2Rule has released a VST3 version of the 2RuleMidiSeq Max for Live device. TugMidiSeq is a polyphonic arpeggiator and sequencer MIDI plugin for Windows and Mac.

The notes of the pressed chords are automatically lined up from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch, creating musical polyphonic pattens according to the beat moments in the seq window. A circular note flow display for fun.

The plugin features variable speeds, beats, and velocity for each chord note, variable duration of notes, octaves for each chord notes, MIDI-in for chords, ReSync, a sequencer matrix, and randomization of parameters.

It comes with some presets to get you started, and the built-in SineWave synth offers a quick way to check your patterns.

TugMidiSeq for Windows and Mac is available as “pay what you like” donationware, including free.

More information: 2Rule