Aixcoustic Creations Deconvolver AIXtreme

Aixcoustic Creations has released Deconvolver AIXtreme, a simple, intuitive, but powerful tool for Windows PC that enables you to measure impulse responses with the minimum of overhead.

With ”Deconvolver AIXtreme” we give you the opportunity to measure impulse responses with the minimum of overhead. Just plug in your hardware and start the process. What comes out of this tool is the pure essence of the device under test (either being a room/hall/church or any other audio gear like EQs and such).

Deconvolver AIXtreme features

  • integrated, synchronous measurement and deconvolving
  • simple, workflow based GUI
  • several different views to visualize the data
  • multiple formats

Deconvolver AIXtreme costs 39.90 EUR (limited offer, normal price 49.90 EUR) and includes 3 separate licences to use Deconvolver Aixtreme on up to 3 different computers. (The downloadable demo version in combination with a valid “Deconvolver AIXtreme response key” is a fully functional version of the software).

A demo is available for download (export disabled, ‘unregistered’ overlay on all diagrams).

Visit Aixcoustic Creations for more information.