Ableton Live 8

Ableton has released version 8.0.8 of Live and Ableton Suite, software for creating, producing, and performing music.

Changes from Live 8.0.5 to Live 8.0.8

  • Updated manuals
  • Updated Help Pages
  • Control Surface support for Novation Launchpad
  • Several improvements for the AxiomPro Controllers


  • Using the double/halve tempo buttons of the Looper could introduce an audible offset
  • Playing MIDI could crash Live when multi-core support is enabled
  • If the slot button below a disabled Session clip has been removed, the disabled clip would not respect this and act as stop button
  • In the Arranger, auto scrolling would not work properly when dragging tracks
  • On Mac OS X, open the application menu would not close an open context menu
  • On Mac OS X, using a Remote SL and loading a particular Live set with a Fab Filter Twin 2 would crash Live
  • On Mac OS X, the Key stroke handling for AudioUnits using Cocoa views would not work properly
  • On Mac OS X 10.6.x, starting Live with a template set that contains audio clips, and with another CoreAudio client running at the same time (e.g. iTunes), would freeze Live. Also, changing sample rates in Live would not work properly
  • Replacing a Macro mapping with a Key mapping could crash Live
  • Return track header selection would not work properly
  • On Mac OS X, Audio Units, wrapped by Novation Automap, would not appear in the right folders
  • Setting an MTC start offset to a negative value would not show the value properly
  • Grabbing and moving the left edge of an Arranger loop while the loop start is out of the view would not behave properly
  • In the Arranger, scrolling would not work properly when dragging or moving tracks
  • Under certain conditions, the LFO of the Sampler would not work properly
  • Switching banks via remote script would not be indicated in the status bar
  • Switching on track-solo would not work properly in exclusive mode when switching via the APC controller
  • Unsupported multi channel audio files would crash Live
  • When exporting an video file, the resulting video file would grow on each export instead to be replaced
  • On Mac OS X, when typing the name of an existing file, but without the extension, Live would overwrite the existing file without asking for confirmation

The update is now available to download for registered Live 8 and Suite 8 users.

More information: Ableton