Tone2 releases Classic FM Soundset for Nemesis

Tone2 Audiosoftware has released Classic FM, a soundset for the Nemesis software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. Taking you back to a decade of incredible dance and party music when cassette tapes and power chords … read more

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Drum Broker intros The Joe Deertay – Dirt On Drums and Original Compositions

The Drum Broker has announced the release of The Joe Deeraty – Dirt On Drums and Original Compositions, a new drum kit sample pack from MSXII Sound Design. With quality at the forefront of every … read more

Tone2 announces Classic FM soundset for Nemesis

Tone2 has announced Classic FM, a soundset for the Nemesis synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Classic FM features 200 inspiring presets with the rich tones and character of the classic FM hardware that defined … read more

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Sontronics launches ARIA valve condenser microphone

Sontronics has announced the launch of its new ARIA valve condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern, designed by Sontronics founder Trevor Coley specifically for getting the best from your vocals. The Sontronics ARIA will … read more

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100 Akres releases Timmy Rickard – Dirty Arse Drum Breaks vol 2.5

100 Akres has announced the release of Dirty Arse Drum Breaks vol 2.5, a new drum breaks sample library by Timmy Rickard. Dirty Arse Drum Breaks volume 2.5 is the perfect sample pack to compliment … read more

Loopmasters releases Classic Synthology sample pack

Loopmasters has announced the release of Classic Synthology, a 1GB collection of classic synthesizer sounds. Classic Synthology from Loopmasters is a nostalgic trip back in time to the hot and sweaty cable strewn studios of … read more

Rattly And Raw releases The Cassamplerette for Kontakt

Rattly And Raw has announced the release of The Cassamplerette, a cassette-based sampler instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. We found 49 appropriate instruments and also a huge amount of drums and percussion and recorded them … read more

Gospel Musicians release FM TiNES electric piano library

Gospel Musicians has announced the launch of FM TiNES, a dedicated electric piano library that focuses on the 80’s sound. FM TiNES is a sample and synth library containing over 20GB of the prettiest and … read more

Precisionsound releases Multimonica II sample library

Precisionsound has announced the Multimonica II, a sample library featuring a vintage analog synthesizer that combines vacuum tube synthesis with a fan-powered reed organ, and is equally at home in electronic and acoustic music. The … read more

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Wildfunk releases Vintage House Stabs

Wildfunk has announced Vintage House Stabs, a sample pack featuring 100 one-shot samples. An essential collection of distinctive old school House stabs. “Vintage House Stabs” contains many authentic recreations of famous stabs/chords/hits from the late … read more

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McDSP releases Compressor Collection Rack Extensions

McDSP has launched the Compressor Collection, a bundle of dynamic range processors for Reason, including the C670, FRG-4RE, and Moo Tube compressors. Reason users rejoice! Now you can harness the legendary power of McDSP audio … read more

Drumdrops updates Vintage Premier Outfits 54 Kit for Kontakt to v2.0

Drumdrops has released version 2.0 of its 1963 Premier Outfits 54 single shot multi-velocity drum kit for Native Instruments Kontakt. Drumdrops has sampled up a classic sounding 60s drum kit, a 1963 Premier Outfits 54 … read more

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Soundiron releases Phonautograms v2.0 for Kontakt

Soundiron has announced the release of Phonautograms v2.0, an upgraded and expanded collection of atmospheric instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. This historic instrument is drawn from some of mankind’s earliest known sound recordings, drawn from … read more

TW-Sounds releases Yamaha FB-01 Vol 2 for Kontakt

TW-Sounds has released FB-01 Vol.2, a collection of sounds from the vintage FB-01 FM synthesizer by Yamaha. This is the Bundle Vol.2 of all sample libraries from the FB-01. It includes the Part I and … read more

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Plugin Boutique offers 50% off Tronsonic’s Kork M500 Micro Presets

Plugin Boutique has launched a 24-hour sale on Kork M500 Micro Presets, a virtual instrument Kontakt library by Tronsonic. The instrument comes with different sets of presets from the original synth, sampled through a chain … read more

THAT SOUND releases Paul Mabury Drums sample library

THAT SOUND has announced the release of Paul Mabury Drums, a collection of signature drum sounds recorded at the Sound Emporium. Paul Mabury Drums is a collection of Paul’s favorite drums, tuned in his style, … read more

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Arturia launches V Collection 3.0 Sale – 50% off

Arturia has announced that its V Collection 3.0 is available to purchase at a 50% discount for a limited time. Arturia V Collection 3.0 – Welcome to your Dream Studio. V Collection 3.0 brings together … read more

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Cluster Sound releases Sigman Ableton Live Pack

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Sigman, a multi-sampled Live Pack based on the vintage Korg Sigma, primarily designed for raw analog basses & leads. In the late 70’s Korg experimented with a machine … read more

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Loopmasters releases SP12Hundred – Floppy Beats and Phat Samples

Loopmasters has launched SP12Hundred – Floppy Beats and Phat Samples, a Raw Cutz series bundle pack featuring vintage hip hop samples. Rawpacks 16-18 is a cool collection of samples from SP12Hundred, an underground Hip Hop … read more

The Drum Broker intros Kingsway Music Library Vol. 2

The Drum Broker has announced Kingsway Music Library Vol. 2, a collection of 17 original samples (master clearance guaranteed) created by multi genre music producer and composer, Frank Dukes. The Kingsway Music Library was created … read more