The sounds of the Minimoog Voyager in a ReFill – ReasonBanks Voyager

ReasonBanks Voyager

ReasonBanks has announced the release of Voyager, an analogue synth ReFill based on the sounds of the famous Minimoog Voyager synthesizer.

VOYAGER refill provides vivid, dynamic and rich-sounding real analogue leads, bass, polyphonic keys and pads, giving you a new powerful synth in your Reason rack.

Our concept has never targeted the development of the 100% perfect software emulation of Minimoog: it is practically not possible. A sample library is a bit similar to the photo album: they contain series of snapshots. It will sound but never work as the original hardware. Bearing this constraint in mind, we wanted to create a synth in Reason that sounds like a real Moog, but acts like Reason’s instruments.

Voyager features

  • 1.78 GB multi-samples (over 2400 wav files) in 24 bit wav format.
  • All samples are perfectly looped and contain the unity note info for quick and proper automapping.
  • 124 REX loops: melodic bass, arp & noise sequences for KLP (keyboard loop player).
  • 339 NN-19 patches, 412 NN-XT patches, 128 Combinator presets.
  • Refill size: 1.22 GB (24 bit).

The ReFill is available to purchase for the introductory price of 28.80 EUR through June 2012 (regular 36 EUR). Requires Reason 6 or above.

More information: ReasonBanks / Voyager


ReasonBanks Group Buy 2011, up to 85% off ReFills

ReasonBanks Insane à la carte Group Buy

ReasonBanks has launched the ReasonBanks Group Buy 2011, a limited time à la carte group buy.

When you join this group buy, you pay 50 EUR. After the successful transaction is completed, you can compile your own TOP 10 list by identifying the products and the order in which you want to receive them.

In the first round you will receive the first two licences of your list. As and when the number of participants reaches the next threshold, you will at all such times automatically receive the next two product licence codes.

The number of the joined users will be updated on a daily basis, so you can always follow the status of the game prevailing at all times.

The group buy ends on April 4th, 2011.

More information: ReasonBanks


ReasonBanks releases Revolver

ReasonBanks Revolver

ReasonBanks has released Revolver, an analogue synth ReFill and multi-sample library, based on the sounds of the DSI Evolver keyboard.

In other words, it can be viewed as a continuation of the Analogue Monsters series: REVOLVER provides vivid, dynamic and rich-sounding real analogue sounds, giving you a powerful new synth in your Reason rack.

Revolver features

  • 1.63 GB multisample in 24 bit wav format. All samples are perfectly looped and contain the unity note info for quick and proper automapping. The sample source is also included as a multisample library.
  • Dr.Rex loops: 79 melodic bass, arp & instrument sequence loops.
  • NN-19 bank: 300 NN-19 patches in 5 categories.
  • NN-XT bank: 302 patches in 7 categories.
  • Combinator bank: 112 combi patches in 6 categories. This bank demonstrates the routing possibilities of Combinator and will definitely give you a lot of inspirations.
  • Includes KLP keyboard loop player, a loop based arpeggiator and sequence player for Reason.
  • Refill size: 1.01 GB (24 bit); Sample source: 1.63 GB (24 bit wav).

Revolver is available to purchase for 27 EUR.

More information: ReasonBanks / Revolver


ReasonBanks releases Analogue Monsters 3

ReasonBanks Analogue Monsters 3

ReasonBanks has released Analogue Monsters 3, a ReFill based on 5 GB multisamples of analogue synths.

We are proud to release Analogue Monsters as a vast powerful synthesizer, capable of many inspiring and fresh sounds across the complete range of electronic music.

Analogue Monsters 3 features

  • Combinator bank: 200 patches in 9 categories.
  • NN-XT Bank: 1243 patches in 11 categories.
  • NN-19 Bank: 606 patches, for compability reason.
  • Redrum Kits: 12 ReDrum patches.
  • Multisamples: 6927 perfectly looped wav files – Alesis Andromeda A6, Korg MonoPoly, Korg MS-20, Korg Poly800 MKII, Moog Prodigy, Oberheim Matrix-1000 (new in v3), Roland Juno-60, Roland Jupiter 4, Studio Electronics SE-1X, Waldorf Microwave XT.
  • Rex loops: 72 sequenced loops in Recycle2 format.

Analogue Monters 3 is available for download for €81 EUR (96 EUR for DVD). Version 3 is a free upgrade for existing users.

Visit ReasonBanks for more information and audio demos.


PinkNoise Studio releases PRO.TON3

PinkNoise Studio PRO.TON3

PinkNoise Studio has released PRO.TON3, a refill featuring a virtual analogue synth with hardware based chorus.

PRO.TON3 is not a traditional refill. Neither is it a sampling library, filled with recorded presets or sounds of instruments. It’s more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason.

In addition to dry oscillator samples, PROTON3 contains different “chorused” versions of the oscillators as well (based on the Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1 hardware units).

PRO.TON3 features

  • Combinator bank: 118 patches in 6 categories.
  • NN-XT Bank: 410 patch in 9 categories.
  • NN-XT raw layers: 273 patches, variations of oscillators for creating new synth sounds.
  • NN-19 Bank: 153 patches, for compability reason.
  • multisamples: 1457 perfectly looped wav files.

PRO.TON3 is available as a download for 27 EUR (previous versions can be updated for 10 EUR). A patch demo of the PRO.TON3 refill in rps (Reason published song) format including 4 Combinator and 4 NN-XT patches is available for download (requires Reason v4).

Visit ReasonBanks for more information.


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