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Sontronics DM-1B, DM-1T and DM-1S drum microphones available to pre-order

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Time+Space has announced the release of the DM-1B, DM-1T and DM-1S, three new microphones for drums by Sontronics.

Sontronics DM-1B / DM-1T / DM-1S

Six years after Sontronics was founded, the British mic brand has moved further into application-specific miking with the release of three condenser microphones designed specifically for drums: the DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B.

Sontronics DM condenser mics

  • The DM-1T and DM-1S are small-diaphragm pencil-style condensers designed to work on tom (DM-1T) and snare (DM-1S). With a cardioid polar pattern and switchable -15dB pad, the characteristics of each mic have been tailored to pick up those specific nuances from the different drums. Each mic comes with a metal drum mount and mic clip.
  • The DM-1B is a large-diaphragm, end-fire condenser mic that can cope with up to 150dB (with the -15dB pad switched in) and comes in an aluminium flightcase. DM-1B is designed specifically for kick drum but also gives impressive results on bass instruments and bass guitar cabinets.

Designed from scratch by Sontronics founder and MD, Trevor Coley, these new mics represent more than two years of research, development and field testing. “Many of our existing mics work brilliantly on drums,” explains Coley, “but I felt that it was about time we made some dedicated mics for drummers and percussionists. I spent a long time researching how each component of a drum kit responded when struck – kick beater attack, kick thump, snare rattle, resonance, boominess and so on – and optimised each mic’s frequency response to deliver a great result with little or no EQ.”

As is usual with all Sontronics mics, the DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B have been tested to destruction before launch, so you can be sure they’ll perform perfectly, whether in studio or live sound applications. “The first prototypes were tested by various session drummers and producers,” says Coley, “including producer Flood (U2, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys) at Battery Studios, who discovered that DM-1B also gives great results on bass guitar cabs!”

The DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B are all covered by SONTRONICS’ Lifetime Warranty and come with a free download of Toontrack’s EZdrummer Lite. All three microphones are available for pre-order now and will be in the shops late February.

DM-1T and DM-1S will each cost around £119.99 GBP, the DM-1B will cost £299.99 GBP.

More information: Sontronics at Time+Space


Time+Space announces free Omni and Hyper capsules with Sontronics STC-1

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Sontronics STC-1 promo

Time+Space has announced a special offer on Sontronics microphones.

As British microphone brand Sontronics continues to celebrate its 5th anniversary, the company has launched a terrific free capsule offer for the Autumn which gives you three mics for the price of one!

From now until 31st October 2010, anyone buying a cardioid-pattern Sontronics STC-1 in silver or black can claim two FREE interchangeable capsules (one omnidirectional and one hypercardioid) to match. These capsules usually retail for £40 each, so this great birthday offer is worth £80 and ultimately gives you three microphones for the price of one. And if you buy an STC-1S stereo pair, you will receive two of each capsule in a giveaway worth £160!

“We have had such great support from all our users round the world in our first five years that we wanted to give something back,” says Sontronics MD, founder and designer Trevor Coley. “The STC-1 is such a great little mic and you can turn it into a complete all-rounder with the addition of our OMNI and HYPER capsules. Now we’re giving you the chance to get those capsules for free, so you end up with three microphones instead of one (or six instead of two in the case of the STC-1S!”

The STC-1 is supplied in a wooden box with mic clip and windshield while the STC-1S pair come in a wooden box with a mounting bar, clips and windshields. Both microphones, as with all Sontronics mics, come with a free copy of Toontrack EZdrummer Lite and are covered by the Sontronics Lifetime Warranty.

More information: Time+Space


Sontronics STC-80 QUAD, dynamic microphones shipping from Time+Space

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Sontronics STC-80 QUAD

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping the STC-80 QUAD, a set of four dynamic mics aimed at bands and studios.

These ruggedly built mics have had fantastic reviews in the worldwide press for their solid feel and amazing sound on vocals, speech, guitar amps and drums. They’ve also proved a huge hit with a massive number of artists, and are the only mic to be endorsed by rock legend Nuno Bettencourt and his band Extreme who use them for vocals onstage and in the studio.

It is the STC-80’s popularity that has led to this new four-piece release, as brand founder and mic designer, Trevor Coley explains: “We were hearing from many artists who love the STC-80s but needed a more practical solution for taking several mics from the studio to a gig and back again. So we’ve created a single padded aluminium flightcase that holds four STC-80s and their mic clips, and it’s ideal for bands or for studios who want enough mics for lead vocalist and backing singers, or for drums and guitar cabs as well.”

The first band to get their hands on the STC-80 QUAD is The Longest Day, the award-winning alt-rock four-piece from Dorset who’ve just released their first album ‘A State of Indifference’. Lead singer and guitarist Dan Henry says, “Having already used the Sontronics Chimera and Orpheus in the studio, we were keen to get our hands on something we could use live. The STC-80s are an all-round great dynamic mic and the QUAD pack is brilliant for lugging from gig to gig and back to the studio. We mainly use them for vocals but occasionally use them on guitar cabs and drums… although it’s safe to say our Delta takes care of all our guitar sounds! The mics perform consistently, giving us a warm, clear tone that sounds awesome, whatever the venue.”

STC-80 QUAD features

  • Ideal for: Vocals, speech, guitar amps & cabs, snare, tom-toms, bass drum.
  • Frequency response: 50Hz to 15kHz.
  • Sensitivity: -42dB ±2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1,000Hz).
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid.
  • Impedance: ≤200 Ohms.
  • Connector: Three-pin XLR.
  • Comes with: Mic clip, aluminium flightcase, Sontronics Lifetime Warranty.

The STC-80 QUAD is available now for an RRP of £299 GBP. STC-80s are also available separately for £79 GBP.

More information: STC-80 QUAD


Time+Space shipping new Sontronics microphones

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Sontronics STC-10, STC-20, and STC-2X

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping new microphones by British microphone brand Sontronics.

Inspired by their bestselling STC-1 and STC-2, Sontronics have released three new microphones designed for the most affordable end of the market.

New Sontronics microphones

  • STC-10 is a pencil-style cardioid condenser microphone which is ideal for spot miking applications particularly proving a winner when used on drums, percussion and acoustic instruments. The STC-10 has also proved useful in film production work when used on a boom. Although the STC-10 has been designed with affordability in mind, it still features a built-in attentuation switch (choose 0dB or -10dB) and a low-cut filter (75Hz) to make it extremely flexible in all situations. The STC-10 is supplied with a simple mic clip and a foam windshield to prevent sibilance. RRP: £89 GBP / €109 EUR.
  • STC-20 is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a cardioid condenser pattern and featuring the same one-inch, gold-sputtered capsule as found in STC-2, housed within a large open grille. Despite its incredible affordability, the STC-20 delivers brilliant results in most studio applications, particularly on male and female vocals, speech and voiceover, broadcast and acoustic guitars. Sontronics’ spider-style shockmount (in black) and aluminium flightcase will be available to purchase separately. RRP: £129 GBP / €155 EUR.
  • STC-2X is a large diaphragm omni/cardioid condenser mic featuring a one-inch gold-sputtered capsule within the large open grille and boasts a switch on the back to flick between cardioid and omni-directional patterns. STC-2X features a two-stage attenuation switch (-10dB and -20dB) and a two-stage low-cut filter (75Hz and 150Hz). STC-2X performs excellently in a wide range of recording situations, particularly male and female vocals, speech/voiceover, acoustic guitar and acoustic instruments. Thanks to its omnidirectional option, the STC-2X is also a great mic for interviews, podcasts and round-table conference situations. Available in black or silver, the mic is supplied in a rugged aluminium flightcase with a co-ordinated spider-style shockmount. RRP: £239 GBP / €275 EUR.

As well as the new microphones, Sontronics also released a new accessory, the ST-PAD/PHASE.

Developed in response to many users asking us how to handle signal overload, particularly in relation to ribbon mics when miking very loud sound sources, the ST-PAD/PHASE provides attenuation via two switchable -10dB stages, providing you with ample assistance to tame powerful audio signals.

The product also features a -180° phase inversion switch which can be very helpful when microphones are placed in close proximity to the sound source and phase-correlation is a problem. A common example is when miking the top and bottom of a snare drum – simply plug in ST-PAD/PHASE to one of the mics and invert the phase for fantastic, phase-accurate results

The Sontronics ST-PAD/PHASE is available to purchase for an RRP of £39 GBP / €49 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space now shipping Sontronics Saturn

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Sontronics Saturn

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping the Sontronics Saturn, a multi-pattern condenser mic.

SATURN has been developed with the help of top producers, artists and educators from around the world to set a new standard in flexible microphone performance and high-grade audio reproduction.

With its retro-style design inspired by the classic vocal mics of the 1940s and 50s, SATURN is the ideal all-round studio microphone providing you with perfectly detailed, refined results, no matter what you place in front of it.

While SATURN was originally designed with vocals in mind, its choice of polar patterns plus filter and pad controls lend it a great versatility and it gives fantastic results on vocals, speech, guitars, brass, woodwind, strings, piano, drums… the list goes on!

The five polar patterns – omnidirectional, subcardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-of-eight – combine with the variable attenuation (-10/-20dB) and high-pass filter (75/125Hz) to let you create exactly the results you want. The only limit with SATURN is your own creativity!

SATURN is supplied with Sontronics’ unique shockmount in a sturdy aluminium flightcase and, like all Sontronics mics, is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Sontronics Saturn is available to purchase for a RRP of £699 GBP / 839 EUR.

More information: Sontronics @ Time+Space / Saturn


Sontronics celebrates 5th anniversary with 5 new products


The 2010 NAMM Show saw the fifth anniversary of British microphone brand Sontronics, who marked the event with the release of five new products as well as plenty of positive news.

Despite the difficult economic climate, it sounds like it´s been a great year for Sontronics and the company continues to grow with the release of five new products: SATURN multi-pattern condenser, STC-10 pencil condenser, STC-20 large-diaphragm condenser, STC-2X omni/cardioid condenser and the STC-PAD/PHASE inline switch. Like all of Sontronics microphones, they have been designed from the ground up in the UK, by Sontronics founder, designer and MD Trevor Coley.

“SATURN is the big news,” begins Coley, “and it certainly turned plenty of heads at the NAMM Show. It is of course inspired by the classic vocal mics of the 1940s and 50s, and while it was originally designed for vocals, it actually gives brilliant results on anything you put it in front of! With five switchable polar patterns plus dual pad and filters, it´s our most flexible mic to date. It´s been beta-tested over the last year by various artists, producers and educators including Flood and Alan Moulder, and everyone says it´s an incredible all-rounder.”

The other new mics are inspired by two of Sontronics best-sellers: “While our STC-1 pencil condenser and STC-2 large-diaphragm condenser continue to be as popular as ever we realised we needed to create something for the most affordable end of the market. Our new STC-10 and STC-20 both give users what they need; a price they can afford combined with the first-class sound reproduction and top quality build associated with all Sontronics products.”

“At the same time, I also wanted to push the boundaries of STC-2 so we´ve created STC-2X featuring cardioid AND omnidirectional polar patterns plus a two-stage pad and two-stage filter, all at an incredible price point.”

As well as the new microphones, Sontronics also released a new accessory, the ST-PAD/PHASE. “We know that some people using our ribbon mics have needed some kind of attenuation control when miking very loud sound sources, especially if they don´t have the feature on a desk or audio interface. So we´ve launched the ST-PAD/PHASE inline switch with two -10dB attenuation/pad switches (giving a sum of -20dB) plus a 180° phase invert control, useful for dual-miking snare drums.”

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, anyone in the UK or Ireland purchasing a new Sontronics microphone* from an authorized dealer between 14th January and the end of February will be able to claim a free STC-80 Dynamic Mic worth £79 RRP.

More information: Sontronics

* Promotion includes the following microphones; STC-1, STC-1S, STC-2, STC-6, Orpheus, Helios, Omega, Sigma, Delta, Apollo, prices start at £110. It does not include the STC-80 and is subject to terms and conditions.


Time+Space now shipping Sontronics Chimera

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Time+Space has announced it is now shipping the Sontronics Chimera, a single-channel preamp/DI with two totally discrete circuits.

Sontronics Chimera

From the press release:

At the flick of a switch, you can choose between the crystal-clear, lightning-quick transient character of the solid-state amplifier or the silky-smooth, naturally-compressed tones served up by the ElectroHarmonix® ECC82 valve preamp. Each vintage circuit design is totally unique to Sontronics, employing the highest quality traditional components and transformers.

With a near-linear frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, and an almost non-existent self noise figure, CHIMERA sets the standard for quality. The transformer-balanced inputs will match seamlessly with your favourite mics and instruments while the electronically-balanced outputs ensure that your signal reaches your recording or PA system with perfect integrity. CHIMERA offers the kind of sonic excellence and engineering quality you´d find in a premium-branded preamp, but comes at a much more affordable price point.

With more than 60dB of distortion-free headroom at your disposal, in both solid state and tube modes, anything from the most delicate whisper to pure thunder is able to be reproduced with perfect integrity! Further fine adjustments can be made using the 6-step high-pass filter, -20dB attenuation and phase controls, enabling CHIMERA to create a kaleidoscope of sonic colourations.

A traditional backlit VU meter can be switched to show either input or output levels and a multi-step, notched Master Output control provides extremely fine adjustment, allowing you to dial-in the perfect level for your signal. An insert point is provided on the rear panel should you wish to connect your favourite dynamics processor.

An external mains power supply ensures that the integrity of your audio signal stays free from electrical inductance, plus it is voltage-switchable for use around the world.

Chimera is 100% made in Europe, having been conceived and designed in the UK, and developed and manufactured in Portugal.

Sontronics Chimera is available at a RRP of £799 GBP / 879 EUR (incl. VAT).

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces exclusive UK previews at LIMS

Time+Space has announced it will have some exclusive UK previews from several top brands at next week’s London International Music Show (LIMS), UK’s biggest music exhibition.

Toontrack The Metal Foundry

Time+Space @ LIMS 2009

  • The Metal Foundry – Toontrack
    Drum sampling specialists Toontrack will be joined by heavy metal drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve, Aborted) to demonstrate the sheer hot molten power of their new Superior Drummer 2.0 expansion pack.

    The Metal Foundry SDX™ is an all-new recording with Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake, featuring seven massive drum kits, spanning 300,000 sound files of raw, single hit drum recordings covering Hard Rock to Metal, from the early Blues tinged sound of the late 60s to the fragmentation of today’s music, from Power through Thrash, Death and Progressive Metal.

    This will be the first ever UK demonstration of The Metal Foundry since its announcement last week and the tremendous performances from Verbeuren are sure to be a crowd-puller.

  • ESP1010e – ESI
    ESI, one of the world’s leading suppliers of audio hardware, will be giving the brand new ESP1010e recording interface its first UK showing at LIMS – just as it starts shipping within the UK. The upgraded version of the famous ESP1010 is now a PCIe (PCI Express) solution, integrating the latest interface standard for extremely fast and reliable data transfer.

    ESI ESP1010e

    The hardware is equipped with 24-bit converters on up to 8 analog inputs and up to 8 analog outputs. Two input connectors are equipped with microphone preamps with balanced XLR connectors and switchable phantom power supply that can be used with high quality dynamic and condenser microphones. In addition, two Hi-Z inputs are provided to directly connect and use guitar input signals. ESP1010e also provides a 24-bit 96kHz coaxial digital input and output, a 32 channel MIDI I/O interface with 2 inputs and 2 outputs and full EWDM driver with DirectWIRE functionality.

Sontronics Delta
  • Delta – Sontronics
    UK-based microphone brand Sontronics will be waving the British flag at this year’s LIMS, exhibiting its complete range of microphones, preamps and accessories. The brand, which celebrates its 5th birthday this summer and has been distributed in the UK by Time+Space since 1st April, will be offering show visitors the chance to try out all their British-designed microphones including the newly released rugged ribbon mic, DELTA.

    The new mic is designed for use in the live environment as well as the studio, and the guys at Sontronics have come up with an ingenious way of demoing exactly what it can do.

    “The Sontronics RockBox,” explains Sontronics founder Trevor Coley, “is a soundproofed isolation box containing our new DELTA ribbon microphone sitting right next to a guitar amp connected out to a guitar and headphones. Visitors can pop on the headphones, play the guitar and experience exactly how well the DELTA works on guitar amps, and users are already telling us it also gives amazing results with brass, woodwind and stringed instruments as well.”

Throughout the four-day show (11-14 June), Time+Space will also be hosting a daily prize draw to win prizes from Toontrack, Sontronics, ESI and Rob Papen.

Visit Time+Space and LIMS for more information.