Valentine wrote in to share about his 55,5 sample pack, a collection of short one-shot samples in 24-bit/44kHz format.

The pack includes a wide range of one second sounds, comprising bleeps, zips, clunks, pops, zaps, and more of that sort of thing. Great for making your drum and percussion tracks more interesting.

Each sound was recorded spontaneously on my portable recorder, then it was processed in the editor and then I brought all this in digestible for sequencers and other editors form. To be able to experiment with the mosaic of sounds.

This is only one interpretation of what was once the music – the fun, simplicity and the spirit of the underground. Everything was made by me in the environment in which I live and everything was handled by me in my bedroom.

Here’s the full list of samples included in the download:

  • 66 Positive Electronique Samples.
  • 16 Without Synths For Sampling.
  • 20 Sounds From Life – Part I.
  • 50 Special Sounds For Music.
  • 100 Special Sounds For Music II.
  • 20 Super Micro Versions.
  • 23 Experimental Bassdrums.
  • 8 Tabla Percussions.
  • 7 Just Seven Sounds.
  • 20 Percussions – Part I.
  • 20 Percussions – Part II.
  • 20 Percussions – Part III.
  • 33 Percussions – Part IV.
  • 5 Electronic Zaps.
  • 7 Future Classics.
  • 14 Shakers & Hats.
  • 49 Percussions.
  • 5 Tight Sounds.
  • 15 1 – 3 Micro.
  • 8 Techno.
  • 10 Snares.
  • 27 Basses.
  • 12 Micro.

Valentine recorded the samples without compression or any other processing, making sure to retain a good dynamic range (-6 dB). You are invited to experiment and create new and interesting sounds for your compositions, tracks and mixes.

The sample pack is a free download below. Donations are welcome (details in the download).

 55,5 Sample Pack — Download size: 8.74 MB