Alterex ViCON

Alterex has released ViCON, a freeware virtual monophonic synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

ViCON is a free VSTi synthesizer with 1 VCO and sub oscillator with a 12/24db VCF – created using Synthedit.

The architecture of ViCON is solemnly based on the Microcon produced by Technosaurus. The ViCON is not intended to be a software clone or emulation of the Microcon.

ViCON features

  • Glide, trig (legato play) and master tune.
  • VCO (square/sawtooth) with -2 octave swith and mix control for mixing sub-oscillator (rectangular wave, one octave under the VCO’s pitch).
  • LFO for cut-off frequency and pitch (square or triangle waveform). LFO retriggers at gate signal.
  • LFO speed is synced to internal bpm clock of your VST-host.
  • Envelope generator with Attack and Decay (knobs) and Release (switch).
  • VCF (filter) with cutoff and resonance controls and 12db/24db modes.
  • Filter modulation (LFO and enevelope for cutoff).
  • Filter CV mode modulates the filter, it opens with increasing pitch.
  • VCA with audio signal level control and mode switch (modulation of volume: AD = envelope, GATE = connected gate signal).

ViCON is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Alterex for more information and a mp3 demo.