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OCD DSP releases Obsessive Compulsive Saturation (OCS) effect plugin

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OCD DSP has released OCS (Obsessive compulsive saturation), a free saturator effect plug-in for Windows.

OCS is a saturation unit inspired by the analogue behavior. It can be used as a console saturation unit but it can have a more sporadic approach as well.

By maximizing the input and minimizing the output you can drive the unit at its full capacity, the gain increase auto compensates when you use them like that.

For a mild console like usage, use a gain trim plugin by decreasing the input before the plugin and a trim to compensate the gain after the plugin. (-5 dBs on the trim before would work great for that effect/+5 on after plugin to compensate*)

OCS is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in (32bit) for Windows.

More information: OCD DSP


Klanghelm Audio releases SDRR saturation plugin

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Klanghelm Audio Plugins has announced the release of SDRR, a saturation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Klanghelm SDRR
Klanghelm’s SDRR effect plugin in Tube mode.

SDRR was build to satisfy almost all of your saturation desires. It provides a comprehensive set of controls to manipulate the character of the saturation to make it fit exactly.

SDRR offers four different main modes: TUBE, DIGI, FUZZ, DESK and reacts dynamically to the input signal. Each mode has it’s unique crosstalk behaviour, which can be switched of or exagerrated. A unique RMS level difference metering mode makes level matching an easy task.

SDRR can be different things: a saturation, a compressor, an EQ, a bitcrusher, a subtle stereo widener, or simply add some movement to your tracks with the DRIFT control. Add warmth, depth and character to your tracks with SDRR.

The plug-in is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), for the introductory price of 22 EUR.

More information: Klanghelm / SDRR


Voxengo launches Group Buy for VariSaturator

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Voxengo has launched a group buy for its VariSaturator saturation effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Voxengo VariSaturator
VariSaturator features two saturation modules which are applied in sequence, in two-band mode each.

VariSaturator is an audio effect AU and VST plugin designed to apply saturation effects to audio material.

VariSaturator can be used both to boost the loudness of the audio tracks without increasing their peak levels proportionally, and to apply subtle harmonic coloration that makes tracks sound more pronounced and polished.

The VariSaturator group buy voting stage ends at July 15th, 2013 (or earlier when 50% discount is reached). Note that casting a vote does not require you to actually buy the plug-in.

More information: Voxengo / Group Buys


Klanghelm releases free IVGI saturation plugin

Klanghelm IVGI

Klanghelm has announced the release of IVGI, a freeware saturation and distoration effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

IVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, that feels at home on the master buss. It is equally capable of very dense and dirty distortion effects to spice up single tracks.

IVGI’s base sound is comparable to the DESK mode in the upcoming big brother SDRR.

Just as SDRR, IVGI reacts dynamically to the input signal. Even the modelled fluctuations react dynamically and also change depending on the drive setting, so that it doesn’t get in the way of the SOUND. Stereo tracks benefit from it’s modelled crosstalk behaviour. Just as its big brother SDRR, IVGI features a “Controlled Randomness”, which determines the internal drift and variance inside the unit. It contributes to the livelyness and realness of IVGI’s saturation character. All internal processes are modulated to some extent to make this possible.

IVGI features

  • IVGI reacts dynamically to the input.
  • No to very low aliasing even at extreme settings.
  • Variable noise modelling (program material and settings dependent) to avoid the noise getting in the way of the sound.
  • 4 x oversampling.
  • 7 samples of latency.
  • Adjustable frequency dependency.
  • “CONTROLLED RANDOMNESS”: every internal process is modulated to a certain extent to simulate drift, variance and internal fluctuations.
  • Special designed super smooth and unobtrusive high shelving filter to brighten up sounds.
  • Adjustable asymmetry of the saturation giving control over harmonic content and also transparency of the saturation.
  • Smooth compression characteristics.
  • Crosstalk.
  • Accurate VU metering of input and output.
  • Unique RMS output-input difference VU mode for easy level matching.
  • Low memory footprint.

The IVGI plug-in is available as freeware for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS).

More information: Klanghelm / IVGI


MaxSynths releases DSP-2 Vocal effect plugin

MaxSynths has announced the release of DSP-2 Vocal, a new high precision effect for vocal tracks.

DSP-2 is a new high precision insert effect for vocal processing which includes an Intelligent Dynamic Processor, a saturator, a four band equalizer fixed on vocal key frequencies and a room emulator based on the Schroeder reverberator.

MaxSynths DSP-2 Vocal
DSP-2 has been designed to be an easy to understand solution for all your vocal processing needs.

DSP-2 Vocal features

  • Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP).
  • Four different automatic operative modes:
    • Fast attack, fast release.
    • Fast A, slow R.
    • Slow A, fast R.
    • Slow A, slow R.
  • Selectable compression ratio.
  • Saturator with three different operation modes.
  • EQ fixed on vocal key frequencies.
  • Room emulator based on Schroeder reverb model.
  • Transparent increment of the perceived volume level.
  • High precision input/output VU-meter.
  • Low CPU usage.

DSP-2 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 19.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / DSP-2 Vocal


kiloHearts launches Faturator RE for Reason

kiloHearts has announced the release a Rack Extension version of its Faturator saturation/distortion unit.

kiloHeats Faturator RE
Front and back panels of the Faturator Rack Extansion for Reason.

“What Faturator brings to the table is a really fast way of tuning the character of a sound, bringing out more crisp and clarity, focusing on a specific tone or, for that matter, just totally destroying it with distortion”, says Anders Stenberg, CTO. “Considering the positive response we have gotten about the VST/AU versions of Faturator it was really a no-brainer to make it available as a Rack Extension as well”

Faturator is a saturation/distortion unit, providing effects ranging from subtle warm saturation to harsh digital fuzz. On top of this, included coloring and stereo widening allows for changing the character of the sound in a quick and easy way. Contrary to many distortion effects, Faturator will preserve the dynamics of your sound and apply its effects on it regardless of input gain.

Like all kiloHearts’ products, focus lies on ease of use while providing powerful functionality at a low price point. Faturator’s simple user interface puts all controls at the fingertips of the user, making it easy to quickly find the sound you want. “A lot of plugins these days try to compete with feature lists, often forgetting that they’re part of a creative process”, says Per Svanberg, developer and co-founder. “We want to isolate the most important parts, and make them as quickly and easily accessible as possible.”

Faturator RE is available to purchase at the Propellerhead Shop, priced at 15 EUR / $19 USD.

More information: kiloHearts / Faturator RE


Variety Of Sound announces Rescue Mk2

Variety Of Sound

Variety Of Sound has announced Rescue Mk2, an update to the envelope dependent signal amplification and analog style saturation in a mid/side configuration

While the initial Rescue implementation was a little bit quirky concerning transient handling, I’ve managed to developed a ‘stateful’ approach over the last years which turned out to be way smoother not only in terms of transient response but also in terms of signal saturation. All this comes down now and there is almost nothing to change to the original concept other than the underlying technology which had been emerged and improved.

Rescue MK2 is going to offer transient handling ‘smooth like cake’, stateful saturation and an authentic analog signal path emulation 2.0. Rescue MK2 maintains a super realistic stereo image, increases depth perception and works great as both, mixing tool and summing on the 2-bus. The new Rescue version will be available by end of January as a freeware VST plug-in.

More information: Variety Of Sound