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PinkNoise Studio releases VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition

PinkNoise Studio VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition

PinkNoise Studio has released VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

VIROLOGY is a Kontakt sound library based on the sounds of the famous Access Indigo2/VirusC synthesizer, and gives you a wide collection of vivid and powerful virus sounds.

VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition features

  • 354 Kontakt patches (in 7 categories).
  • 3.36 GB of 44kHz/24 bit stereo samples.
  • 12 midi controllable knobs for realtime tweaking and for midi automation of the most important synth parameters.
  • Extensive editing techniques: multiple velocity layers with xfades, round-robin triggering, alternate sample starts to achieve fat, lively and vivid synth sounds.
  • Exclusive IR sample collection for the convolution reverb of Kontakt.

VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition Kontakt 3.5+ (requires full version) is available to purchase for 36 EUR. The Kontakt Edition is free for registered VIROLOGY ReFill owners.

More information: PinkNoise Studio / VIROLOGY Kontakt Edition

Industrial Strength Impulse Factory – Virus TI Lead for Kontakt

Industrial Strength Records Impulse Factory - Virus TI Lead

Loopmasters has released Impulse Factory – Virus TI Lead, a sample library by Industrial Strength Records for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This intense 24 Bit collection of samples was created by Italian Sound designer Impulse Factory with one goal in mind. To deliver the most usable and upfront sounds all taken from his Virus Infection Patch collection.

Since not everybody owns a Virus TI, we thought audio versions of his wicked Virus Infection sound bank was a must for any producer looking to have a that Impulse Factory Virus TI sound right in your Daw.

If your looking for a fresh new set of great Lead sounds for your music productions, then look no further. Each Virus patch was re sampled note by note, and key mapped to give you a top notch sound while having complete control of each sample while using Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler.

Impulse Factory – Virus TI Lead features

  • 2.5 GB of audio and 37 mind bending sampled Virus Lead .Nki patches for Kontakt.
  • Contains sound content that can suit many styles of electronic music. The leads sounds found in this pack are perfect for Hardstyle, Dance Music, Hard Dance, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Trance, and of course Hardcore.
  • All the samples are pumped up and ready for effects and pretty much anything you can throw at them.

Impulse Factory – Virus TI Lead (requires Kontakt 3+) is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Impulse Factory – Virus TI Lead

CFA-Sound releases Thrillogy-1 Soundset for Virus TI

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CFA-Sound Thrillogy-1

CFA-Sound has announced the release of Thrillogy-1, a new soundset for the Virus TI synthesizer by Access Music.

Push your Virus TI to the maximum with the Thrillogy-1 soundset.

Through the contained 128 patches you get access to a heavy inspiring and absolutely suitable arsenal of top-notch sounds for trance, tech-trance and all other matching music styles, which needing raw and punching basses, wide and powerful leads, robust synths, dreamy plucks followed with wild sequences and unique fx-effects. In short – a must have for every trance producer with a Virus TI on the desktop.

Thrillogy-1 features

  • Contains 128 sounds.
  • Suitable for trance, house & hardstyle.
  • Sorted in categories.
  • Works on all Virus TI models .
  • OS 4.0 or higher recommended.

Thrillogy-1 is available to purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: CFA-Sound / Thrillogy-1 for Virus TI

Access Music announces Virus TI OS4.5

Access Music

Access Music has announced OS4.5 for the Virus TI series of synthesizers.

OS4.5 focuses on new vintage effect emulations and additions to the modulation matrix

New in Virus TI OS4.5

  • Vintage Chorus – The new chorus was modeled after one of the nicest and most famous choruses built in the late ’70s. The flexible subset of parameters allows seamless “morphing” from one emulation to another without having to change the algorithm and therefore stop the sound. It’s a great addition to the TI’s sound engine making it really easy to emulate the famous chorus ensemble sound found in many productions back from ’70s and ’80s.
  • Air Chorus – The air chorus is based on creating the Chorus effect in the air, right in between the speakers. In difference to many other chorus effects, it works more subtly and opens the stereo panorama up in a more natural and less intrusive way.
  • Vibrato – Especially when you don’t want to waste an LFO to create a vibrato effect, the new algorithm comes in handy.
  • Rotary speaker emulation – Emulating a classic Leslie effect, the new rotary speaker emulation offers the usual controls such as a fast/slow setting in combination with creative controls such as microphone distance to add air and space to sounds as well as a crossover setting which allows you to limit the effect to a certain frequency range. You can animate the top end of a pad sound and leave the bottom end untouched.
  • New sources have been added to the modulation matrix allowing to add further “analog” feeling to pretty much any parameter available within the over 100 modulation destinations. Access claims that this intelligent and pattern-based unsteadiness enables the Virus TI to cover a wide range of those beloved analog side effects known from slightly damaged or simply poorly engineered vintage synths.

OS4.5 is compatible with the entire Virus TI line including the first versions back from 2005.

More information: Access Music

Access Music releases Virus TI Polar WhiteOut Special Edition

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Access Music Virus TI Polar WhiteOut Special Edition (Dark Star)

Access Music has releases the Virus TI Polar WhiteOut Special Edition, a limited editon Virus Polar TI synthesizer.

Dubbed ‚Dark Star‘, the Virus TI Polar WhiteOut special edition comes in a military gun metal look featuring an evil red logo light on the back.

All technical specifications, the color scheme aside, are identical to the Virus TI2 Polar.

The Virus TI Polar WhiteOut Special Edition is available immediately.

More information: Access Music / Virus TI Polar WhiteOut

Diginoiz releases Synth Style Sounds, synthesizer loops sample pack

Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds

Diginoiz has announced the release of Synth Style Sounds, a new loops sample pack.

When You are thinking about “$ynth $tyle $ounds” You think – high quality, melodic, rich and fly synthesizer loops that come from Diginoiz !! We give it for the demanding, best musicians that are in love with the most expensive diamond sounds. In the package You will find 50 synthesizer loops, originally made on high quality hardware tools like Acces Virus Ti, Alesis Ion and Roland V-Synth.

Synth Style Sounds features

  • 50 perfectly sounding loops (90-110 BPM) in Hip Hop, R&B, South Style and Modern Pop genre.
  • Over 500 MB multi-format material (24 bit WAV, REX, 24 bit Acid, 24 bit AIFF, 24 bit Apple Loops, 24 bit Reason 4.0 ReFill and 16 bit WAV) ready to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software.
  • All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you ‘Royalty-Free’ so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs.

Synth Style Sounds is available to purchase as a download for 15 EUR.

More information: Diginoiz

Kamui Virus Soundset II, sound set by Dominik Felsmann


Dominik Felsmann has released the Kamui Virus Soundset II, a collection of patches created using an Access Virus C.

After the huge success of the first soundset for Virus synthesizers and a banging soundbank for ReFX’s Nexus 2, Dominik Felsmann of Kamui is back with another gold mine full of sounds.

With even more crunchy basslines, screaming hooks, and tons of unheard presets, this one is the perfect addition to its predecessor. Just like the first soundset, this one will work in pretty much any electronic genre – so get it now!

The Kamui Virus Soundset II for all Virus models (including the A, B, C, Classic, TI, TDM and PowerCore) is available to purchase for $37.55 USD.

More information: Kamui Virus Soundset II

Adam Szabo releases Adam Van Baker Massive Soundset

Native Instruments Massive

Adam Szabo has released the Adam Van Baker Massive Soundset, a collection of patches for the Massive synth plug-in by Native Instruments.

Massive, like you’ve never heard it before!

The bank contain 128 Trance, Dance, Deep House and Electro House oriented bread and butter sounds. No need for tweaking, just drop them in your tracks.

The wide range of deep basses, euphoric pads, and dreamy plucks fit everyone’s needs. There are also recreations of virus patches, since the Massive has similar features to the mighty Access Virus. With this soundset, Massive truly is massive! Get it before your friends do!

The Adam Van Baker Massive Soundset is available for purchase for 30 EUR. The MIDI data of the presets mp3 is included in a 35 EUR package, while the MIDI data + FL Studio source file are both included for 40 EUR.

More information: Adam Szabo