5Pin Media MIDI Focus - Bass Line

Loopmasters has released MIDI Focus – Bass Line, a collection of MIDI loops by 5Pin Media.

Blast your productions into Bass Line heaven with this combination of instruments and versatile MIDI modelled on the Sonic Silver Legend that has created House and Techno.

More than just a nod to the past, Bass Line takes the fat and juicy 303 bass into the future with instrument presets and sample patches combined with the MIDI House and Techno styles of now.

MIDI Focus – Bass Line features

  • 156 MIDI loops programmed in a classic 303 step sequencer, converted to MIDI ensuring the correct note lengths, slides and accents. The included instruments and patches will play the MIDI true to the original 303. The note velocities have also been optimised for the reliable playing of Audiorealism and Phoscyon by d16.
  • 62 instruments are included that capture the 303 spirit but unlike the original boast added controllable effects and distortion.
  • 430MB content, 24bit quality sample patches, including Ableton Sampler Instrument Racks, Kontakt & NN-XT patches, Reason Combinators, Maelstrom & Subtractor presets, and Native Instruments Massive presets.

MIDI Focus – Bass Line is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / MIDI Focus – Bass Line