Ableton Live 8

Ableton has released version 8.0.3 of Live 8, the music production software for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Ableton Live v8.0.3

  • Improvements
    • Slightly improved graphic performance on Mac OS X.
    • Setting up a cache folder is restricted to an empty folder or previous cache folder. Root directories are not longer allowed.
  • Bugfixes
    • On Mac OS X, “Move to trash” and “Show in finder” command would not work when particular toll are installed. (e.g. PathFinder).
    • The unfrozen-state of a track would not be saved properly within a Live set.
    • Opening a particular set would crash as soon as the clip detail view of a particular clip would be opened.
    • When committing grooves for audio clips, the created volume clip envelope could produce audio clicks.
    • The “Auto” switch of racks would not always work properly.
    • When moving the mouse over Macros, the the name of the corresponding macro would not always displayed in the status bar.
    • In the Operator, the Notch filter display would not be displayed properly.
    • MIDI note preview would not always play all notes when moving the insert marker with arrow left/right.
    • Arranger recording of an unwarped clip could result in different playing offsets.
    • In the file manager, the project and library link would not work.
    • Installing a Live pack fails when one of the installed samples is already in use.
    • MIDI step input would sometimes happen when it should not; for example when just playing a note while there’s a time selection, or when pressing keys other than arrow left and arrow right. MIDI step input would also generate undo steps even if nothing happened.
    • When scrubbing in the Arranger, sample pre-loading would not always work properly.
    • Transport controls of certain controller surfaces would not work properly.
    • Playing back a particular audio clip in Beats warp mode would lead to disk overloads on loop back jump.
    • Under certain conditions, Collect and Save would copies no longer used audio files of frozen tracks.
    • Slice to MIDI track on audio clip might crash Live.
    • The voice stealing mechanism of the Impulse would not always work properly.
    • In the Vocoder, several parameter would appear with different names in the automation chooser compared to the names from the info text.
    • In the Multiband Dynamics, several parameter would appear with different names in the automation chooser compared to the names from the info text.
    • Creating a MIDI track via double click on an instrument preset in the Browser would not work when a Return or the master track is selected.
    • The Session view scrolling with the APC40 would not always work properly.
    • Third party plug-in offering more inputs that outputs could crash Live.
    • Pasting a Live set from the browser into the current Live set would select and scroll to a slot in the last scene.
    • Not quantized arranger scrubbing would not work properly.
    • Slicing audio file using a slicing preset containing two levels of nested racks with cascading macro mappings would crash Live.
    • Dragging a clip from a Live set in the browser to the empty arranger area would not work sometimes or even crash Live.
    • Having an unwarped clip which spans more than the whole range of its next clip. Copying both of them are could crash Live.
    • In the browser, collapsing a folder while renaming contained file after exporting a clip or track into that folder could crash Live.
    • Play through optimization would not work properly for audio monitoring and recording, resulting in high latencies.

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