAP allows real-time correction of pitch inaccuracies within mixed signals, as well as completely altering the tonality, chords, harmonies or melodies of a musical signal on the fly, a process Zynaptiq refers to as Pitch Mapping. PITCHMAP does this using Zynaptiq’s proprietary, artificial intelligence based MAP technology (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) to de-mix an incoming signal – like, for example, a full mix – into individual elements, and then allows the user to arbitrarily or automatically correct and modify their pitches. Additionally, PITCHMAP provides means to deliberately induce processing “errors” to make results sound synthetic in a very futuristic and unique way.

“Our DSP Developer Stephan M. Bernsee has come up with what we believe to be a real game-changer.” Zynaptiq CEO Denis H. Goekdag said. “PITCHMAP lets you reach into a recording and change the pitch-related aspects of the composition on-the-fly. You can change an entire song from minor to major with just a couple of clicks, simultaneously correcting any tuning issues and changing the key. While there are other pitch processing solutions available, PITCHMAP combines polyphonic capability, a real-time workflow and an exceptional processing quality based on techniques that model the human auditory system, thus opening up a whole new level of creativity.”

Zynaptiq GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, creates audio software based on artificial intelligence technology, and was founded in 2011 by Stephan M. Bernsee and Denis H. Goekdag, known for their involvement with Prosoniq, Hartmann Music, Surround SFX and the DSP Dimension, amongst others.


Pitchmap features

  • Automatic correction of pitch inaccuracies in polyphonic/mixed signals.
  • Pitch Mapping: Change harmonies and melodies on the fly.
  • Pitch Mapping via GUI-created source/destination maps or real-time MIDI-input.
  • Macro controls for near-instant creation of harmony- and key-changes.
  • Snapshot functionality for fast workflow and easy automation.
  • Perceptive modeling based Natural mode for voice-adapted processing.
  • Continuously variable Electrify parameter for making results sound synthetic in an exciting and unique way.

PITCHMAP will initially be released as Mac AU (AudioUnits) plug-in on January 19th, 2012, with VST and AAX support for both Mac and Windows platforms planned for later in 2012.

PITCHMAP has will be available to purchase for the introductory price of 269 USD/EUR until April 1st, 2012. The regular price is 399 USD/EUR (prices in EUR inclusive of 19% VAT).

More information: Zynaptiq / Pitchmap

Little Endian releases Pitch Shifter SDK for iOS, Mac OS X and Windows

Little Endian

Little Endian has announced the release of the SpectrumWorx™ Pitch Shifter SDK for iOS, Mac OS X and Windows.

The SDK will enable software developers to easily and efficiently add pitch shifting capability to their iOS, Mac and Windows apps.

“We are extremely happy to be able to provide our customers with very affordable pitch shifting solution for which we had such a high demand,” said Danijel Domazet, CEO at Little Endian. “Developers are going to be thrilled with simple and efficient C++ API that will enable them to easily implement this very popular feature in their iPhone and iPad, as well as Mac and Windows apps.”

SpectrumWorx™ Pitch Shifter SDK has a small footprint, high performance and low memory usage. The SDK is available for evaluation and purchase immediately via Little Endain’s Developers web page (\developers).

SpectrumWorx™ Pitch Shifter SDK features

  • Sophisticated engine optimized for low CPU and memory usage.
  • Simple and efficient pitch shifting algorithm.
  • Detailed documentation.

More information: Little Endian