Acustica Audio has introduced its third ‘Boutique Collection’ series plugin suite, delivering a dose of rare vintage vibes hyper-modernized in plugin form.

The Tulip suite includes 4 different plugins that pay tribute to Dutch electronics company Philips. It is the first Aqua plugin suite in which the brand new ‘Hyper preamplification technology’ has been used along with the ‘Hyper’ compression tech.

Tulip brings together emulations derived from the very rare units that were built by a well-known Dutch multinational company that acquired and created many record labels over the years and used to rename the sound consoles it designed and built with the names of each of them, so it is not surprising to find the ‘same’ console branded differently… Any engineer and sound creator will immediately be fascinated by the unique features of this plugin suite.

Tulip features

  • Tulip EQ: 2 switchable equalizers with HP-LP filters, plus 3 different preamps.
  • Tulip Comp: A solid-state VCA compressor/limiter featuring 4 different switchable dynamic processor emulations (the original model called COMP, a ‘Frankenstein mode created by Acustica called ULTRACOMP based on the ‘Hyper’ compression tech and two different brickwall limiters plus a compressor preamp emulation.
  • Tulip Pre: 16 line preamplifiers, 16 mic preamps, plus 16 custom preamps.
  • Tulip Channel Strip: 2 switchable passive equalizers, a VCA compressor/limiter with 4 different switchable modes, a complete preamp section for a total of 38 preamplifiers (16 line, 16 mic, and 6 custom emulations).

The Tulip Suite is on sale for the intro price of 99 EUR until November 17th, 2022 (regular 169 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio