Acustica Audio has announced its new analog tape emulation plugin Taupe, bringing in the box mixers the authentic sound of 21 analog tape machines, the EQ section of 3 iconic consoles, 2 compressors and more.

Based on the latest incarnation of the company’s CORE 13 technology, Taupe captures the variable dynamic response of real analog tape machines, from the preamp section to the sought-after tape compression and harmonic saturation effect derived from driving the input stage.

This is not just the regular analog tape emulation plugin. It goes above and beyond that, giving you the world’s most powerful tool to finally embed the sonic signature of iconic, rare and expensive stereo and multitrack tape machines into your creative workflow.

Simply put, Taupe will take your whole conception of analog mixing and turn it …upside down.

Taupe features

  • The king of sample-based analog tape plugins — Taupe gives the user access to the sound of 21 meticulously sampled machines from the late 50s up to the early 90s, the EQ section of 3 iconic American consoles from the 70s and 80s and 2 switchable compressors, all available as standalone modules too.
  • Tape/Source MIX control — The MIX control is something different from the dry/wet knob found on most plugins. It allows the user to adjust the desired amount of ‘tape coloration’ – from 0 (preamp input signal) to 100% (tape signal) effectively blending the tonal characteristics of the machine’s circuitry with or without the tape component, for enhanced creative effects.
  • ECONO Mode — Taupe responds to input level variations, just like its analog counterparts. This allows the user to reach for subtle to more obvious levels of tape compression and harmonic saturation when driving the input stage hot. The ECONO function disables the compression component of the tape, saving CPU resources for other effects.

Taupe for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for pre-order at a special Black Friday intro price of 161.85 EUR (35% off regular price of 249 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio