ADSR has announced the launch of, an online megastore of music production courses, synth presets and samples to complement their ever growing network of synth tutorial sites.

Over the past two years ADSR has been steadily making a name for themselves building up a network of sites that includes some of the world’s most popular synth tutorial communities –,, and This long awaited announcement represents a natural progression for the company who will now offer a consolidated and truly comprehensive resource for music producers of every level looking to hone their skills.

Commenting on the launch, ADSR’s owner, Steve Foulds said “We have over 60,000 subscribers and an equally large social presence now who are very vocal in telling us what they want next, I’d like to say this new site was all my idea but to be honest it’s more a case of ‘the people have spoken’ “

ADSR Sounds

The ADSR network currently offers a huge range of web-based tutorials and courses as well as presets and samples both free of charge and paid. When quizzed about how the new ecommerce site might affect this model, Steve says “Don’t worry, we’re still going to be offering the same amount of quality free content. ADSR Sounds is our way of consolidating our offering into one platform. In addition to free tutorials on a larger range of synths you’re also going to see a lot more in-depth material being offered for producers who want to explore every last knob and button on their synths “.

All of the course materials featured on ADSR sites including and now are created by experienced, real world professionals offering practical step by step tutorials and courses. The company’s video tutorials have been well received for providing detailed insight into creating specific sounds and genres.

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