AIR Music Technology has released the latest addition to its powerful plugin effects. Delay Pro comes with an impressive feature-set for unbridled creative potential. It is aimed at those working in all genres of modern music, and includes versions for MPC hardware as well as standalone plugins for all popular DAWs.

The team at AIR Music Technology decided to come up with a delay plugin that gave us all we ever wanted from a delay plugin, and then add some more stuff besides! For starters There’s modulation and LFO options. And a stereo widener… and some more EQ… and distortion, and we’ve thrown in a limiter too, and a chorus, plus stereo and wobble effect. But we kept thinking about some really powerful extras… to take your in-the-box mixes outside the box!

Autoclear is magical, it gives you the option to have enormous delay based effects that stop when you need them to, for example, when the next note hits. It’s something you have to hear to really get your head around. Once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever used an echo without it. Then there’s diffusion, an effect that smears the delay sound, taking it into the realm of a reverb, it’s a way of knocking off some of the hard edges. Experiment to create a mix between a delay and a reverb.

We also added an envelope follower that allows you to manipulate the time, feedback, and delay amount based on release and ceiling time. This is where things can get really bonkers. And just in case you need some inspiration to get you started, we threw in a ton of presets, there’s the usual suspects plus some wild and wacky stuff to really mangle the sound.

Delay Pro features

  • Up to four second delay time.
  • Fully BPM syncable.
  • Three stereo modes for creating complex offset and bouncing delays, plus width control.
  • Choose between characteristic digital and analog delays.
  • Comprehensive feedback section including high and low pass filters, resonant filter with resonance and LFO, distortion, and limiter.
  • Auto-clear function.
  • Diffusion section with stereo switch and size control to create subtle washes.
  • Modulation section with three distinct modes (Wobble, Stereo and Chorus) with slow and fast modulation control for classic tape emulation effects and more.
  • Powerful envelope follower assignable to time, feedback and mix parameters.
  • Parametric EQ band.
  • Output section with high and low pass filtering, width, balance and mix controls.
  • Wide range of logically categorised presets.

AIR Delay Pro comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats. It is on sale for the intro price of $39 USD at Plugin Boutique, ADSR Sounds and from the AIR Music Tech store until May 23rd, 2023 (regular $89 USD).