Loopmasters has introduced a new 91Vocals sample pack that blends the intimate sounds of bedroom pop with driving synthwave-influenced alt-pop and nostalgic ’80s elements.

Pov: Sad Boy Summer combines radio-ready male vocal hooks with crisp acoustic guitar loops, electric guitar layers, and retro synth foundations.

Explore a full collection of original vocal samples delivering powerful performances dosed with melancholy and longing. Includes vocal hooks in multiple keys and tempos, with both wet and dry versions for full flexibility, catchy adlibs, vocoded stacks, short phrases, and ear-candy vocal one-shots. Every loop has been carefully key-tagged and tempo locked.

Pov: Sad Boy Summer features

  • 123 Melodic Loops.
  • 41 Vocal Adlibs.
  • 170 Vocal Hooks.
  • 5 Melodic One-Shots.
  • 17 Vocal One-Shots.

The sample pack is available from the Loopmasters store for £34.95 GBP.

More information: 91Vocals