CFA-Sound MonoGrizzly

CFA-Sound has released version 1.2 of virtual synthesizer MonoGrizzly and version 1.1 of FilterGrizzly LITE, a free filter effect plugin.

New feature and new price for the MonoGrizzly! With version 1.2 the MonoGrizzly comes with a duophonic play-mode option and a performance-update, which saves a lot of cpu. Next to that the general price is reduced to 40,00€, and the best at last – the introduction offer is extended till 28th february – during this time the MonoGrizzly 1.2 is available for only 30,00€.

Changes in MonoGrizzly v1.2

  • Duophonic mode added
  • Circuit improvments
  • Oversampling reduced to 2x
  • Internal precision reduced to 32 bit float
  • CPU-usage works dynamic, depending to the feature-usage
  • Maximum CPU-usage reduced by ~30%
  • Minimum CPU-usage recuded by ~70%

MonoGrizzly for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: CFA-Sound