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Nucleus SoundLab releases Antimatter for Antidote RE

Nucleus SoundLab Antimatter

Nucleus SoundLab has released Antimatter, a ReFill library for the Antidote Rack Extension synthesizer instrument by Synapse Audio.

One of the very best Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason 7 is Synapse Audio’s electrifying Antidote synthesizer. Antidote does it all, with two extremely versatile oscillators, an authentically-modeled filter section and an amazing suite of onboard effects. Nucleus SoundLab’s experienced sound designers have explored the farthest reaches of Antidote’s vast capabilities, and returned with a brand-new ReFill showcasing a world of aural possibilities – Antimatter.

Antimatter is focused on doing what Antidote does best – incredibly detailed, rich and spacious pads and atmospheres. Filtered chord washes, space exploration soundbeds, heavenly wavesequences, overdriven growls and various forms of supersaw-esque insanity are all on offer. Not only that, but for certain patches Nucleus SoundLab has paired up Antidote with Reason’s elder statesmen – Thor and Malstrom – to create Combinators of truly epic sonic scale.

Antimatter features

  • 100 unique Combinators.
  • 127 Antidote device patches.
  • 2 Demo songs packed inside the ReFill.
  • All Combinator rotaries/buttons/modwheel uniquely mapped.
  • Patches designed by veteran Reason sound designers – Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard and Adam Fielding.
  • Requires: Antidote Rack Extension version 1.21 or higher, and Reason 6.5 or higher.

The Antimatter ReFill is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Nucleus SoundLab / Antimatter


Le Lotus Bleu releases Duniverse soundset for DUNE

Le Lotus Bleu Duniverse

Le Lotus Bleu has released Duniverse, a collection of new classic presets for the DUNE software synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

Duniverse focus on Vintage songwriting presets, Cinematic/Trailers material, and Classic electronic patches, and will bring back memories of the golden decades of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and, in short everything from the last century.

Taking full benefit of Dune multiple synthesis engines, Duniverse offers flavors of old analog circuits, as well as flagrances of FM and Wavetable based synths, like the Korg DW series.

Duniverse presets will react to Velocity, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Expression Pedal : Expressivness at your hands, fingers, and .. feet. Control your sound in real time, get at once a rewarding performance and feel the power of liberty when playing.

Duniverse features

  • 128 presets.
  • Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Expression Pedal assignations.
  • Expressive instruments.
  • Designer notes included in each patch.
  • All presets properly tagged, organised in one bank (easy to load).
  • Easy to browse bank due to our classic nomination rules.

The soundset is available to purchase for 12.80 EUR. Until November 1st, a purchase of Duniverse includes a free copy of the Dunesteps soundset (9.90 EUR value).

More information: Le Lotus Bleu / Duniverse


Sonic Elements releases Remedy for Antidote

Sonic Elements Remedy for Antidote

Sonic Elements has released Remedy, a Refill for Synapse Audio’s Antidote Rack Extension.

REMEDY for Synapse Audio’s Rack Extension Antidote marks a consistent approach to meticulous design and quality. Remedy focused on Antidote’s strengths to deliver a bevy of sounds not currently on the market.

There is a strong focus on capturing the sound of iconic productions past and present. You will find smooth polysynths, classic leads, versatile basses, and expertly crafted pads. These are universal sounds fit for any production at an amazing price.

Remedy features

  • 152 Patches.
  • Modwheel and Velocity Mapped.
  • Patches level matched.
  • Unique Sound Design Techniques.
  • Sounds EQ’d and Production Ready.

The ReFill costs $20.00 USD. A free demo bank is available to download.

More information: Sonic Elements / Remedy


Beat and Novation launch free Bass Station II sample packs

Beat & Novation Yin/Yang

Beat has announced it has released two free Bass Station II sample packs in collaboration with Novation.

Novation and German Beat magazine are giving away two sample packs of the new Bass Station II among their Facebook fans.

The „Yin“ and „Yang“ pack consists of 400 MB sounds and loops each: bass sounds, lead sounds, FX, arps and drum kits tweeked by Marco Scherer for Novation.

Best of all: Both packs also contain the new REX compatible SFZ player and loop engine „Zampler/RX“ (VST & AU) based on the well known Dune synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

The sample packs are free to Novation and Beat Facebook fans.

More information: Beat (Facebook) / Novation (Facebook)


Iulian Ionescu releases We Dance Vol 1 for Dune

Iulian Ionescu We Dance Vol 1 for Dune

Iulian Ionescu has announced the release of We Dance Vol 1, a free soundset for the Dune virtual synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

This is my first, released, sound bank and it’s for Synapse Dune. This is oriented for EDM music producers, it includes 10 sounds.
– [Bass]Dirty Bass
– [Bass]EDM Bass
– [Bass]Wowow Bass
– [Chords]Aiai Chords
– [Chords]Buzzde Chords
– [Lead]Wood Bell
– [Pad]Cold but Warm
– [Pad]WarmWo Pad
– [Plucked]Brassy Synth
– [Plucked]Hit the Wood

The soundset is a free download. Donations are welcome.

More information: Iulian Ionescu


The Art Renaissance Project intros 500+ DUNE Pack

Art Renaissance Project 500+ DUNE Pack

The Art Renaissance Project has announced its 500+ DUNE Pack, a limited time bundle deal of preset packs for the DUNE software synthesizer from Synapse Audio.

Come and get all our DUNE soundsets, more then 500 brand new, hot and inspiring preset.

Have all the pads, all the soft or screaming lead and the atmospheric sounds that give you instantly the right kick to compose your next masterpiece.

All 4 banks as on pack sell for 59,- Euro and you don´t wont to miss this sound pool any more.

AND this presets also work for the DUNE BE and CM editions, just they have no FX in use.

The sale ends Wednesday, September 18th, 2013.

More information: Art Renaissance Project / 500+ DUNE Pack


Art Renaissance Project releases MoNo’s for DUNE

Art Renaissance Project MoNo's

The Art Renaissance Project has announced the release of MoNo’s, a new full soundset for the DUNE virtual synthesizer instrument by Synapse Audio.

128 brand new presets. This time we offer just lead sounds to start jamming at once.

Sometimes things have to be easy. Sometimes we love the things simple. And this time you will have this with this soundset. Course this time it is all MONO.

You would not believe how a mono DUNE sound can rock you. Have it easy, and now have it MONO:)

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of 18 EUR for 1 week (regular 21 EUR). A free demo bank with 40 patches is available to download.

More information: Art Renaissance Project