Abstract Data has announced that the Hex Series of Analog Synthesizers and Effects is now available for sale.

These original designs will provide a perfect analog companion to your current studio or live rig and will serve as the basis for your new analog studio.

This series of instruments has been designed to pack a powerful, flexible range of sounds into a compact unit that is perfect for musicians, producers, programmers, sound designers and live performers – from all musical genres.

Each unit is built, assembled and tested by hand – ensuring a unique, high quality analog instrument.

Abstract Data Hex Series

Abstract Data Hex Series – Synthex, Morphex and Graphex

Abstract Data Hex Series

  • Synthex Analog Synth & Sound Effects Generator
    Synthex gives you instant access to full-force, knob-turning analog power. Whether you’re a musician, producer, sound designer, DJ or live performer – all the best of analog fatness and warmth can now be yours.
  • Morphex Hybrid Analog Synth & Effect Unit
    Morphex is an extremely versatile effect unit unlike any you have heard before. This crazy device takes any two ‘line level’ sounds and allows you to morph between them in ways that are both beautiful and bizarre.
  • Graphex Dynamic Gating & Rhythm Effect
    Graphex is an absolutely vital effect unit that can be as simple or as complex as you need. If you have ever wanted to do anything more with your music than just press play – then this device is for you. This rhythmic chopping and gating effect lets you create and manipulate an infinte number of ‘trance-gate’ patterns, 303-style accents, drum loop edits and stutter effects – whether you’re in the studio or playing live.

Synthex, Morphex and Graphex are now available to purchase for £85 GBP each.

More information: Abstract Data