SynthTronic releases Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53

SynthTronic Signature Soundset for Pro-53 by Michael Kastrup

SynthTronic has released a Signature Soundset for Pro-53 by Michael Kastrup, a collection of 64 presets for Native Instruments Pro-53.

Michael Kastrup writes:

This soundest was created simply because an oldie but goodie was discontinued. If Pro 53 is to be retired Iā€™d like to add my little mark on this super efficient and simple good sounding synth.

Pro 53 comes with 512 presets so a lot of sounds are covered but I was still able to cook something not heard before on the Pro 53 and this soundset are those sounds.

The Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53 is available to purchase for 5 EUR.

More information: SynthTronic / Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53


SynthTronic releases ST Chorus

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SynthTronic ST Chorus

SynthTronic has released ST Chorus, a chorus with personality and full of vintage flavour.

Michael Kastrup writes:

The ST CHORUS is my idea of a good sounding chorus. My preference for making this chorus comes mainly from my days working with various Roland effects like Dimension D, RE-301, Jazz Chorus Amp, Juno 60, Boss Pedals etc… I wanted a broad stereo chorus which adds the smear phasing effects without losing its dynamics. ST CHORUS primary target of use is with older mono VST synths or synths which comes with a somewhat weak chorus, but it might have use in other places.

ST Chorus features

  • 2 chorus smear modes
  • Controls for chorus mix, spread, modulation and feedback
  • Dry/Wet/Mix switch
  • 14 presets, 18 default settings

ST Chorus is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and costs 19 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page (limitations: ChorusMix volume is not constant).

Visit SynthTronic for more information and audio demos.


SynthTronic releases Machine Creator

SynthTronic Machine Creator

To celebrate the launch of the SynthTronic website, Michael Kastrup has released Machine Creator, a freeware rompler featuring various noises and ambient sounds used to create the illusion of sci-fi machinery or ambience.

Machine Creator features

  • 166 (45 MB) sci-fi sounds split up into 7 categories.
  • Each category has its own MIDI channel.
    1. Bright sounds
    2. Deep sounds
    3. Medium sounds
    4. Scanner sounds
    5. Static sounds
    6. Various Tones
    7. Utility sounds
  • All sounds are looped 16 bit 44.1 kHz Mono and unprocessed.

Machine Creator is available for Windows PC (powered by Maize Sampler) at no cost.

Visit SynthTronic for more information, a demo mp3 and a link to download Machine Creator.